New WSU Tag Team Champions Crowned

New WSU Tag Team Champs Crowned

This past weekend, at an NYWC show in Port Jefferson Station, NY, new WSU Tag Team Champions were crowned when submission specialists Jana & Cindy Rogers teamed up, as they were able to defeat Mercedes Martinez & Angel Orsini.

The match wasn’t without controversy.

Jana & Cindy Rogers, two former fan-favorites, have been united under manager Rick Cataldo. Along with Brittney Savage, it was revealed that these four are now calling themseves “The Cosmo Club”.

With the WSU Spirit Championship already under their possession, as it is held by Brittney Savage, The Cosmo Club’s plan to get the WSU Tag Team Championships was executed perfectly.

Taking advantage of perhaps a mini-rift between Orsini & Martinez, Rogers & Jana were able to isolate the champions. However, these two warriors , and the best WSU World Champions in WSU history were able to dominate.

With Orsini & Martinez cruising to a victory, Cataldo hatched his plan. Cataldo ran into the ring with a WSU Tag Team Championship belt and went to hit Mercedes Martinez with it. However, before he could do that, Angel Orsini ran into the ring and broke it up. Orsini went to the floor and battled both Jana & Cataldo off.

With the referee paying attention to what was going on outside, Brittney Savage was able to sneak into the ring. Savage hit her finisher, the diamond cutter, on Martinez. This was no ordinary diamond cutter, as Savage made sure to drop Martinez’s face flush across the championship belt.

Rogers was then able to capitalize on the situation and pick up the pinfall victory, and history was made. was able to shoot this video after the event:

As you can tell “The Cosmo Club” looks to be trying to recruit Angel Orsini for their squad. Orsini is a former world champion and could be the piece that brings all the gold to the Cosmo Club. Martinez has put out a challenge to Savage at any show, any place, any time. Martinez & Savage seemingly have escalated their issues to a full blown war, as they are scheduled for several matches on WSU’s “On The Road” Tour.

With so much going on in WSU, and with so many alliances being formed, it should be interesting to not only see who wins the WSU Uncensored Rumble, but who walks out with the WSU World championship.

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