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Mike Tyson

#10 – The Last Round with Mike Tyson

Jim, Matt, and Tim sit down to talk with boxing icon, critically acclaimed film actor, Broadway actor, author, and motivational speaker, Mike Tyson.

Mike talks about his upcoming show, “Undisputed Truth” in Stockton, CA and his work with local charities. Mike talks about his upbringing with Cus D’Amato, his favorite knockout, his take on the Diaz brothers, Mixed Martial Arts, and helping a motorcycle accident victim. Mike also talks about his favorite pro-wrestler, his upcoming cartoon – “Mike Tyson Mysteries”, and his good friend Tom Patti.

Tom Patti joins the show to talk about growing up with Mike Tyson and Cus D’Amato. Tom talks about why he’s bringing Mike Tyson to Stockton, CA, how to change Stockton for the better, and his 2015 run for County Board of Supervisors.

Don’t miss the chance to listen to Jim, Matt, and Tim banter with the one and only, Iron Mike Tyson.

Listen to the interview here!