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New England Championship Wrestling celebrated its 8th anniversary this past Saturday night, August 16th – BIRTHDAY BASDH 8: LARGER THAN LIFE – in front of a sold out house at the National Guard Armory in Quincy , MA .

In the opening contest, a special extended 15-minute time limit Television Championship match, NECW Television Champion, Handsome Johnny with Sammi Lane , wrestled “The Real Deal” Brandon Locke to a time limit draw. Locke requested another five minutes, but this time Sammi Lane told Handsome she “had something she rather be doing with him for five minutes” and the Television Champion excitedly left the ring in quick fashion.


An eventful Pat’s Pit followed. Pat Piper’s guest was Brian Cairo with “The Natural” Scott Osbourne. Cairo stated that “Big” Rick Fuller had transportation problems and would not be making the event and that Osbourne would be taking his place. Fuller walked in the building with NECW Official Paul Richard and made his way to the ring saying that he had to call a friend for a ride because he waited for Cairo at the airport for hours. Fuller ended his yearlong relationship with Cairo by giving him a huge chokeslam and left the ring. As Piper went to close the segment, he was jumped from behind by “The Future Superstar” Ryan Matthew. As Matthews pummeled the kilted host of the Pit, “The Manager of Champions” Sean Gorman entered the area and told Pat that he had just one-upped him in their budding feud.

In a match for the NECW Tag Team Championship, new champions PRIDE faced off with former champ “Rocket” Fred Curry Jr. and his mystery partner. All signs pointed that partner being Fred’s father 60’s and 70’s star “Flyin” Fred Curry Sr. As the Currys prepared to enter the ring, Fred Sr. pointed back to the entranceway and out came former NECW Heavyweight Champion, Michael Sain. Curry and Sain got the DQ win when Dan Freitas pushed referee Rich Bass into the ropes leading to “The Rocket” crotching himself on the top turnbuckle. Post match, the Currys got a taste of revenge as father and son battered the tag team champions much to the crowd’s delight.

In a match-up between two rising stars in NECW, “The Natural” Scott Osbourne handed Asian standout Makoto his first loss after a cradle buster.

Before intermission was a feature match between two of the top stars in the area, Jason Blade and “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards, managed by Sean Gorman. Edwards scored the win over Blade with a modified fisherman’s buster after nearly 20 minutes of intense back and forth action.

After intermission was the 8-man survival match between Team Nightmare’s “Human Nightmare” Evan Siks, “Nightmare” Nick Steel, Frankie Vain, and “Lil” Nicky Amaral facing off with “The Talent” TJ Richter, “Future Superstar” Ryan Matthews, and “The Crown Jewels” (Darling Damon and Jason Rumble). Order of elimination:

Matthews eliminated Amaral after “Lil” Nicky missed a frogsplash.

Matthews eliminated himself after claiming he “pulled a quad”. This occurred after Matthew was just gorilla press slammed by Evan Siks. Matthews is claiming he is still riding his undefeated streak.

Richter pinned Vain following a sit-down neckbreaker.

Siks eliminated Richter after a tandem roaring elbow move with Steel.

Rumble eliminated Siks while Darling Damon held Siks’ foot.

Steel pined Darling Damon after a huge T-Bone Suplex.

Steel submitted Rumble with an ankle lock to win the match.

After the match, the Crown Jewels attacked Steel and began to double team him when Evan Siks ran back out to save his partner. During the melee, Damon snuck from the ring and got his atomizer of perfume, spraying Siks in the eyes with it. Siks had to be assisted out of the ringside area, noticeably in some major pain.

In a World Women’s Wrestling feature match, WWW Champion “The Portuguese Princess” Ariel with Brendan Michael Thomas defeated Lexxus by schoolgirl roll-up. As a stipulation of the match, Lexxus now must defeat 10 members of the WWW roster consecutively without a loss before she gets another title match.

In the main event, a triple threat for the NECW Triple Crown Championship, champion the “Mohawked Enforcer” Max Bauer defended against former champions “Big” Rick Fuller and DC Dillinger, with Sean Gorman. The hard-hitting contest was without its share of controversy. Dillinger looked to have the title won after hitting Bauer with a Yakuza kick to the face, but Fuller pulled NECW Senior Official Rich Bass from the ring before the fall could be counted. Bauer ends up retaining the title after some insurmountable odds as he hit Dillinger with his fireman’s carry drop for the win. A little more controversy in the match, as Gorman and Dillinger are claiming that Dillinger got his foot under the bottom rope during the pin fall, which should have resulted in the count being broken.

NECW returns to Quincy on Saturday night, September 20th with a 7 PM bell time for AUTUMN UNLEASHED. Tickets are on sale at all FYE locations, K.C.’s Sports Cards, 33 Temple St., Quincy Center and online at www.NECWwrestling.com