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Pro Wrestling Syndicate’s Bombshells held its fourth women’s wrestling event Saturday May 11, 2013 in Iselin, New Jersey where La Rosa Negra was crowned the promotion’s new champion.

In the opening match La Rosa Negra defeated Santana Garrett via submission in a fast paced match that received “this is awesome chants” reminiscent of the prior PWS Bombshells event opener between La Rosa and Mia Yim.  Bright futures for both of these girls.

Alicia pinned Sumie Sakai in a back and forth match that held the crowd’s approval. Much of the NJ crowd has been familiar with these two local veterans for quite some time.

The former ECW “Prodigette” , Angel Orsini fell short to Canada’s Silvie Silver in a lackluster match which included Silvie Silver headbutting her friend Jay in the front row for some unknown reason.

Amazing Kong defeated Amy Lee in a First Blood Match which featured various weapons included chairs, guard rails, wire hangers, and a singapore cane amongst other things.  This was a vicious back and forth brawl was restricted to the ringside area as a result of their prior Bombshells encounter which saw them brawl around the building.  The crowd was evenly split as these two monsters screamed vulgarities at each other while hitting hard.   This may have been Amy Lee’s last match anywhere as the retired veteran had come out of retirement just to face Kong at PWS Bombshells and has now lost both times.

Popular youngster Amber Rodriguez made quick work of veteran Cherry Layne scoring the pinfall in her Bombshells debut. Cherry Layne was a last minute substitution by PWS after Annie Social had to back out for personal reasons.

Shelly Martinez pinned Serena Deeb in a great match which had the crowd evenly split with “lets go shelly / lets go serena” chants throughout.  At one point it appeared as if Serena had suffered another concussion as she held her head as she was cared to by Ref Kevin Keenan.  Serena got to her feet with the aid of Keenan then stumbled and collapsed which lead to PWS co owner Pat Buck hopping the guardrail while an ambulance was called.  Serena was carried to the locker room only to storm the ring and attack an unsuspecting Shelly.   The action continued with Shelly eventually scoring the pinfall.

Missy Sampson defeated Mickie Knuckles whom came to the ring to The Golden Girls sitcom theme song to retain The PWS Bombshells Title.  This was a hard hitting affair and perhaps the best match of Missy Sampson’s veteran career. After the match Missy ran down a list of names she defeated to win the belt which included Katarina “Winter” Leigh, Sienna Duvall, Sumie Sakai, Lucious Latasha, and Marti Belle.  She then said she would defend the belt anytime anywhere which lead to La Rosa Negra blitzing to the ring.  La Rosa quickly mounted Missy and striking her repeatedly in the face. Ref Keenan tossed La Rosa off Missy after reaching a 5 Count and La Rosa quickly reasssumed the mounted position and laid in vicious hard strikes to Missy’s face which lead to a defenseless Missy covering up and the ref subsequently stopping the bout and awarding the belt to La Rosa.

This was met with some controversy as wrestling fans may not be accustomed to seeing a ref stoppage finish.  After Missy recovered she had the full support of the crowd which was interesting in itself as prior to this moment there was no real emotional connection established between her and the fans and now the fans all wanted to see her get even with La Rosa for what appeared to be a legitimate beat down.

La Rosa will go on to defend The PWS Bombshells Title on June 8th at Pro Wrestling Syndicate’s live event in Monroe NJ against Angelina Love.  This event also features Dusty Rhodes, Stan Hansen, Disco Inferno, Necro Butcher, Colt Cabana, Starman, and The Headbangers amongst others.  One would have to assume that Missy will be watching La Rosa closely as whether she drops the belt to Angelina or not , Missy wants a chance to get even.

The dvd which was shot with five HD cameras by Valenti Vision Films will be available soon at www.ProWrestlingSyndicate.