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Pro wrestling fans haven’t been allowed to attend events since the novel coronavirus started. There is some good news in regards to re-opening one important state for pro wrestling.

The Tampa Bay Times reports Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced that phase two of a three-phase process will begin shortly. This new phase will include allowing up to 50% capacity for movie theaters and sporting events.

This new plan will go into place on Friday. So far AEW and WWE have not let actual fans into the television tapings. Both companies have wrestlers play the role of a live crowd.

Other social gatherings, bowling alleys, and concerts will also be allowed to take place at 50% capacity. Pro wrestling shows would certainly fall under that umbrella.

Phase two of Florida’s re-opening will allow a greater percentage of fans in a venue. Social distancing will still need to be enforced. The threat of coronavirus is far from over, but Florida is moving forward with plans to return to some state of normalcy.

credit ringsidnews.com