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NECW returned to the National Guard Armory in Quincy, MA, Saturday night, April 18, 2009 in front of another great crowd for SPRING BREAKDOWN.

In the opening contest, Slyck Wagner Brown and Antonio “The Promise” Thomas wrestled to a 10-minute time limit draw. After the match, both were announced as gaining invitation to the 6th Annual IRON 8 Championship on Saturday, May 30th in Quincy.

Davey Loomis pinned newcomer Isys Ephex following a Belly-to-belly Suplex.

In a World Women’s Wrestling Feature Match, Alexxis Nevaeh continued her quest to get another shot at the World Women’s Wrestling Championship, defeating Mistress Belmont with Sean Gorman in her corner after a top rope dropkick.

Former 2-Time NECW Heavyweight Champion, and the longest reigning champion in company history, Maverick Wild was announced as the 5th man to gain invitation to the 6th Annual IRON 8 Championship.

Up Next, the NECW Television Championship Match was marred with controversy. Reigning champion “The Real Deal” Brandon Locke seemed en route to a routine title defense win over “Superstar” Ryan Matthews. As Locke prepared to administer his finishing move “The Locke Down”, Matthews’ grandfather, sitting as a special guest at ringside, jumped up yelling for Ryan and appeared to begin having heart trouble, falling to the floor clutching his chest. As everyone looked to check on his condition, Matthews rolled up Locke, holding the tights, to pin the champion and win the Television Championship. As Ryan Matthews was announced as the new TV Champion, his grandfather jumped to his feet and ripped off his shirt, glasses and wig. Ryan Matthews’ grandfather on his mother’s side is none other than the 70-year-old “Sports Illustrated Legend” Robbie Ellis!

As a stunned crowd looked on, NECW TV’s Joe Matterazzo returned to the ring to let Locke know that he also had earned an invitation to the 6th Annual IRON 8 Championship. Considering how he was the victim of such a stunning title loss, Locke seemed more perturbed than appreciative at the announcement.

During a special Pat’s Pit segment, Pat “The Brat” Piper expected his guests to be the new NECW Tag Team Champions, The Crown Jewels. However, only one member of the team, Darling Damon, made his way to the ring. He stated that “Mr. Fabulous” Tony Ulysses and Bad Boy Jason were already relaxing in the tropical weather in Trinidad, and as soon as his passport was cleared up, he was heading there too. In the meantime he’d take on one of the “lesser” NECW talents, mentioning Nick Westgate, Davey Loomis, and “The Heat” Kris Pyro by name. This brought out Pyro who stated he was getting ready for the biggest night of his life May 30th at the 6th Annual IRON 8 Championship and defeating a talented guy, 1/2 of the tag champions, Darling Damon, would boost his confidence in a huge way. Pat Piper confirmed both men were interested in fighting and scheduled the match to take place right in Pat’s Pit.

“The Heat” Kris Pyro pinned 1/2 of the NECW Tag Team Champions Darling Damon of the Crown Jewels after hitting a “Code Red” sunset flip.

The team of “The Epic” Mike Bennett and Guy Alexander made a successful NECW debut in Quincy by defeating the team of “The Talent” TJ Richter and “The Man No One Can Slam” Mr. Munroe. The win happened after a “Hart Attack” type clothesline.

Despite having his mouth completely busted open and bloodied, “Sensational” Scott Levesque accompanied by Handsome Johnny and Sammi Lane beat Nick Westgate by pinfall to remain undefeated in NECW competition.

The final two competitors for the 6th Annual IRON 8 Championship were announced as “The Natural” Scott Osbourne and Tomasso Ciampa. Those two round out the field of eight alongside “The Heat” Kris Pyro, former WWE World Tag Team Champion Kenny Doane (of Spirit Squad fame), Slyck Wagner Brown, Antonio “The Promise” Thomas, Maverick Wild, and “The Real Deal” Brandon Locke.

The main event for the NECW Triple Crown Championship was every bit as brutal of a rematch as the first GENESIS 8 contest between champion “The Enforcer” Max Bauer and “The Golden Greek” Alex Arion was. This time, Arion had his new manager, “The Manager of Champions” Sean Gorman in his corner. This appeared to potentially be the edge that Arion needed to unseat the champion. As Gorman attempted to give Arion a chair to use, Max stopped him and instead waffled the challenger leading to a disqualification. Referees tried to stop Bauer from attacking Arion and were thrown out of the way. A number of the members of the undercard also attempted to help with the same result. Finally, a number of NECW officials and agents were able to pull the near lifeless “Golden Greek from the ring to safety.

After having Arion attempt to end his career, leave him laying in the ring after a number of chair shots, and plots to permanently injured the Triple Crown Champion, it appeared that April 18th in Quincy was the night that Max Bauer finally snapped on his top challenger.

NECW returns to live action at the National Guard Armory in Quincy, MA on Saturday night, May 30th for the 6th Annual IRON 8 Championship. Tickets are on sale now at NECWwrestling.com, at K.C. Sports Cards, 33 Temple Street, Quincy Center or by calling 1-800-838-3006.