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National Wrestling Superstars went back to action after nearly two weeks off (which may be a record for this company who ran over 60 events in 2006) and the fans, the wrestlers and the media (both newspaper and Internet/Website) were all abuzz when the opening bell rang at the Pemberton Athletic Association Grounds on Saturday night, June 2nd.

With a cool breeze surrounding the fields, the crowd of over 200 fans, both young and old, were thrilled to see former WWE legends, Jimmy Snuka, The Patriot, Nikolai Volkoff and Captain Lou Albano signing autographs and greeting the fans.

OK…now onto the action

Bout #1

J.D. Smooth (or as he likes to call himself The Quintessential Curtain Jerker) took on Mikey Pacifica in another battle that fans never seem to get tired of seeing. Smooth taunted the fans and asked Pacifica if he  was “sure he wanted to do this  because I’ve already beaten you so many times I’ve lost count”. Those words seem to fire up the young cruiserweight as Pacifica and Smooth battled for nearly 10 minutes before Smooth, thinking he had the match won, climbed the top rope and attempted a 450 splash. Just before he landed, Pacifica moved and launched his own attack before rolling up Smooth in a small package for the 1-2-3.

Bout #2

Another rematch that’s been seen a lot in NWS rings was The Japanese Sandman Kaibootsie taking on the Jersey Shore madman Slayer. Kaibootsie was accompanied to the ring by manager Royce Profit, Danny Demanto, Kevin Matthews and Indian Warrior Draven. Unlike in past encounters, NWS officials did not send Kaibootsie’s “friends” back to the locker room, which made it basically a 5 on 1 attack. This is not to say that Slayer didn’t have his moments, it’s just that every time he got the upper hand, one of his “friends” would distract referee Jimmy Storm and the others would work to get the advantage back to Kaibootsie. After nearly 12 minutes Kaibootsie pinned Slayer for the win.

Bout #3

NWS Tag Team Title Re-Match

The Sychadellic Sissies (or as they prefer to call themselves, the Studs) came to the ring demanding a rematch for the NWS tag team titles that they lost back in April to Team Supreme (Nicky Oceans and Corvis Fear). They also promised the fans that “tonight, we will invite a new member into the “Studs”. Commissioner Gino Moore told Mr. Motion and Ace Darling that they were entitled to a rematch, but Corvis Fear was not in attendance. Motion told Moore to “strip Team Supreme of the titles”. After a brief meeting with Nicky Oceans, they allowed Oceans to pick a substitute. Oceans went back to the locker room and came back with The Rogue. The match was on and for the first time teaming, The Rogue and Oceans seemed to have things totally under control…that was until The Rogue accidentally hit Oceans with a clothesline (missing the Studs). While Oceans was down, Motion and Darling double-teamed The Rogue and scored the pinfall, making the Sychadellic Sissies three time tag team champions. While they were celebrating, The Rogue tried apologizing to Oceans, but Oceans, in a fit of anger, went ballistic on The Rogue. Then Motion and Darling joined in making it a 3 on 1 beat down. When security pulled The Rogue from the ring, Motion and Darling told Oceans “we knew we liked you” and invited him into the fold. Oceans took the microphone and said “what should I do?”. At that point, the fans were livid and started throwing things toward the ring. Oceans accepted the invitation and was presented his own “stud” hat and left the ring with his new friends.

Bout #4

Danny Demanto came to the ring with Draven, Matthews and Royce Profit and issued an open challenge to anyone brave enough to meet him in the ring. He taunted the National Guard members who were there to recruit candidates, Royce Profit almost got into an altercation with Captain Lou Albano and Matthews and Profit spent nearly 10 minutes on the microphone telling everyone that they were the New Breed and that it was time to put the “fossils out to pasture”. Demanto asked NWS officials for anyone and the music from Rocky began playing. Demanto thought his lifelong dream had come true, he was going to meet Sylvester Stallone in the ring and prepared to shadow box to warm up. Much to his surprise, it wasn’t Stallone, but America’s hero The Patriot, who got the crowd up on their feet and chanting USA, USA. After another 5 minutes of bantering, the match got underway. Before Royce Profit could leave the ring, The Patriot cut him off at the knees and pulled his pants down (sorry, Foto Mark was not there to capture Profit in all his glory including the skid marks on his Tidy Whities). While The Patriot was doing this, Demanto attacked him and challenged him to see who was stronger. While Demanto is looking svelt these days, he’s no match for The Patriot, which frustrated him to the point where Profit, Matthews, Draven and Demanto were beating down on The Patriot before security tried to help (hey guys, leave the action to the pros) and finally former WWE legends Nikolai Volkoff and Jimmy Snuka made their way to the ring for the save. NWS officials set up the final two matches, pitting Indian Warrior Draven against Nikolai Volkoff and The Patriot and Jimmy Snuka against Danny Demanto and Keivn Matthews.

After intermission, where fans again met with the legends, the action continued.

Match 5

Nikolai Volkoff was serenading the fans with his rendition of Cara Mia when Draven attacked the Giant Russian. Draven was a perfect match for the massive former WWE star as both wrestlers approached the 300 pound mark, but that’s where the comparison ended as Nikolai was no match for Draven in the strength department. This was not to say that Draven didn’t get respect from Nikolai as he matched up hold for hold and punch for punch for nearly 10 minutes before Volkoff caught the Indian Warrior with a clothesline to the back of the head, sending him crashing to the mat and making it easy to score the pinfall.

Match 6

The main event for the evening, set up just before intermission saw The Patriot and Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka take on Danny Demanto and Kevin Matthews (with Royce Profit). Between all of the wrestlers trying to steal time on the microphone, from the time they got into the ring until they left, it was almost a half hour, but the fans and media loved every minute of it. Once the action started, it seemed almost like a handicap match because with Profit outside the ring, Demanto and Matthews were able to keep referee Kenny Edwards away from the double-teaming. Every time Jimmy Snuka tried to come into the ring to help, he was sent back to the corner by the referee saying there was “no tag”. Demanto whipped The Patriot into the corner, only to be met with The Patriot moving and hitting the 10 punch. The Patriot then went to whip Demanto into the far corner when Demanto reversed it and sent The Patriot crashing into the referee. Then it was time for Matthews and Demanto to double-team America’s hero before a new referee, S.P. Anderson came to the ring. With the action under control, The Patriot tried to pin Demanto, but Matthews pulled Anderson outside the ring and gave a fantastic forearm to Anderson’s head, leaving now two referees unconscious. Snuka could stand no more and went into the ring like a madman, showing both Demanto and Matthews that he may be older and a bit slower, but can still beat the living daylights out of anyone who gets in his way. The Patriot battled Demanto outside the ring and Snuka went to the ropes for his “Superfly Splash” onto Matthews. When he went for the pin, The Rogue, dressed in his own referee shirt, made his way to the ring and counted the 1-2-3 on Matthews, giving The Patriot and Jimmy Snuka the win.