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NECW returned to a sell out crowd at the National Guard Armory in Quincy, MA this past Saturday night in celebration of the company’s 7th anniversary. The normal NECW event set-up was decorated with large birthday presents for BIRTHDAY BASH 7.

In the opening contest, The Arion Brothers (“Big Guns” Frankie & “Golden Greek” Alex Arion) defeated DNA (“The Talent” TJ Richter and “Big” Max Bauer) accompanied by “Sensational” Scott Reed. Post-match, an angered Richter appeared flustered and prepared to take his anger out on Bauer, thought better of it and instead shoved Reed to the ground before leaving the ring in mid-tantrum.

The next match was a special World Women’s Wrestling Title Rematch, as new champion Lexxus successfully defended her title against former champ Tanya Lee by pin fall. Sean Gorman was noticeably absent from ringside.

In a match that some fans are already labeling “a classic”, NECW Television Champion “The Real Deal” Brandon Locke pinned “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards (also without Sean Gorman) to retain his title after the 25-minute mark.

Post-match, Handsome Johnny, who had been making challenges to other wrestlers backstage all night, came to the ring to challenge Locke for the title. Locke replied that he had just wrestled and unfortunately would have to pass. Handsome then insulted Locke trying to get the fans to call him a “sissy”. Locke fired off on Handsome and nailed him with the “Locke Down” slam leaving him in the ring out cold.

After intermission, The Monster Match between “Big” Rick Fuller and the “Human Nightmare” Evan Siks was up. Both men battered their opponents around the whole armory in violent fashion. When the action finally spilled back into the ring, Siks hit his “Siks Sense” Death Valley Driver, but Fuller got his shoulder up at two. Minutes later, Fuller hit a huge Power bomb on Siks, who was also able to escape just before the three count. Fuller roughed up Ref Rob Teutel accusing him of a slow count. Fuller’s choke slam attempt was countered by a rolling pin by Siks who managed to stick Fuller for the three and the win. Fuller argued with the ref that he had kicked out and chased Teutel to the back.   Evan met ring announcer Chris Norman in the aisle way, as Norman went for an impromptu interview with Siks.  As Evan talked about being a “Boston Boy,” one of the larger gift boxes burst open and former NECW Heavyweight Champion, Michael Sain destroyed “The Human Nightmare” with three Straight Jacket Drivers leaving Siks unconscious in the ring.

Up next was the “Ballroom Blitz” match between Nikki Roxx and “The Manager of The Dynasty of Champions” Sean Gorman. This wild match went through the entire armory hall and through the concession stand, with Roxx tearing Gorman’s tuxedo off piece by piece. Once the match got back into the ring, Nikki attempted a sunset flip on Gorman who dropped to his knees and punched Roxx. She rolled him through, stripping his pants off in the process, winning the match, and revealing that he was wearing pink lace panties.

In the main event, an exciting cage match for the NECW Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship, “Straight Edge” Brian Fury battled champion D.C. “Daddy Cat” Dillinger in a bloody encounter. Both men were lacerated by the cage, with Dillinger wearing what Gordon Solie would have proudly called “a crimson mask”. Late in the match, Dilinger fell from the top rope tying his leg in the ropes. Fury made the crawl to the cage door to escape, but had the door slammed in his face by Eddie Edwards who had just run to ringside. NECW President Sheldon Goldberg came to the ring and ejected Edwards from the building. Dillinger, now released from the ropes, crawled through the door to begin spouting off at Sheldon. The NECW President interjected himself in the match by slamming the cage door in the champ’s face. Moments later, Brian Fury scaled the cage looking to escape over the top to the outside, but the paused and stood atop the cage. In a moment very reminiscent of the legendary “Superfly” Jimmy Snuka, Fury splashed Dillinger from the top of the cage. A three-count later and NECW has a new Triple Crown Champion in “Straight Edge” Brian Fury!

NECW returns to live action in Quincy on Saturday night, September 22 and in Danvers on Saturday night, September 29.  Tickets for these events are now on sale at www.NECWwrestling.com.