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NECW presented the winter tradition, GENESIS 9, Saturday, February 27 at the South Shore Field House in Pembroke, MA in front of a very vocal and energetic crowd.

In the opening bout, a one-fall four-man match with the winner being named the number one contender for the NECW Television Championship, “Sensational” Scott Levesque defeated Ryan Bisbal after a flagrant low blow behind the ref’s back. Also competing in the match were Alex Payne and “The Talent” TJ Richter, accompanied by Mr. Munroe and Mr. Mini-roe. 

NECW Television Champion “The Heat” Kris Pyro defeated “The Natural” Scott Osbourne, with “Rock God” Brett Adams, to retain the title following a frog splash.

In what was truly a “GENESIS moment”, Pat’s Pit started with a bang as the Boston Gaelic Fire Brigade bagpipes and drums played Pat “The Brat” Piper to the ring. Piper called out Handsome Johnny to settle their score. It was obvious that Piper had tampered with the ballots for the wrestlers representing them, as Handsome Johnny was chosen by Piper to represent himself, and much to Handsome’s surprise, Jason Blade made a return to represent Pat Piper.  Jason Blade countered Handsome Johnny and scored a roll-up out of a head scissors to win the match and to assure Pat Piper that Pat’s Pit would continue on, and “A Handsome Moment” would never see the light of day.

Next up, “The Golden Greek” Alex Arion, with “The Manager of Champions” Sean Gorman was scheduled to face off with “The Daddy Cat” DC Dillinger. Just as the bell rang, Arion forearmed referee Rob Teutel and lost the match by disqualification. As Arion and Gorman left the ring laughing that they had officially participated in the match, NECW had no recourse on them. NECW General Manager Paul Richard came to ringside and announced that he wasn’t going to allow that decision to stand. The match would be restarted and now was a “No Disqualification” bout. Dillinger and Arion then tore into each other, brawling all over the South Shore Field House venue. Finally, Dillinger hit a huge big boot to the face of Arion. He went for the cover, but then pulled Arion up. Dillinger again hit a big boot. Once again, he picked Arion up. At this point, people in the crowd were yelling for him to do it one more time. Dillinger obliged. Instead of going for a pin, he exited the ring and got the ring bell. Dillinger waited for Arion to get to his feet and then leveled “The Golden Greek” with the bell, as Arion had done to him months earlier. 3 Seconds later, Dillinger’s hand was raised by the referee. Sean Gorman left the ringside area in disgust well before Arion even recovered.

After intermission, the NECW Tag Team Champions The Crown Jewels, Bad Boy Jason and “Mr. Fabulous” Tony Ulysses came to the ring and announced that Darling Damon would not be there due to a family emergency and therefore both the Texas Tornado match and the Tag Title defense were canceled. The team of Rican Havoc, Jose Perez and Don Vega, came out followed by NECW General Manager Paul Richard. Richard announced that the Texas Tornado match WAS off… but he saw two Crown Jewels in the ring and the titles would still be on the line. Rican Havoc looked to have the titles wrapped up, when “Mr. Fabulous” hit Don Vega with the Puerto Rican flag for the blatant disqualification. Rican Havoc wins the match, but The Crown Jewels retain the titles.

The next match was the first ever World Women’s Wrestling Toxic Waltz for #1 contendership to the WWW Title. Champion Alexxis Nevaeh sat at ringside doing commentary for the match with Joe Matterazzo and Caleb Seltzer. The first two women chosen at random to enter were Taeler Hendrix and Kimaya. Taeler hit a high head kick to win the first fall. Kimaya picked Sammi Lane as the next competitor. Sammi attempted to use her Teddy Bear (which at this point is assumed to be loaded with something), but Taeler ducked and scored another high head kick to win the second fall. Sammi sent out Amber as the next opponent. Amber evened her score with Taeler, hitting an enziguri for the win. Taeler said that they were now 1-1 in their feud, but she knew someone who Amber never had beaten, former WWW Champion “The Portuguese Princess” Ariel. Amber held her own with Ariel, but soon fell to the Dariel ace crusher. Amber then called out Puerto Rican sensation Ivy. Ivy managed to counter the Dariel after some great action with a backslide to win the next fall. Ariel called out Nikki Valentine, who was pinned a few minutes later again by Ivy. This brought out the final woman of the match, Mistress Belmont, with “The Manager of Champions” Sean Gorman. Belmont attacked Ivy and pummeled her for the next five or so minutes. Ivy countered an attempted slam into a pinning combo and was able to score the pin fall and become the #1 contender to the WWW Championship. After the match, Belmont again attacked Ivy and placed her in the crossface chickenwing submission. Alexxis Nevaeh ran to the ring and chased off Belmont, before helping her friend and now top contender to her feet.

The main event of GENESIS 9 was up next as “The Real Deal” Brandon Locke with “Rock God” Brett Adams got his shot at the NECW Triple Crown Championship held for nearly two years by “The Enforcer” Max Bauer. Bauer seemed to have the match in hand, basically having his way with Locke. As Bauer went to the top rope, Adams grabbed his leg. Senior Official Rich Bass went and began threatening Adams with ejection. Bauer then hit the ropes and accidentally collided with Bass, who tried to get out of the way, but twisted his knee. Everyone in the match looked a bit confused as Bass angrily told NECW management that “he heard a pop” and was then helped from the ring. While this was occurring, “The Rock God” attempted to attack “The Enforcer”. Bauer gave him a huge chokeslam for his troubles. Bauer then delivered the same crushing move to Brandon Locke. Ref Rob Teutel ran to the ring for the pin, but Locke kicked out at 2. Locke’s “Real Natural” stable mate, “The Natural” Scott Osbourne, ran out and was quickly dished out over the top rope by Bauer.  Bauer grabbed Locke and placed him up in the position for the Bauer-bomb and delivered the move. As the pinfall was about to be counted, Sammi Lane came to the ring and put Locke’s foot on the rope in front of the referee. Teutel exited the ring and began to admonish Lane, while Bauer looked at her confused as to her presence and involvement. Osbourne returned to the ring as Bauer lifted Locke for another Bauer-bomb and leveled him with the Triple Crown belt. As the ref turned around, he saw Locke on top of Bauer and counted the pin fall. Amidst the controversy “The Real Deal” Brandon Locke did what no one else could do for the last two years. He is now the new NECW Triple Crown Champion.

GENESIS 9 will be available on DVD online and at live events later this month.  NECW returns to live action on SAaturday night, March 30 at the National Guard Armory in Quincy, MA for another television taping.  Tickets for that event will be on sale this week.