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 Mike Graham, former CWF star and son of legendary promoter Eddie Graham, has recently been recognized as an outspoken and sometimes controversial figure since his appearances on WWE legends programming.  Today Graham’s mouth opens the next chapter in his opinionated legacy with the release of “Guest Booker with Mike Graham,” which went on sale at www.kayfabecommentaries.com.

Mike Graham’s booking tenure began in Florida working for father Eddie Graham during the territory’s heyday.  Following that Mike had two stints on WCW’s booking committee in the 90’s and then during the federation’s demise.  Mike’s firsthand knowledge of Eddie’s processes and philosophies make for some fascinating discussion on the DVD. 
But perhaps more precious and insightful was Mike’s depiction of Eddie’s decision to take his own life in 1985.  Mike describes Eddie’s mindset in his final weeks, and also the effect of the departure of Dusty Rhodes and other Florida stars. 
Mike also spends time discussing the major angle of the disc, which was Jim Crockett’s attempted merger with CWF.  Graham alleges Crockett had intentionally partnered with the struggling federation to bankrupt it, and goes into great detail surrounding that partnership agreement which Mike made with Crockett.  Years following that, Mike landed on the oft-discussed and ill fated booking committee of WCW 2000.  Graham pulls no punches when discussing that chapter in his life as well.
“Guest Booker with Mike Graham” went on sale today at www.kayfabecommentaries.com.