My Genesis Predictions

HeadLocker — Jay Shannon
My Genesis Predictions
Our resident philosopher, Jay Shannon, breaks out his crystal ball, tea leaves and lucky coin to try and decipher and predict this rather strange Pay-per-view

Well, this is the first PPV of the Hogan-era. It is set to be filled with all kinds of surprises. I’m going to do my best to try and sift through all the strangeness and figure out where TNA is going with this one.

D’Angelo “The Pope” Dinero v Desmond Wolfe

Backstory: Wolfe’s arrival in TNA was supposed to be the next big thing. He struggled with his first feud, against Kurt Angle. Dinero, the former Elijah Burke of ECW fame, has been building momentum over the last few months. He came out even in his first feud, with Suicide. Dinero already has a surprise win over Wolfe.

Prediction: I’m not sure I understand the need for this match. Dinero is set to go against Orlando Jordan (or whatever they end up calling him). Wolfe is set to move up to the top level. I expect Wolfe to take out Dinero. Dinero will miss the DDE. Wolfe will lift him onto the ropes and nail the Tower of London.

Predicted Winner: Desmond Wolfe
Predicted Grade: B+

Sean Morley v Daniels

Backstory: The former Val Venis showed up on Monday Night Impact. He came back on the next Impact and said he wanted to create TNA Films, to make art films or some such gaga. Daniels came out and smacked him around. Sean fought back and Daniels bailed out.

Prediction: I hope they put this near the middle, since it is a great “Bathroom Break” match. If I have to pick a winner, I would imagine that Morley will hit his Money Shot finisher and send Daniels to the showers.

Predicted Winner: Sean Morley
Predicted Grade: C

Amazing Red v TBA
X-Division Championship Match

Backstory: Red won the title against a surprised Samoa Joe. As part of the new Hogan/Bischoff regime, Red will learn who his title challenger is…just before he faces them.

Prediction: I’m willing to bet the farm that it’s one of two people that Red will face: Jeff Hardy or Sean “X-Pac” Waltman. I’m more inclined to think X-Pac gets the shot. If so, he takes the belt. With Hardy, he is questionable. His legal issues could prevent him from winning the title. So…

Predicted Opponent: Sean “X-Pac” Waltman
Predicted Winner: X-Pac
Predicted Grade: A-

Bobby Lashley v Abyss

Backstory: Lashley wants out of TNA to go play around with his MMA stuff. His old lady, Crystal, has sent him on a mission to destroy everyone who stand between her hubby and a meeting with Hulk Hogan to get his release.

Prediction: This is going to be the biggest squash since the days of Goldberg. Abyss may put up a little offense but Lashley is going to annihilate the Monster.

Predicted Winner: Bobby Lashley
Predicted Grade: C

The British Invasion v Matt Morgan and Hernandez
TNA World Tag Team Championship Match

Backstory: The Brits took the tag belts from Scott Steiner and Booker T, on Booker’s last TNA match. They have barely defended them, other than a few times against Beer Money, Inc. Morgan and Hernandez are the hot new team and they get to challenge for the belts.

Prediction: This one is a little tough to call. The World Elite seems to have fallen apart. Bashir is out of TNA. Nash has joined “The Band”. Eric is all but missing in action. I’m thinking that, if Hall can stay sober, TNA might want to put the belts on The Band/Outsiders. As such, it would work better for a face team to hold the straps. I think Morgan/Hernandez will take the belts, only to drop them, at Slammiversary, to Hall/Nash.

Predicted Winners: Matt Morgan and Hernandez (new champs)
Predicted Grade: B

ODB v Tara
2-out-of-3 Falls Knockout Championship Match


Backstory:ODB and Tara have traded the Knockout title a couple of times. ODB is turning heel and has been making fun of Tara for being a former Diva. This match will be 2 out of 3 falls.

Prediction:Expect the women to split the first two falls. I think ODB will retain the belt to further push her heel turn. Expect ODB to pull some underhanded stuff to take the win. She might even resort to a DQ, so she retains…no matter what.

Predicted Winner: ODB
Predicted Grade: B

Beer Money, Inc. vs Kevin Nash and Scott Hall

Backstory: The Band (Hall and Nash) jumped Beer Money on Monday Night Impact. Beer Money wants to kick the stuffing out of the former Outsiders.

Prediction: Sadly, Beer Money is going to come out on the losing end of this fight. The only way that they won’t lose is if Scott Hall flakes, like he’s done in the past. If he does, expect Waltman to drop out of the X-Division match and jump into the tag match. Expect Storm to be taken out with a Nash Jackknife.

Predicted Winners: The Band
Predicted Grade: B

Kurt Angle v A.J. Styles
TNA World Title Shot/Angle’s last shot in 2010

Backstory: Kurt took exception to what he felt was Sting handing Styles the World title. Angle has tried to gain the belt from Styles but failed. Hogan/Bischoff made the decree that this will be Angle’s last shot in 2010 at the TNA World title.

Prediction: I really think Angle is going to take this one. Styles has had a good run and TNA kind of blew the Masked Man/Sting angle when they put Tomko under the hood. I think Angle will have to battle Wolfe at the next PPV and then take on the “New Superstar” at Slammiversary. More on him in a minute. This match will rock the house, count on it.

Predicted Winner: Kurt Angle (new champion)
Predicted Grade: A+

The debut of the newest TNA Wrestling Major Superstar Acquisition – who will it be?

This was the BIG cliffhanger during the last Impact before Genesis. Taz and Tenay pushed that this was going to be a big shocker. My choices of best possible candidates are:

Ken Anderson (Mr. Kennedy)
Adam Pearce
Brock Lesnar (serious long shot with his recent health issues)

Final Grade: B+

Final Thoughts: I don’t think this is going to be all that great of a PPV. It’s been far too hyped to pull it off. Some of the matches are rather lame (Morley/Daniels, Abyss/Lashley). Kurt v Styles will save the show. The other matches are “B level” PPV offerings.

— Jay Shannon
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