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Damien Wayne

NWA Official Press Release
Re: New NWA™ National Heavyweight Champion Crowned
January 5, 2012

Last week at NWA E.D.G.E. in Nashville, North Carolina, Damien Wayne pinned “The Canadian Lion” Lance Erikson to become the new NWA™ National Heavyweight Champion. Chance Prophet, a former two-time NWA™ National Heavyweight Champion, also participated in this three-way match for the vacant championship. The title was vacated by the Tokyo Monster Kahagas shortly after winning the NWA™ World Heavyweight Title on November 2, 2012.

Moments before securing the win, Wayne took a spine-buster from Erikson. Erikson covered Wayne for the pin, but Prophet broke up the referee’s count at two. Next, Prophet nailed Erikson with a DDT, but Erikson kicked out at two. Prophet was then surprised by a “mafia kick” from a recovered Wayne that sent him between the ropes and onto the ringside floor. Wayne then climbed to the top rope and hit Erikson with an elbow drop before covering him for the pinball victory.