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He’s beaten the villains, humiliated the heroes, and even knocked Barbara Billingsley’s tooth out in the mosh pit. Now the former Beaver Cleavage, Chaz “Headbanger Mosh” Warrington joins ClubWWI.com for a 42 minute shoot that takes you behind the scenes of his entire career.


The former WWF Tag Team Champion has been away from the major spotlight for a few years, but he has plenty to talk about. With one of the most unique careers you’ll find, Chaz has played everything from a Spider to a Beaver. In his uncut ClubWWI.com shoot interview, he talks about his entire career including: Beaver Cleavage’s Original Direction, How Jerry Brisco’s Passport Rib Lead To The Gimmick, Why The Reunion Never Happened, Sitting In Vince McMahon’s Office Chair When He Was With WWF, Not Being Able To Get An Appointment With Vince After He Was Released, The Passing of His Valet Marianna, Being On WWE’s “Overstayed Their Welcome” List, The Person Who Came Up With The Headbanger Gimmick, Talking To WWE About Returning, Why It Never Happened, His Infamous Worked Shoot, The Strange Way The Names “Mosh” and “Thrasher” Came About, Training Under Thrasher, Why He and D-Lo Brown Wore Nike Pants When Teaming As “Lo-Down,” Why He Hasn’t Gone To TNA, Vince  Russo, Triple H, Steve Austin, Dana White, Johnny Ace, and More.


While Chaz achieved the greatest success of his career as Headbanger Mosh, the company went out of their way to distance him from the gimmick and transition to a new direction. His gimmicks following the team included a run under his real name, “Chaz,” and a domestic violence feud with his former valet, the late Marianna. However, as he tells James Guttman on ClubWWI.com, the whole storyline was to reintroduce his partner, Glenn “Thrasher” Ruth for a Headbanger reunion that never happened. Guttman asked about the reunion and whether WWE had any plans for it, including a possible Headbanger stable…


“Everything I did from that point on was to reunite the Headbangers and bring them back in. So that was one of the angles to bring Glenn back in and kind of be the hero and bring us back together again…There was different things we were supposed to do before he got hurt. We were supposed to do an angle with ICP when the Insane Clown Posse came in, we were working the angle with the Oddities right before he got hurt. But that ended up getting squashed too because ICP turned into a bunch of assh*les and that killed that off. There was an idea of putting us together with – that was when they were doing the factions like DX – there was an idea for a little bit of putting us with Droz and Prince Albert, kind of like the tattoos/piercing thing. You know, some kind of family.”


Chaz then reveals why the reunion never happened, the role Thrasher played in that, how Vince McMahon’s long-standing rule about injury-returns played into that, teaming with D-Lo Brown in Lo-Down, hoping that Tiger Ali Singh could help them rise up the ladder, why he smiled on the way to the ring as Mosh, and more.


In an ironic twist, it’s a singles gimmick that Chaz worked for just a few weeks that is among his most asked about. Beaver Cleavage debuted on WWF TV and was famous for “walking out” of his character on Raw. JG asks him about this character and his reaction to hearing it the first time. The story is beyond bizarre as it all began with a ribbing that Jerry Brisco gave him about his passport photo. Chaz goes into detail on the setup for it, but also explains how it was presented to him to ClubWWI.com listeners:


“All of a sudden one day, I get a call from Bruce Prichard saying, ‘Hey. We came up with these ideas. While you’re off, we kind of want to give you guys a different route to go.’ So they came up with this whole Beaver Cleavage idea. At first, I was like, ‘You’re kidding me. You’re ribbing me.’ He goes, ‘No. No. This is what we want you to do. We want you to come out. We have all these vignettes lined up. Blah, blah, blah, blah. Vince Russo’s got all these great ideas. You know, this is gonna be great.’ I was like, ‘Alright. I’ll do singles.’ I’d never really done singles on my own so I’ll try it. This could be awesome. And that’s kind of how it was approached to me.”


The story doesn’t end there. Chaz goes on to talk about walking out of the gimmick, Marianna, confusion over his “worked shoot,” being one of the first ones to do one during that Attitude Generation, and so much more.


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