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New England Championship Wrestling

NECW returned to the National Guard Armory in Quincy , MA this past Saturday night, July 12, in front of another sold out house for RED, WHITE & BRUISED.

The festivities began when “The Future Superstar” Ryan Matthews was announced to the ring by Chris Norman for his announced match with Makoto. Matthews interrupted Norman and said that he was still riding high from his win a few weeks ago on NECW TV. He was looking to win the rubber match between him and Makoto tonight, but apparently Makoto had VISA issues, insinuating that the Future Superstar had been involved in this immigration issue, and won’t be in town… so NECW can send out whatever guy they want and he’ll easily take them down. This brought out “The Hawaiian Warrior” Makua to a HUGE ovation from the crowd. Matthews committed highway robbery in this match getting the win by holding Makua’s tights and with his feet on the ropes for the pinfall victory.


Next, Brian Cairo debuted his new team – Darling Damon and Jason Rumble. They faced a tough challenge in Team Nightmare’s Evan Siks and Nick Steel. The impressive and flamboyant tandem of Damon and Rumble looked to have an upset in the making, until Siks hit Damon with a roaring elbow knocking him out cold. The referee ruled the match a win via knockout for Team Nightmare.

In a special attraction, Ohio Valley Wrestling’s Johnny Punch defeated Ray Kejimura by pinfall.

Following that, Chris Norman announced Pat “The Brat” Piper for a Pat’s Pit segment. Pat’s guest was Brian Cairo. Cairo talked about Rick Fuller’s undefeated streak in New Japan Pro Wrestling and how they had smoothed over all their problems. He was publicly invoking Fuller’s rematch clause to face NECW Triple Crown Champion “The Mohawked Enforcer” Max Bauer at BIRTHDAY BASH 8. Sean Gorman and DC Dillinger come to the ring demanding that Dillinger, not Fuller deserved the shot. Cairo insulted Dillinger stating he hasn’t been in the title picture for a year. DC snatched the mic and said “I’ve done everything in this company: I’m a Heavyweight Champion, a 4-time Tag Team champion. Brian Cairo, if you think you think I don’t deserve a title shot, get in line, because the measuring stick is here. I run this company.” NECW President Sheldon Goldberg came to the ring to interject and said he has had many calls from Sean Gorman and Brian Cairo regarding the title match at Birthday Bash. “You both make a good case, but the Main Event for Birthday Bash will be Big Rick Fuller using his rematch clause against Max Bauer!”
Cairo celebrated as Gorman and Dillinger stayed in the ring fuming at the President’s decision.

The next match was scheduled to be the Captain’s Match between Dan Freitas of Pride and Chase Del Monte of the current NECW Tag Team Champions. However, Freitas came to the ring with his partner, Brian Nunes, which led Del Monte to bring out his partner, “The Rocket” Fred Curry, Jr. Freitas then goaded Del Monte into making it a tag team match with the titles on the line. Midway through the match, Brian Nunes snuck off the apron and rammed the shoulder of “The Rocket” Fred Curry Jr. into a ring post injuring him. Chase continued to take a beating at the hands of Pride until he was able to make a tag and the injured “Rocket” did his best to fend off Pride nearly scoring the winning fall three times. His injury caught up with him however, as Brian Nunes found an opening and locked on a fujiwara arm bar to lead to the submission victory and Pride as the new NECW Tag Team Champions, their third time holding those titles.

After intermission there was a special grudge match between former tag team partners, as “The Talent” TJ Richter faced off with Team Nightmare’s Frankie Vain in singles action. Vain battered Richter for much of the match, but Richter’s experience in the end came into play and scored a pinfall win for “The Talent”. After the match, Richter attempted to add insult to injury by beating on Vain. Out ran the energetic “Lil Nicky” Amaral of Team Nightmare who fired off on Richter and hit a big enziguri to send Richter out of the ring and leave Team Nightmare standing tall.

