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This Week on NECW TV: Special 3rd Anniversary Edition! Siks, Lexxus,

Huge Tag Match with Fury & Fish vs. Fuller & Osbourne and much more!


It’s a very special episode of NECW TV this week, as we celebrate the 3rd anniversary of our program – the original weekly wrestling program produced specifically for the Internet!

This week’s show opens with shocking footage of manager Brian Cairo turning on one of his closest associates in J Busta, one half of The Canadian Superstars.

“The Human Nightmare” Evan Siks sees action this week and another chapter the saga between Siks and Michael Sain unfolds.

The World Women’s Wrestling Championship is up for grabs this week as Lexxus, who was scheduled to defend against Alere Little Feather, ends up defending against both her and Tanya Lee.

In a huge TV main event, a preview to this Friday night’s live event in Quincy, MA, THE HARDER THEY FALL, it’s the NECW Triple Crown Champion, “Straight Edge” Brian Fury teaming with “The Infamous” Bobby Fish as they battle Team Cairo members, Scott Osbourne and Big Rick Fuller.

All that and much more on a third anniversary edition of NECW TV! http://www.necw.tv/episodes/NECW_TV_EPISODE_108.wmv

This episode is now available for viewing or download. Visit www.NECW.TV to watch the original weekly wrestling TV program produced especially for the Internet – always available free, on demand and worldwide!

To learn more about NECW and NECW.TV, visit our website at http://www.NECWwrestling.com.

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In celebration of NECW TV’s 3rd anniversary, we have a very special offer for those of you who have been faithful viewers of our shows.

We have some great NECW TV stickers that you can get absolutely free by sending a letter sized, stamped, self-addressed envelope (U.S. only). We’ll send a sticker for you and one to post up somewhere to spread the word about NECW TV!