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Sunset Flip Presents
AMessage To The Lost Wrestling Fans
By Jim Boy Star

To The Lost Wrestling Fan,

My name is Jim and I realize that you used to watch pro wrestling. I wanted to write you this letter in hopes that you will give it another chance.

I understand you stopped watching shortly after WWE/F bought out WCW and ECW was put out of business. There were a few instances when you probably came back to see what was happening and then stopped watching again. You may have even watched for the trainwreck of a return of Bret “The Sellout” Hart.

Ultimately, for all your returns, something happened along the way and you stopped watching WWE programming. Therein, lies your problem. You are watching WWE programming. There is a whole wrestling world outside of WWE that I feel you need to explore.

Truth be told, WWE in 2010 is the worst wrestling program out there. If you did not like it 4 or 5 years ago, there is no way you will like it now because it is so much watered down than before.. Blood is not allowed, the “comedic” segments have gotten worse, the storylines are illogical, championship reigns are short and have next to no meaning, and apparently the chop has been banned.

There are some promotion that have TV deals you may want to check out.

There is a promotion out there called Ring of Honor. In this promotion, you will see some of the most innovative moves ever in pro wrestling history. This fan base is filled with hardcore fans. Most that have probably been in your shoes before. Going to a Ring of Honor event is as close as you will get to having that old ECW crowd feeling. Ring of Honor can be found on HD Net. It may be one of the worst cable channels ever, as I have only met one person in my life that has the channel. Don’t let that stop you. If you have a chance to see Ring of Honor LIVE, try it. It will be worth it.

Then you Total Non Stop Action Wrestling. Unfortunately, they are more formatted like WWE. However, that does not mean they don’t have strengths. Plus, you can watch TNA Impact on Spike TV, which is a far greater channel than HD Net. A few things that make it different include, longer World title reigns, better women’s wrestling, they have blood, and in some cases women in revealing clothing. They also have the X-Division, which like Ring of Honor, have wrestlers do incredible moves. There is even a match called the Ultimate X match. Picture a ladder match where something is hanging above the ring. However, there is no ladder and the only way to win is to use your upper body strength to climb ropes to the “X”. It is a great match because not everyone can do.

There is also a very new program called “Lucha Libre USA” on MTV2. This is the luchador wrestling and all the incredible flips they can do. It is only about 5 episodes old so it is hard for me to describe. However, it is very different from WWE and that in itself makes it better. Lucha Libre USA is an hour show on MTV2.

There is also a womens wrestling show that is expanding quickly and it is called “Wrestlicious”. Right now it is on MAV TV and apparently are expanding new markets as I write this to you. This wrestling program is similar to G.L.O.W. There are really outrageous characters and really corny segments. I am sure you are wondering how I can like Wrestlelicious and not WWE’s so-called bad segments. Wrestlicious has segments/skits that are so bad and corny that they are funny. Pretty much like The Shockmaster and the Yeti (ah the goold old days). WWE’s segments, more specifically the “guest host” segments are so bad they are terrible and borderline makes you embarrassed to be a pro wrestling fan. I will admit that the Wrestlicious matches are not that great. But come on, when has womens wrestling ever been great? This show is something different and you can watch it on the internet, but they continue to expand and at the rate they are going you’ll see this show before ROH’s show.

So give each of them a chance if you can. One thing that is for sure, at this point, watching WWE is a lose/lose situation. There are maybe two or three good things about that product and one is production. Please spread the word to other former pro wrestling fans that there is more to the pro wrestling life than WWE. And if you think that WWE is the only wresting promotion out there, you will never give pro wrestling a chance again.

Before I go, you can listen to me on the Sunset Flip Wrestling show at sunsetflipwrestling.podomatic.com so check it out. We just reached episode 150.


Jim Boy Star

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