Up next was mixed tag team action between NECW and World Women’s Wrestling stars. World Women’s Wrestling Champion “The Portuguese Princess” Ariel and Brendan Michael Thomas faced off with the popular tandem of Brandon Webb and Taeler. Ariel’s experience definitely was a factor in battling with the fiery rookie Taeler. Both teams looked sharp, but an opening in the match occurred for Ariel when BMT and Webb spilled to the floor after a spear. The reigning WWW Champion countered Taeler into the Butterfly Clutch for the win. After the match, Ariel seemingly attempted to send a message to all challengers by refusing to release the hold, leading to the decision being overturned awarding the contest to Webb & Taeler. Former WWW Champion Lexxus, in attendance but not competing, had seen enough and hit the ring breaking the submission and sending Ariel running. Lexxus challenged Ariel for a title match at Birthday Bash. BMT stated that Lexxus made Ariel put up her career for a title shot earlier this year and he has a similar style offer. If Lexxus can win a non-title match over Ariel, then he would grant the title match. If Lexxus lost, she would have to win 10 straight WWW matches before she would get to wrestle for the championship again. Lexxus agreed and added a provision of her own. If she won the match, BMT would be her manservant for the next 30 days.

Newly crowned NECW Television Champion Handsome Johnny and his valet Sammi Lane came to the ring to present the Handsome Challenge. They were going to give an opportunity to a top ranked contender tonight in Axel Foley. Music hit, but it was apparent that former champion “The Real Deal” Brandon Locke was making his way to the ring and not the unheard-of Foley. Locke explained he had never been pinned for the TV Title and never received a rematch, so he wants a shot right now. Handsome hesitantly accepted. Handsome seemed to have the match in his grasp when the ten minute time limit expired. Handsome arrogantly said that he hadn’t beaten up Locke enough and was going to grant him a 5 minute extension in the match. As that time limit wound down, Locke had new fire and nearly was defeating the Television Champion as the second time limit expired. Locke demanded five more minutes which Handsome accepted. As the bell rang for the second overtime, Handsome ran from the ring an allowed himself to be counted out, retaining the title, but losing the match to Brandon Locke.

Finally it was time for the main event, a huge tag team match between “The Natural” Scott Osbourne and DC Dillinger facing 2008 IRON 8 Champion “The Golden Greek” Alex Arion and NECW Triple Crown Champion “The Mohawked Enforcer” Max Bauer. There seemed to be a ton of dissension early in the match between Brian Cairo and Sean Gorman. Late in the match, DC Dillinger and Alex Arion were brawling outside of the ring taking the referee’s attention. Osbourne attempted to hit Bauer with the Triple Crown Championship. He connected, but was only able to score a near fall. Seconds later, Bauer recovered enough to hit his finisher on Osbourne but the pin was broken up by Dillinger who had just before sent Alex Arion crashing into the metal ringsteps. Bauer lifted Dillinger for his finsher, but DC managed to wriggle out of it. Somehow, Dillinger hit Bauer with a huge mafia kick leading to a pinfall win by Dillinger.

Post-match, Sean Gorman was flipping out about DC Dillinger not getting the title shot at BIRTHDAY BASH 8. He says DC promised to pin the champ and he did. He MUST be considered for a shot against Max Bauer. Sheldon Goldberg made his return to the ring and stated that DC’s pinfall victory over the champion definitely made a statement, and he made it a triple threat match for the NECW Triple Crown Championship: Champion Max Bauer vs. Rick Fuller vs. DC Dillinger. However, Goldberg added a stipulation, that if any manager physically involved themselves in the match, they will be dismissed from employment at NECW. Gorman’s joy turned to protest and Dillinger began to throw a fit, not noticing that “The Mohawked Enforcer” had recovered and was standing behind him. Bauer pulled Dillinger into the ring and hit his finisher to end the show.

NECW returns to Quincy on Saturday night, August 16th for BIRTHDAY BASH 8, the 8th anniversary spectacular. Tickets are on sale at all FYE locations, K.C.’s Sports Cards, 33 Temple St., Quincy Center and online at www.necwwrestling.com.