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New England Championship Wrestling kicked off 2009 with SNOWBRAWL this past Saturday night, January 10th hailing from the National Guard Armory in Quincy , MA .

In the opening contest, “The Real Deal” Brandon Locke defeated Antonio “The Promise” Thomas in a closely fought contest with an Oklahoma roll. After the match, although visibly upset at the outcome, “The Promise” shook hands with “The Real Deal” in a show of good sportsmanship.


“Superstar” Ryan Matthews continued his “unbeaten streak” when he pinned Nick Westgate after rolling through an attempted top rope high cross body press by Westgate.

Davey Loomis scored a pin fall victory over ½ of the NECW Tag Team Champions, Dan Freitas of PRIDE. Freitas looked to have the match won, when a video began playing on the Video Tron featuring the Blue Meanie. After the match, Freitas got on the microphone saying “Blue Meanie, you might have heard things wrong, because there is an N in front of this ECW. If you want to come in and try to make a statement, come face the best team in the Northeast in the house that PRIDE built next month at GENESIS 8.”

In a captain’s match to decide who gets the right to name the referee for their grudge match at GENESIS 8, Crown Jewels member Bad Boy Jason was signed to battle Team Nightmare member Nick Steel. Team Nightmare’s Evan Siks came to the ring stating that his partner “found a knife in his tires” and wasn’t there. Evan thought he had a good idea who did it and said if NECW will allow it, he’d take Steel’s place. Bad Boy Jason got the victory by countering Siks’ lariat attempt into a crucifix pin.

“Superstar” Ryan Matthews returned to the ring claiming that at GENESIS 8, he would be reviving his traditional “Superstar Challenge Series” with a HUGE challenge.

In a fatal four-way match, “The Talent” TJ Richter with Mr. Munroe defeated “The Natural” Scott Osbourne, “The Heat” Kris Pyro, and the masked Asian star Makoto by pinning Makoto after interference by Munroe. After the match Richter and Munroe committed the ultimate insult to a masked wrestler by pulling the mask off of Makoto and parading around with it. Nick Westgate, Davey Loomis, and a number of NECW officials ran to the ring and covered Makoto’s face before anyone could see his identity.

In a women’s tag team match, Taeler Hendrix and Alexxis Nevaeh defeated Nikki Valentine and Sammi Lane , with Handsome Johnny, when Alexxis pinned Valentine with a high cross body press.

In what was scheduled to be a Pat’s Pit segment, Pat “The Brat” Piper was interrupted by NECW President Sheldon Goldberg, who made the announcement that on February 21st at GENESIS 8, Richter and Makoto would face off in a one-on-one grudge match. If Makoto loses the match, he has agreed to unmask and not wrestle anymore under that mask. In Richter loses, he will have his haircut. Makoto vs. Richter, in NECW’s first ever Mask vs. Hair match!

The main event was another first ever as the NECW Triple Crown Champion “Mohawked Enforcer” Max Bauer faced off with NECW Handsome Johnny with Sammi Lane in a match where both titles were on the line. This match saw everything from Handsome Johnny hitting a moonsault on the Triple Crown Champion, to Bauer delivering his Fireman’s Carry face slam simultaneously to Handsome and Lane! Bauer looked on a roll to successfully defending his title and becoming the NECW TV Champion when “The Golden Greek” Alex Arion, who wasn’t even on the card, ran to the ring attacking Bauer. Bauer reversed the assault and sent Arion scurrying from the ring to end the night, as fans were reminded one more time that now the main event for GENESIS 8 was set, as Bauer defends the Triple Crown Championship against 2008 IRON 8 Champion and TOXIC WALTZ Winner “The Golden Greek” Alex Arion.

NECW returns to live action on Saturday night, February 21st at the National Guard Armory in Quincy for GENESIS 8: MEASURE FOR MEASURE. Tickets are on sale now at all FYE locations, at K. C.’s Sports Cards, 33 Temple Street in Quincy Center and online at www.NECWwrestling.com.