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New England Championship Wrestling returned to the National Guard Armory in Quincy, MA this past Saturday night, July 11 in fornt of another great crowd for RED WHITE & BRUISED.

Before the opening contest, “The Talent” TJ Richter and Mr. Munroe entered the ring for their $5000 body slam challenge. They picked a young man named “Vinny” to attempt to slam the man they claim, “no one can slam”. Vinny gave two attempts before saying that he could not do it. The audience gave him a round of applause for a good attempt anyhow. That led into the opening contest of “T he Talent” TJ Richter versus Nick Westgate. Richter was able to counter a victory roll to secure the win over Westgate. After Richter taunted his opponent after the match, Westgate hit “The Honor Roll” on Richter and left to a great ovation.

Next up, Handsome Johnny’s protégé “Sensational” Scott Levesque with Sammi Lane faced off with “The Devil’s Reject” Brandon Webb. The crowd was solidly behind Webb, but Levesque scored the submission win with a Russian leg sweep into a seated octopus hold.

“The Golden Greek” Alex Arion and Sean Gorman came to the ring to talk about Arion’s main event with Antonio “The Promise” Thomas and ongoing feud with NECW Triple Crown Champion “Enforcer” Max Bauer. Gorman stated that Arion was the most talented wrestler he had ever managed. That statement brought out former Triple Crown Champion, DC Dillinger, who hasn’t been seen in NECW for over 6 months. Dillinger had questions of his own that needing answering, and he too would be watching the main event closely.

In an international challenge match, former IWA-Puerto Rico Junior Heavyweight Champion Ryan Bispal, accompanied by Ive, faced “The Prince of Pink” Brendan Michael Thomas with World Women’s Wrestling Champion “The Portuguese Princess” Ariel. Bispal looked to have his “Flatliner” finisher locked in when Ariel jumped onto the ring apron. As Bispal threw Thomas aside, Ive swept the legs of Ariel causing her to crash face-first on the ring apron. BMT quickly jumped into a crucifix and wrapped up Bispal to get the pin fall victory..

NECW Television Champion “Superstar” Ryan Matthews accompanied by his grandfather “The Sports Illustrated Legend” Robbie Ellis defended the title against “The Heat” Kris Pyro. As action got heated and Pyro looked like he was about to score the deciding pin, the bell rang. Ref Rich Bass thought that the time had expired, but in fact Robbie Ellis had instead rung the bell. As Pyro was distracted Matthews gave him his jumping jawbreaker to retain his title. After the match, a rematch was announced for August 8th, BIRTHDAY BASH 9.

After intermission was a live Pat’s Pit segment. As Pat “The Brat” Piper began the segment, his microphone cut out. As he looked around trying to get some assistance, Handsome Johnny appeared on the video screen. The Handsome one said that he told Piper that he could do everything better and at BIRTHDAY BASH 9, Pat Piper could name the challenge, and Johnny would best him in it. As Handsome Johnny faded from the tron, Piper gained his composure and found his microphone to be working again. He then brought out his guest the self-proclaimed “Rock God” Brett Adams. Adams and Piper traded barbs, before Adams announced that he had signed on as the manager of “The Natural” Scott Osbourne an d then had serious issues with Antonio “The Promise” Thomas, which would soon be addressed. As the segment ended, instead of Pat Piper’s music playing, Handsome Johnny’s played, again angering “The Brat”.

In a match for the NECW Tag Team Championship match, the reigning champions The Crown Jewels, with “Mr. Fabulous” Tony Ulysses, faced off with Davey Loomis and his partner the debuting New England veteran Alex Payne. Payne and Loomis clicked right from the opening bell as a team. The Crown Jewels managed to retain the championship, however, when Payne took a hard fall out of the ring and hurt his knee. Loomis hit his trademarked belly-to-belly suplex on Bad Boy Jason, but the legal man in the ring Darling Damon locked in a sleeper hold, putting Loomis out cold. After the match, Tony Ulysses placed a huge kiss on the head of Loomis before waking him up. As Loomis began to come to, the Jewels held mirrors up so he could see the giant lipstick marks on his face. Loomis flipped out and the Crown Jewels smartly retreated.

NECW Triple Crown Champion “Enforcer” Max Bauer came to the ring to address the fans on his injuries suffered at the hands of “The Golden Greek” Alex Arion. Bauer hinted at potential retirement, but then said that he was fighting at BIRTHDAY BASH 9 and hoped it would be Arion across the ring from him. He also referenced that fact that if he interfered in the main event, he would be stripped of the championship and suspended, but that as soon as the match was over, Alex Arion had better watch out.

In a special 6-woman World Women’s Wrestling feature match, Team Ariel, consisting of the WWW Champion “The Portuguese Princess” Ariel, Mistress Belmont, and Sammi Lane faces off with Team Alexxis; Alexxis Nevaeh, Taeler Hendrix, and the returning Amber. All the girls came into the match looking to impress officials, knowing that a shot at the WWW Championship was still open for BIRTHDAY BASH 9. Th roughout the match, Ariel still seemed to be feeling the effects of earlier in the night. As Team Alexxis was able to knock Belmont and Sammi Lane from the ring, Alexxis hit a huge top rope dropkick on Ariel to pin the champion.

In the main event, a battle of the past two Iron 8 Champions and for #1 Contendership, 2008 IRON 8 Champion, “The Golden Greek” Alex Arion with Sean Gorman battled the 2009 IRON 8 Champion, Antonio “The Promise” Thomas. The two went back and forth for nearly twenty minutes until the match spilled outside. As “The Promise” threw Arion back into the ring and went to climb in after him, Brett Adams returned to ringside and held the leg of Thomas getting him counted out. Thomas, enraged, realized what the “Rock God” had done and chased him out of the building. Making good on his promise, Max Bauer hobbled to the ring to attack “The Golden Greek”. Bauer leveled Arion with a big boot. Sean Gorman attempted to interject himself to no avail. As the “Enforcer” went to deck Gorman, DC Dillinger ran out to keep him from punching Gorman. Arion used that opening to again attack Bauer. The locker room cleared and began to attempt to separate them. Sheldon Goldberg then announced that in order to settle this feud once and for all, he needed to do two things. First, he needed to put a referee in there that wouldn’t be intimidated by either man… and that man was DC Dillinger. As everyone, but Dillinger looked shocked, Sheldon followed up that the match would take place inside a steel cage.

NECW returns to live action on Saturday night, August 8th at the National Guard Armory in Quincy, MA for BIRTHDAY BASH 9, the 9th anniversary of New England Championship Wrestling.  Tickets for this event will be on sale later this week.