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NECW returned to the National Guard Armory in Quincy, MA Saturday night, September 22nd in front of another packed house for AUTUMN UNLEASHED.

In the opening contest, former WWW Champion, Tanya Lee, with Sean Gorman, defeated Violet Flame with a tope rope neck breaker.

The Forgotten came to the ring talking about legacies in NECW and that they are forced to revive theirs under masks. They also alluded to injuring Frankie Arion, who was not in the building, which brought out Alex Arion. Alex said he had found a tag partner for the night and out ran Jason Blade. The two of them hit the ring and The Forgotten ran and headed to the back saying the match would happen later.

Scott Osbourne, with his new manager Brian Cairo, defeated “RIOT” Kellan Thomas with a modified Fisherman’s Buster.

Former Triple Crown Champion, DC Dillinger came to the ring complaining about not being given a title rematch immediately.  Brian Fury came out and said the championship committee had signed him to face another wrestler tonight, but he had a friend who desperately wants to get his hands on Eddie Edwards. Seeing as Edwards isn’t here, you’re the next best thing. “The Infamous” Bobby Fish snuck in the ring and was then standing behind Dillinger. The surprised Dillinger and Fish went directly into a great match from there.

“The Infamous” Bobby Fish defeated DC Dillinger, with Sean Gorman and Tanya Lee, following a flying knee strike. After the match the former NECW Triple Crown Champion was visibly distraught.

The Forgotten defeated Alex Arion and Jason Blade with a spiked pile driver on Blade. During the match, Arion missed a dive to the outside and looked to injure his knee. This left Blade alone to face the two masked wrestlers and lead to him getting pinned.

“The Human Nightmare” Evan Siks was then announced to come to the ring, but did not. His music hit again, but he again did not come out. While a confused Chris Norman stood in the ring, Evan Siks crawled from the back. Seconds later out stalked Michael Sane, who had apparently starting attacking Siks before he made his entrance. The two fought around ringside until Sane sent Siks headfirst through a chair propped in the ring. One Straight Jacket Driver later and three referees were finally able to get Sane from the ring. Siks refused assistance to the back, but essentially crawled to the locker room area.

NECW TV Champion “The Real Deal” Brandon Locke and “Big” Rick Fuller battled to a hard-hitting time limit draw.

In his first title defense, NECW Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion “Straight Edge” Brian Fury defeated “The Exotic” Kristian Frost by pin fall after the bridging power bomb.  Fury was attacked by D.C. Dillinger after the match and it was announced that Dillinger was granted a rematch with Fury for next month in Quincy.

NECW returns to live action this coming Saturday night, September 29 at the National Guard Armory in Danvers, MA.

Tickets for this event are on sale now at all FYE locations and online at www.NECWwrestling.com.