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Why Rob Van Dam Is The Only Logical Choice As TNA’s Genesis Acquisition

Many people have been speculating the Major Acquisition TNA will have debut Sunday night at Genesis. Names that have come up include Bill Goldberg,Ken Anderson,Sid Vicious,and Rob Van Dam. I’m going to break down the rumors,and supposed news as to each being the Genesis debutee. 

Bill Goldberg is first. For some reason people see the Former WCW & WWE World Heavyweight Champion debuting for TNA at Genesis,will this certainly isn’t the care,as Goldberg himself has expressed little to zero interest in returning to the ring for the past couple of months.

Sid Vicious is next. Months ago it was rumored that Sid Vicious was already signed to TNA Wrestling,and Sid was even said to have the TNA Logo on his Official MySpace page with the tag line “Never Say Never”,however it’s been recently reported that Scott Hall is pushing for TNA to sign Vicious,which throws out previous rumors that Vicious was previously signed with TNA,or was even in talks with them about 3 or 4 months ago.

Ken Anderson is third. It was reported today that Anderson had officially signed with TNA,and would be debuting with them next week at the 3 day TV Taping,however it’s been reported that Anderson could very well debut at Genesis in the Under-Card,or Upper-Card(possibly as Amazing Red’s mystery opponent,though Brian Kendrick is rumored to be Red’s opponent more so than Anderson).

Then we have the “Heart and Soul of ECW” Tommy Dreamer,although many thought Dreamer would be in TNA as a Road Agent by now this is certainly not the case,as Dreamer stated in a WWE Universe blog post,that he’d be making his final goodbyes to the WWE Universe sometime next week,meaning he’s still somewhat under contract with World Wrestling Entertainment until then.

So that only leaves one person remaining “The Whole F’N Show” Rob Van Dam. Reports have been saying that Van Dam was rumored to have been returning to the WWE for the Royal Rumble,and a short stint,but these rumors we’re reported by the same people claiming Booker T was set to return to the WWE during the Royal Rumble as well. However Booker T himself denied these rumors,stating that he’d only return to TNA as a in-ring competitor again,so the rumors of Van Dam returning to WWE should be shot down. Van Dam has been in talks with TNA since Turning Point according to reports,and has signed a short term open contract to see if he likes how TNA books him,and seeing how the TNA Genesis Acquisition becomes an Instant Contender to A.J. Styles’ TNA World Championship,it’s fitting for Van Dam to be the big name. Anderson getting such major hype is lack luster in my honest opinion. I mean sure he’s gotten a run with the WWE United States Championship,and won a Money In The Bank Ladder match,as well as faced off against the likes of Rey Mysterio,The Undertaker,Eddie Guerrero,and others,but Anderson in no way shape or form should be considered a big name,and according to WrestleZone TNA acquired 2 big a week or so ago,with both possibly debuting at Genesis,or one debuting at the TV taping following Genesis