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(NEW YORK) — Women’s Superstars Uncensored (WSU), the leader in womens wrestling in America today, is pleased to announce that WSU Uncensored #7 is now available for free viewing on INASECTV.com. A look at Amber O’Neal‘s rise to prominence in WSU is is featured in this episode. Rain has been named the #3 Contender for the WSU Championship, and the International Star comments on the current Champion Mercedes Martinez. Excerpts of Angel Orsini‘s latest Facebook Video post are also highlighted, plus news about upcoming roster additions, and new matches for WSU’s return to Union City on November Sixth.

Amber O’Neal, Rain, WSU Champion Mercedes Martinez, Angel Orsini, Awesome Kong, Jazz, ODB, Jessica Havock, and “Pryme Tyme” Amy Lee are just some of the WSU Wrestlers covered in WSU Uncensored #7.

We hope you enjoy the WSU Uncensored series. Subscribers have already been automatically notified of the new episode. Be sure to subscribe for free to WSU Uncensored on www.INASECTV.com.



In other news, WSU congratulates WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez for ranking #3 in this year’s Pro Wrestling Illustrated “Top 50 Females of Wrestling”. This list is always about women on the national scene and WSU is proud to see Martinez get serious recognition for all her efforts and work.

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