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Sunset Flip Presents:
New WWE PPV Schedule
By Jim Boy Star

 It’s time for another column and there is lots of news in regards to the pro wrestling world. One of the main stories that have people up in anger are the changes in WWE PPV’s. Some of the PPV’s I agree with the change and some of them I just do not understand. This week I’m going to go through each of them and give thoughts.

April will now feature WWE Uncensored…… I mean….. Extreme Rules! This is not a new PPV, it existed last year but the date has been changed. Personally, I am thrilled that Backlash is gone. I never liked Backlash and in all the years Backlash has been around I cannot think of one great Backlash moment. I can think of a terrible Backlash moment when Goldberg made his debut and beat The Rock. Bottom line is we know what to expect from this event, so if you probably know if you will buy it or not. 
In May, we have a new WWE PPV called “WWE Wildcard”. Not sure on all the details. As always, WWE has a great opportunity in front of them and this could be really great. Too bad I have a huge lack of faith for the WWE creative team. Look for them to drop the ball with this one.

In June, there is a new event called “Fatal Fourway”. Probably the worst name out of the bunch. Obviously, the theme of this event will be that matches will be in fatal fourway matches. This does not look like it will be a good event at all. June used to be fun when there was King of the Ring but now we have been reduced to an event called “Fatal Fourway”. On the plus side, if every match is a Fatal Fourway match, it seems more wrestlers will get a PPV payoff which is actually a really good thing.

July’s event will feature the “Money in The Bank” PPV. I know most people are not a huge fan of this, but I am. Then again, like always, WWE can change my mind quickly with the format. My fear with this event is that since the main event would be Money in The Bank ladder match, that the match will feature guys like Triple H, John Cena, Randy Orton, Big Show, etc. The Money in the Bank ladder match is usually used to pushed a mid carder to main event status. I love the ideas of qualifiers at the beginning of the night and then the winners fight in the ladder match the same night. I just can’t see the main event not having guys like Edge, Jericho, or Batista NOT as the final match of the card. Time will tell but I really hope I’m wrong and WWE does a great job with this event.

August will be Summerslam, despite the fact it lost over 100,000 buys from the previous year. Last year’s Summerslam was terrible so by default I’m hoping this one will be better.

September is Night of Champions. Formerly hosted in June, Night of Champions returns and I like the idea that all titles will be on the line in one night. I could do without two women’s matches but other than that it is a very good idea.

Finally in October is the Hell in a Cell event. I went to Hell in a Cell last year and I paid a good amount of money that I wish I could get back to put towards a couple of ROH shows and TNA PPV’s. Much like Summerslam, last year’s event was so terrible that I don’t think this year could be worse and by default has to be enjoyable.

So this year should be interesting. Vince and company think these new PPV’s work and the numbers back it up. However, he doesn’t take into account that the reason they may work is because it’s the first year and people are curious how they are going to turn out. I can almost guarantee Hell in a Cell’s numbers will drop this year. I know I won’t buy it, knowing what it was like. Let’s be clear, I will not miss Backlash due to reasons I said before, but we will soon see if Vince truly does know best.

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Have a great week everyone

Jim Boy Star

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