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The Katz Files – Arnie Katz
My Weekly TNA Notebook
The Kingfish Arnie Katz wrestles with some of the major issues raise by the 10/1 episode of TNA’s weekly TV show.’


The Knockout Tag Tournament
The story has some big holes – what else is new at TNA? – but Chris Parks and Mick Foley have done some hot promos and exciting ring work to make it fly

It’s an uphill battle, because the supposed motivation for the feud is very weak. They are having the kind of confrontations oniMPACT that could overcome that handicap.

Since Foley alluded to it on he 1/1 sow, the bookers might have done better to pin the feud on Foley not liking the gimmick infringement. Even better would be to have Foley pretend to turn on Abyss due to gimmick infringement. Gradually, fans would learn that Mick is really testing Abyss to see if the Masked Monster is truly worth to carry on the gimmick. That way, Foley wouldn’t have to make yet another dumb heel turn.


Rd’s Amazing Win
Even though Amazing Red’s Ladder Match victory probably just sets up the high flyer for an excruciating loss to Samoa Joe, it was a pleasure to watch him work at his highest level in capturing the number-one contender spot.

Red’s big problem is his size, of course. He’s small, even in a promoting where AK Styles can hold the World Championship. The X Division )or tag team competition) is his best chance at stardom, even though he works like a fiend inside that six-sided ring.

It’s too bad that, as things stand, Red must face the gigantic Samoa Joe for the title. It would’ve been much better for him if one of the smaller guys, such as Daniels, had the gold.

Jay Lethal’s post-match attack suggests that he and Red might eventually feud over the X Division belt.That indicates that Joe may be ready to drop the strap and get back in the world title chase.

Dangerous Beauty
Lacy Von Erich’s addition to The Beautiful People looks like the remedy for the absence of Angelina Love. And when she returns, as I feel she will, Love can team with Sky against Rain and Von Erich.

We haven’t seen enough of her ring work to know whether she can wrestle, but she looked fairly capable in her debut match. She certainly has the looks to justify inclusion in The Beautiful People. That’s one sexy blonde woman.

The reason Lacy uses the Claw is obvious, but it doesn’t look very convincing. She has very slim arms and tiny wrists and simply doesn’t look like she is generating the necessary power for the hold to be credible. She has to use it sometimes, I guess, but she should develop a new finisher that she does after a Claw to wrap up the match, like Mysterio with the 619 to the West Coast Pop.

That’s all for now. I’ll be back Sunday with a fresh installment of the Internet’s fastest-rising pro wrestling column. I hope you’ll join me then and, please, bring your friends.

— Arnie Katz
Executive Editor
[email protected]