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Brian FuryWhile the weather should be getting cooler with the onset of fall, New England Championship Wrestling heats things up with a return to live action on Saturday night, September 22nd at the National Guard Armory, 1000 Hancock Street in Quincy, MA with a 7:00 PM bell time for AUTUMN UNLEASHED.

In the main event, the new NECW Triple Crown champion, “Straight Edge” Brian Fury defends his championship for the first time against former NECW Television Champion, “The Exotic” Kristian Frost.  These two are no strangers to each other, as they have battled each other in the past.  Frost will be going all out to make Fury’s reign a short one.

NECW Television Champion, “The Real Deal” Brandon Locke puts his title on the line against what could be his toughest opposition ever in the form of Big Rick Fuller.

In a special tag team challenge match, The Arion Brothers return to Quincy to face the mysterious masked duo known as The Forgotten.

In a World Women’s Wrestling feature match, “The Portuguese Princess” Ariel returns to Quincy to take on former WWW Champion, Tanya Lee.

Former NECW Triple Crown Champion, D.C. Dillinger will be in action, along with “The Human Nightmare” Evan Siks and much more!

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New England Championship Wrestling makes its way back up to the North Shore at the National Guard Armory, 2 Armory Road in Danvers, MA for another international TV taping on Saturday night, September 29 with a bell time of 7 PM.

All the top stars of NECW will be in action, as we tape bouts for worldwide broadcast on NECW.TV.  

Tickets for this event are on sale now at all FYE locations and online at www.NECWwrestling.com

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After last month’s wild night of women’s wrestling, which resulted in the crowning of a new champion, World Women’s Wrestling makes its return to live action on Sunday night, September 30th with a 7 PM bell time at Good Time Emporium, 30 Assembly Square Drive, Somerville , MA .

New World Women’s Wrestling Champion, Lexxus has issued an open challenge for her championship on Sunday night, September 30th.  Lexxus has told WWW officials that she intends to be a fighting champion and she doesn’t care who she has to face.  There are many possible contenders for the coveted title and they have all petitioned the championship committee for a shot at the gold belt.  Lexxus will not know who her opponent will be until the night of the event.

As for the contenders who could be getting their chance at WWW ’s top prize, former champion, Nikki Roxx will be making her return to World Women’s Wrestling after a few months absence. What does she have in store for the women of WWW ?  Could Roxx be the one to challenge her friend Lexxus?

Alicia also returns to WWW on Sunday night, September 30th.  The Jezebel from Jersey has unsettled issues with Nikki Roxx and is also a ranked contender for the championship.

“The Portuguese Princess” Ariel is also scheduled to be in Somerville and is always a threat to the championship.  It could well be Ariel’s night to capture the championship which has eluded her thus far.

In addition, Tanya Lee lost her title at the previous WWW event and a subsequent rematch at NECW’s BIRTHDAY BASH 7, what does her first WWW event since losing the title hold in store for the former champion?

Also signed for Sunday, September 30th, The Soul Sistahs, Jana and Luscious Latasha will be in action.  The Daughters of Darkness, Della Morte and Mistress Belmont.  Former NECW  PWF Champion, Natalia will be appearing, plus the Native American Princess, Alere Little Feather battles Violet Flame.

It will be another wild night of action where anything can happen!

This Sunday night, September 30th event is a change from the originally scheduled date of September 9th.   If you purchased tickets with the September 9th date, they will be honored on September 30th.  No exchange is necessary.  If you have tickets and are unable to attend on September 30th, your tickets will be honored for a future event or you can return them to us for a refund.  Contact us with any questions by e-mailing [email protected].

Tickets for September 30th are on sale now at all FYE locations and online at www.WorldWomensWrestling.com