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Fuller Wins The Triple Crown, Bauer Waltzes Into Title Shot & More! Complete Results from NECW’s TOXIC WALTZ in Quincy from Friday Night, 12/28!

New England Championship Wrestling wrapped up 2007 this past Friday night in Quincy, MA at the Armory with the 2007 TOXIC WALTZ. It was a night that saw some shocking events, including the crowning of a new NECW Triple Crown Champion in Big Rick Fuller.

In the opening contest, a quarterfinal in the tournament to crown new NECW Tag Team Champions, the team of “Rocket” Fred Curry Jr. & Chase Del Monte defeated “Team Awesome”, “The Undefeated” Matt Spectro & “Future Superstar” Ryan Matthews by pin fall.

In a World Women’s Wrestling Feature Match, WWW Champion Lexxus defeated the debuting Sammi Lane by pin fall following a reverse guillotine bulldog.

Sabotage came to the ring and brought out “Alex Arion” (Ryan Matthews dressed as “The Golden Greek”). After attempting to shame the Arion name, the real Alex Arion cleaned house and decked the fake version of his namesake.

In a match for the NECW Television Championship, “The Real Deal” Brandon Locke retained his title, wrestling Handsome Johnny to a time-limit draw. Although the fans and Locke seemed to want five more minutes added to the match, Handsome Johnny denied them and walked out to return at another opportunity.

Next up was the ten-man TOXIC WALTZ. The loser of each fall would pick the winner’s next opponent, with the final winner getting a Triple Crown Championship match at GENESIS 7 on February 16 in Quincy . Here are the matches and order of eliminations.

Antonio “The Promise” Thomas pinned Jason Blade after dropping him face-first on a turnbuckle.

“Human Nightmare” Evan Siks advanced when Antonio Thomas refused to break a hold in the ropes and was disqualified.

Evan Siks defeated “Awesomely Cool” Dave Cole by pin fall following a hangman’s flatliner.

Evan Siks defeated Michael Sain by disqualification when Sain destroyed Siks with two vicious chair shots to the head.

“Die Hard” Eddie Edwards gained a quick fall pinning the unconscious Evan Siks. Although Siks looked to have kicked out of the pin, Referee Rob Teutel said that he did not get his shoulder up before the third count. Then, “The Infamous” Bobby Fish jumped the rail and attacked Edwards. A wild brawl between the two was finally broken up, with Edwards the worse for wear.

Alex Arion pinned Eddie Edwards after rolling through on a body press attempt. DC Dillinger immediately attacked Alex Arion. He was soon joined in the beat down by Eddie Edwards. After executing a double-team clothesline, Edwards named Dillinger as the next entrant.

DC Dillinger pinned Alex Arion after blatant interference by Eddie Edwards. Once he recovered enough, Alex Arion got on the microphone and said that even though he’d get into trouble for it, he was going to pick the Toxic Waltz wild card NOW instead of as the tenth wrestler. He picked Max Bauer, much to the dismay of Dillinger.

“Big” Max Bauer defeated DC Dillinger with his fireman’s carry face buster. The final entrant of the Toxic Waltz would then be Bauer’s former crony, “The Talent” TJ Richter.

In the final fall, “Big” Max Bauer overcame Richter’s use of powder in the eyes to hit not one, but two of his fireman’s carry face busters to win the match and the shot at the NECW Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship in February.

In the main event, NECW Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion “Straight Edge” Brian Fury defended against “Big” Rick Fuller. As previously stipulated, Brian Cairo was banned from ringside and if any wrestler interjected themselves in the match they would be fired. Before the match, Cairo came to the ring guaranteeing victory before voluntarily leaving ringside. Antonio “The Promise” Thomas made his way to the front row and paid a fan $100 for their seat and ticket and sat. When Fury made his entrance, Thomas claimed to be just a fan but then spit his drink in the face of the NECW Triple Crown Champion. While it looked like a brawl would break out, NECW security members grabbed Thomas and removed him by force. On the way out Thomas was heard yelling “I have a ticket!!!!”. In the match itself, Fury fought valiantly only to fall victim to “The Chop Doctor” and his reverse choke-slam back-breaker. Rick Fuller scored the pin fall and is now the new NECW Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion.

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NECW Kicks Off 2008 with a Debut in Dorchester on Saturday Night, January 19 for WINTER WONDERSLAM! 3 Huge Matches Announced!

NECW returns to live action on Saturday night, January 19, 2008 at the National Guard Armory, 70 Victory Road in Dorchester , MA for WINTER WONDERSLAM. Bell time in 7:00 PM.

Three huge matches have already been announced!

The main event will see the newly crowned NECW Triple Crown Champion, Big Rick Fuller, managed by Brian Cairo, making his first title defense against former Triple Crown Champion, “The Human Nightmare” Evan Siks. Last February, it was Fuller who turned on his long time friend, Siks costing him the Triple Crown. 11 months later, the roles are now reversed and it is Siks looking to put an early end to reign of Big Rick Fuller.

Also signed for WINTER WONDERSLAM, a huge tag team grudge match, as D.C. Dillinger and “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards, former 4 time NECW Tag Team Champions as Sabotage, managed by Sean Gorman, battle former NECW Heavyweight Champion, “The Golden Greek” Alex Arion and “The Infamous” Bobby Fish. This will be the first time Fish has faced Edwards in a sanctioned match since breaking his ankle in last summer’s IRON 8 Championship.

In addition, a World Women’s Wrestling Championship match has been signed! Lexxus will defend her coveted red belt against former PWF Mayhen Women’s Champion, “The Portuguese Princess” Ariel. This is one of the biggest challenges Lexxus has faced to date and Ariel has made it known that she is going all out to capture that championship!

More matches will be announced shortly. Tickets are on sale now at all FYE locations, the Dorchester Armory and online at NECWwrestling.com.

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NECW Returns to Quincy on Saturday Night, January 26 for SNOWBRAWL! Gigantic 8 Man Tag Team Main Event Announced!

New England Championship Wrestling makes its way back to the National Guard Armory, 1000 Hancock Street in Quincy, MA on Saturday night, January 26th for SNOWBRAWL. Bell time is 7:00 PM.

The main event is set to be one of the biggest battles in NECW history – a gigantic 8 man tag team battle!

On one side will be the new NECW Triple Crown Champion, Big Rick Fuller, D.C. Dillinger, “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards and Antonio “The Promise” Thomas. They will square off against the team of former Triple Crown Champion, “Straight Edge” Brian Fury, “The Golden Greek” Alex Arion, “The Infamous” Bobby Fish and the 2007 TOXIC WALTZ winner, Max Bauer.

Also announced is a rematch for the NECW Television Championship, as “The Real Deal” Brandon Locke collides with Handsome Johnny. These two went to a time limit draw last month and this time both men are eager to establish who is the better man.

In addition, Lexxus will defend the World Women’s Wrestling Championship and the semi-final matches in the NECW Tag Team Tournament will take place.

Tickets are on sale now at all FYE locations, K.C.’s Sports Card, 33 Temple Street in Quincy Center and online at NECWwrestling.com!

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Later this week: New NECW TV with highlights of the big title change that took place last Friday night, TOXIC WALTX highlights and more!