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SHIMMER standout and former TNA Knockout Nikki Roxx (Roxxi) is writing a new column to share her nutrition and fitness expertise with our readers. Write in to former PGWA Champion Nikki with your diet and exercise questions, and she’ll be happy to answer them for you right here.

Nikki Roxx — My Life Roxx! And So Can Yours!

Meet Nikki!






I have been given this great opportunity to write a column about helping people better their life. I’m totally pumped about it!

Some of you might know me as Nikki Roxx and some of you may know me as Roxxi from TNA Wrestling. Some of you might not know me at all! lol. I’m a professional wrestler, figure competitor, and fitness model. I’ve been wrestling for about 8 years in many different countries and for TNA Wrestling. As a figure competitor I competed in several shows but had a break for 2 years for wrestling. Now I have started it up again. My first show back will be October 31st so wish me luck! As for fitness modeling I’m just jumping in.




Recently I had posted a blog on MySpace and on my Facebook offering to answer questions or give tips for make-up, skin care or fitness. I have knowledge and access to some great products and I would love to help my friends and family any way I can. As of late I have been giving some ideas out for some of the questions I’ve received, but it seems that lots of people are looking for actual diets and workouts to be written up for them. I have no problem doing so, but sadly that’s something I can’t do for free. Just a nutrition plan alone takes me about an hour and a half to write up and it’s a little longer for the workout plans. If people are interested they can contact me about making these plans for them and they can contact me at the e-mail listed at the end of this article.

My column will be geared to women and men so please don’t overlook me because you have different parts! lol. I’m really looking forward to this new adventure for me and hope you guys and gals are too.

Health, Headlocks and Hugs!
-Nikki : )


Twitter: RoxxiNikki
facebook: Nikki Raczynski
e-mail: [email protected]
website: www.nikki-roxx.org