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New England Championship Wrestling presented it’s 1st annual NECW TAG TEAM CLASSIC in front of another great crowd at the National Guard Armory in Quincy, MA on Saturday night, Sepetmber 19th.

In a pre-show, “Showcase Challenge Match,” where new talent get the chance to tryout for a spot on the NECW roster, The Great Malaki with  def. The Sensational Masked Stretcher.

Antonio “The Promise” Thomas is announced and addresses the crowd. Thomas says he suffered a Grade 3 concussion last month at the hands of “The Natural” Scott Osbourne and “The Real Deal” Brandon Locke and would not be able to wrestle in the main event for the NECW Triple Crown Championship as scheduled. Thomas made a promise to return, though he could not say when.At that point, Thomas was interrupted by a video message from “The Rock God” Brett Adams from his hotel suite in Hollywood. Adams rubbed it in about Thomas being put out of action.

Before Thomas could respond, NECW Tag Team Champions, The Crown Jewels, (“Bad Boy” Jason and “Darling” Damon) came out. Jason said that he suffered a pulled groin (claiming he “slipped on a shell” while modeling underwear at a photo shoot in), and that The Crown Jewels would be unable to participate in a tournament setting. He then announced that his partner, Darling Damon, as one half of the NECW Tag Team Champions and therefore automatically considered a ranked contender for the Triple Crown, would be taking Thomas place in the Triple Crown Championship Match. NECW event producer, “Mad Dog” Matt Storm then came out to confirm that Damon would be taking Thomas’ place and that when Thomas was cleared to return to action, he would automatically be considered the number one contender. Storm added that while The Crown Jewels did produce a doctor’s note that said Bad Boy Jason could not participate in a tournament setting, the champions appearance in the tournament is a mandatory title defence and that The Crown Jewels would indeed defend their titles against the winner of the NECW Tag Team Classic at the end of the night – after Damon wrestles Max Bauer.

In the first opening round match of the TAG TEAM CLASSIC, “The Natural” Scott Osborne and “The Real Deal” Brandon Locke defeated the Canadian duo of Stupefied & Twiggy in an action-packed battle that could have gone either way.

In the second opening round match, “The Epic” Mike Bennett and Guy Alexander took the fall over “The Talent” T.J. Richter & Mr. Munroe.

In the third opening round bout, Mikhail Ivanov and Aleksander Chekov, “The Red Devil Fight Team” made their debut defeating Davey Loomis and Alex Payne.

Then, D.C. Dillinger came out to make an announcement, saying that after BIRTHDAY BASH, everyone wonders where he stands. Dillinger calls out “The Manager of Champions” Sean Gorman and tells him he’s fired. Gorman starts to argue with Dillinger. Finally, Dillinger grabs Gorman by the neck, and “The Golden Greek” Alex Arion rushes in through the crowd. Arion viciously attacks Dillinger with the help of Gorman, who produces a set of handcuffs and locks Dillinger’s wrist to the ring ropes. With only one hand to defend himself and little mobility, Arion resumes his attack with a folding chair. Arion and Gorman start to leave when Dillinger defiantly spits at Arion. Arion and Gorman return to the ring and beat down Dillinger some more. Again, they start to leave, but once again Dillinger spits at Arion. Arion then grabs the ring bell from the timekeeper and nails Dillinger with it in the head. Officials manage to free Dillinger, who gamely refuses assistance and limps to the back.

In the final first round tournament match, Ryan Bisbal and Don Vega (with Ivy, waving a Puerto Rican flag) defeat Canada’s 2.0 (Shane Matthews and Jagged) in another exciting bout.

After intermission, the semi final round took place leading off with, “The Natural” Scott Osborne and “The Real Deal” Brandon Locke going to a double count out against “The Epic” Mike Bennett and Guy Alexander. With both teams eliminated from the tournament, the winner of the second semi-final wins the tournament and faces The Crown Jewels for the titles later that night.

Ryan Bisbal and Don Vega (with Ivy) defeat The Red Devil Fight Team to win the 1st annual NECW Tag Team Classic. Bisbal took a bad fall to the outside during the match, but still managed to pin Ivanov, even while his leg was injured and repeatedly worked on by the Russians.

“The “Enforcer” Max Bauer retained the NECW Triple Crown Championship over “Darling” Damon (with “Bad Boy” Jason).

Pat “The Brat” Piper defeated “Handsome” Johnny (with Sammi Lane) in a Karaoke Battle. Johnny makes the lame excuse that he lost only because he had a cold, so Piper tells Johnny to pick a challenge. Johnny says, “Let’s have a pie-eating contest.” Piper accepts and that will take place next month in Quincy.

The Crown Jewels retained the NECW Tag Team Championship over Ryan Bisbal and Don Vega with Ivy. Vega comes out alone at the start of the match, due to Bisbal’s injury. With Vega getting worn down, Bisbal comes limping out to the ring with Ivy behind. The challengers come back and appear close to taking the victory. At that point, Damon picks up Ivy and starts carrying her offstage, distracting Bisbal. During the resulting commotion, Jason nails Vega from behind and pins him for the victory.

NECW returns to live action Friday, October 23, 2009 in Somerset, MA, and Saturday, October 24, 2009, in Quincy. The Quincy event will be a TV taping.