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By George “The Animal” Steele:

If George “The Animal” Steele, after the life style that I lived as a WWE superstar, can find peace in JESUS CHRIST, so can you.

Looking through the rear view mirror of life I see how GOD was in control.  I now have a real PEACE in my life.  As we worked on the book ANIMAL I was a bit embarrassed as I looked back at my life. I was talking about my overcoming of many challenges. I started to realize that my ego was getting in the way of the truth. I was just living life and GOD was always in control.  I could not over come anything without JESUS.

Because of JESUS my life gets better everyday. I never understood salvation and did not believe I was worthy of Jesus love. My life change June 16 2002. With GOD all things are possible. MARK 10:27


Thank you JESUS I have been married to my wonderful wife Pat 60 years.

Looking back at how the POWER of JESUS CHRIST has touched me in the last twelve years is humbling.

I was brought up as a Baptist. I was sprinkled in Baptism at seven. As an eight year old, I was told that God built the earth and everything on it in six days and rested on the seventh day. I was also told that I was just like God. I looked around and knew that I could not repeat God’s miracle. Next I was told that if I sinned that I would burn in hell. I had probably already stolen some bubble gum. I figured that I was damaged goods. I never understood salvation.

I walked on the edge most of my life. I never broke any of man’s laws. I never served time. I was in many fight situations as a teenager. I had a learning disability in the forties, fifties and sixties before dyslexia was understood.

Athletics kept me in school and close to the right road. I have had many blessings and I now truly believe that our God had a plan for me. Negatives have seemed to always turn into positives for me.

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