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Meet The Bella Twins… aka Nikki and Brie Bella who you might recognize from their hit TV show, Total Divas. While they don’t look like your average professional wrestlers, don’t let their size fool you… these girls are fit, fierce and formally known for their skills in the ring. Yep, this dynamic duo are WWE Champions and in turn, passionate about health and wellness. We were thrilled to catch up with these two lovely ladies to gab all things Active Living…

Motto or mantra you live or work by

N: Never Give Up. Always believe in yourself and your dreams.

B: Be Change you want to see in the World.

Have you always been into health and fitness or was there an ‘aha’ moment?

N: I grew up as an athlete and in an athletic family. I was always familiar with workouts, hard work and eating right, but honestly the major ‘aha’ moment of truly eating right was when I started dating my boyfriend, John Cena. He just showed me a whole new way of life, a way to truly enjoy eating right and working out. I feel I can finally see the results physically that I have always wanted.

B: Like Nikki said, we were athletes growing up so we were always fit, but I wasn’t really educated in health. We grew up in a farming family so I always ate non-processed food and fresh produce. It wasn’t until I lived on my own that I realized how hard it was to eat healthy at a low cost with a busy schedule. At around 20 years old I started to educate myself on nutrition. I’m so grateful that I taught myself the importance of health and fitness in my early twenties. I created a lifestyle that I love and because of that I’ve never had to diet.

What do you love most about your job?

N: Kicking butt! Haha! I love the competition in the ring and always doing what I can to improve as a WWE Diva (a female wrestler). I also absolutely love the fans and live crowds. The energy is so amazing – unlike anything I have ever experienced before! Oh and we travel the world which I love to do! Not very many jobs take you worldwide.

B: Empowering Women. I love dominating in what’s been considered man’s world and showing them that women are equal talent. When I stand in that ring after a match I feel like the strongest ME! It’s truly the greatest feeling.

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