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HeadLocker — Jay Shannon
My 2009 WWE Draft Predictions
Our resident philosopher, Jay Shannon, takes on the daunting task of trying to sort out the insanity that is the 2009 WWE Draft.

While talking with my good friend, Arnie Katz, about this column, we both agreed that this would be a challenge to predict. There are so many variables in all this that I may be biting off a bit more than I can chew with this one. However, I will push on and do my best to try and sort out the various moves and switches. I will look at each Brand, individually, focusing on who they are getting. I’ll wrap things up with a call sheet of the changes. (Rolls up sleeves, opens a fresh diet soda, and dives in).


Well, Vickie Guerrero has already made the jump over to the Crimson Brand. It’s almost a dead lock that she’s going to bring Edge, and possibly Chavo, in tow. Chavo would be a good opponent for Rey Mysterio and the I-C title. I think Raw may also get Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder to round out the whole Familia thing.

I think the announce team is due for another major shakeup. I’m thinking that Raw just might reunite Ross and Lawler. The obvious choice would be to move Ross to Mondays. I’m going out on a limb and suggest that Lawler goes to Fridays and Matt Striker gets the King’s chair on Mondays. He’s really impressed the fans with his Gordon Solie-like encyclopedic knowledge of the game. He deserves the top announce spot.

A few people that have been misused may get shifted over to Mondays. Ricky Ortiz, who came out like gangbusters in ECW, has basically faded into nothingness over the past few weeks. A move to Mondays could allow him to finally get some use out of those silly Rally Towels. Shelton Benjamin needs fresh talent. A program against Rey could help his somewhat sagging career. It’s also time for Vladimir Kozlov to shift over to Monday. He could have a great program with John Cena, after Cena finishes with Edge. “The” Brian Kendrick has basically been shifted back and forth on almost every Draft that the WWE has had. It’s time for him to go back to Mondays and make life interesting for Rey. (Poor Rey’s going to have a slew of people after him).


The Blue Brand is going to get some major heavy hitters in the Draft. D-X will be able to reunite when Shawn Michaels moves to Friday. Shawn will be able to continue his feud with Undertaker. Kane also goes to Smackdown, to side with his brother. Mark Henry is going to be MVP’s biggest nightmare, after the Draft. D.J. Gabriel will boogie his way over to feud with R-Truth. He’ll bring Alicia Fox with him.

As I mentioned above, I think Jerry Lawler will shift to Fridays to join Jim Ross. They could really help boost the mediocre ratings of Smackdown. I think Lilian Garcia will also move to Fridays. She’s been immune to the Draft, so far, so it’s time for her to take her lovely self to Fridays.

Randy Orton and Legacy may end up divided by the Draft. Orton could create a new and improved Legacy with Umaga and the soon-to-arrive Joe Hennig. WWE has really teased a major division of a team. Legacy would be the best choice. Actually, DiBiase and Rhodes might gain the Unified titles, soon, and bridge all three shows. Smackdown might become the Next Generation show. Sim Snuka and Manu might join in the Friday Nights Fights.

As far as the Divas, either Beth Phoenix or Mickie James will move over to Smackdown. With the current Santina/Beth “feud”, I’m betting on Mickie. She’s lost in the shuffle while Melina holds the pink strap.Since Rosa is really not going anywhere with Raw, move her to Smackdown, as well.


Poor ol’ ECW just keeps getting shafted. They may get a few people, but no one significant. The team of Festus and Jesse are due to be split up. Since Jesse will likely stay on Smackdown with his “uncle”, Michael Hayes, Festus goes to the Black Brand. He’ll basically be the replacement for Boogeyman. Mike Knox will return to his old stomping grounds. William Regal and Layla will join Paul Burchill and Katie Lea to make life Bloody Hell for Finlay and Hornswoggle. Goldust might well get shifted over to ECW to finish out his WWE (and active wrestling) career. Dolph Ziggler, who has gone nowhere on Raw, will likely start shaking hands on Tuesdays.

The announce team is a complete mystery. Since I’m expecting Striker to get to move to Raw, there will be a major hole at the announce desk. Best case scenario would see Joey Styles return. That’s very unlikely to happen, since he’s doing so well with the whole web thing. JBL might be a good choice to move over to the announce desk, though he’d whine and grumble about it. I’m thinking that Mr. Kennedy, who hasn’t wrestled in forever, might take over the announce desk. He could carry the show with no problem.

Final Analysis

I understand that many of these changes might be totally off-base. After my dismal predictions of Wrestlemania, I’m not too confident in my old crystal ball, anymore. Maybe it needs new batteries. Regardless, I’m ready to give my final recap of who goes where:

To Raw:

Chavo Guerrero
Curt Hawkins
Zack Ryder
Matt Striker
Ricky Ortiz
Shelton Benjamin
Vladimir Kozlov
“The” Brian Kendrick

To Smackdown:

Jerry Lawler
Shawn Michaels
Mark Henry
D.J. Gabriel
Alicia Fox
Lilian Garcia
Sim Snuka
Randy Orton
Mickie James
Rosa Mendes


Mike Knox
William Regal
Dolph Ziggler
Mr. Kennedy (announcer)

In Conclusion:

I have never been a big fan of the whole Brand thing. I think it actually weakens the WWE product. Since the fans are stuck with it, for now, I think this redistribution of talent is a pretty good idea. It does help to keep the shows fresh. It also helps to revamp some sagging careers. I’ll be curious to see how the next few months work, after the 2009 Draft.


–Jay Shannon
[email protected]