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The New York Wrestling Connection, is LIVE, Friday, June 29 as the NYWC travels to Blue Point, NY for NYWC Rampage!  This event will take place at:

St. John’s Orthodox Church
77 Montauk Highway, Blue Point, New York 
For additional information, please call (631) 455-6991

DOORS OPEN: 7:00 PM  /  BELL TIME: 8:00 PM
MEET & GREET SESSION: 6:00 PM (select seating only)
Tickets are priced as follows, and are available right here on NYWCwrestling.com or at the door on the night of the event:

General Admission: $15
Select Seating: $30 (limited to 180 seats)
Select seating includes a seat in the first two rows, plus a Meet & Greet session with TNA and NYWC stars! (see below)


For the first time, the NYWC will give Select Seating ticket holders an opportunity to meet face to face with some of your favorite stars!  Remember, the only way to get a seat in the first two rows and to meet these stars is to purchase a select seating ticket (just $30), and availability is limited to 180 seats, so don’t miss your chance!  At 6:00 PM, fans will be met by:
     Team 3D’s Brother Runt
     The New F’n Show Jerry Lynn
     Former WWE Tag Team Champion Joey Matthews (a.k.a. Joey Mercury)
     Former ECW Triple Crown Champion Mikey Whipwreck
     TNA Knockout Traci Brooks
     Plus many more of your favorite NYWC stars!

The Meet & Greet event is co-sponsored by NYWC and Squared Circle Signings.

Jerry Lynn   vs   Dickie Rodz (c)
In Friday’s main event, Dickie Rodz will take on none other than Jerry Lynn in a one-on-one battle for the NYWC Championship!  Dickie has already held onto the title for nearly a year, and incidentally, Lynn was one of the victims when Rodz won the belt.  Can the New F’n Show earn another NYWC Championship reign, or will Dickie’s stock continue to rise with the vanquishing of another superstar?

Joey Matthews   vs   Mike Spinelli
One man recently held the WWE tag titles, and is looking to resume momentum after a tough loss to Joey Braggiol last month.  The other is a former NYWC tag champ, who was betrayed by his tag team partner, Tony Burma, on May 19.  Now, both of these competitors will go head-to-head to prove who is truly the better man, as they aim to revive their career paths after facing tremendous adversity.

Angus Brothers   vs   Maverick & Plazma
Last month, the Angus Brothers returned from an extensive retreat, ready to make their mark on the NYWC as they wreak havoc along with the Foreign Legion.  Maverick and Plazma, who both have achieved remarkable success as individuals, are also showing great strides in the tag ranks, and now these two teams are vying for the ultimate prize in the tag division.  But to get there, they’ll have to win this contest, which will likely be one of the most hard-fought battles of 2007.

Traci Brooks   vs   ???
One of the most impressive ladies in pro wrestling today, both in looks and grappling talent, Traci Brooks has stormed across North America to put her stamp on women’s wrestling and on the pro wrestling scene at large.  The Canadian native will be ready for action at NYWC Rampage, and although her opponent is still unknown, there is little doubt that no matter who stands in the opposing corner, this match will be a can’t-miss affair!

* Additional matches to be announced.  Card subject to change. *


The New York Wrestling Connection, is LIVE, Saturday, June 30, as the NYWC returns to Deer Park with NYWC Severed Ties!  The venue is:

Deer Park Community Center
41 Homer Avenue, Deer Park, New York
For additional information, please call (631) 455-6991

DOORS OPEN: 7:00 PM  /  BELL TIME: 8:00 PM
Tickets are priced as follows, and are available right here on NYWCwrestling.com or at the door on the night of the event:

Advance Tickets (online): $12
General Admission (at the door): $15
Mikey Whipwreck   vs   Dickie Rodz or Jerry Lynn (depending on June 29 results)
The main event will be an NYWC Championship match in which Mikey Whipwreck will fight for the title… but who will be the defending champ?  The past year indicates that Dickie Rodz has a good chance of surviving June 29 with the belt around his waist, but Jerry Lynn is a fierce, experienced competitor that will present Rodz with perhaps his biggest challenge yet.  No matter who faces Whipwreck, you can be sure that this match will be off the charts!

Joey Matthews   vs   Brother Runt
One of the most anticipated matchups to grace an NYWC ring in some time, former WWE tag champ Joey Matthews will face Brother Runt, the wiry dynamo from Team 3D.  Brother Runt might have a slight advantage in this bout thanks to his experience, but Matthews is bigger, stronger, and has a lot to prove now that he is once again traversing the country for quality competition.  While this match has star power to begin with, it is the hunger and desire to win shared by both of these competitors that should make this match something special to watch.

Papadon & Tony Burma   vs   Mike Spinelli & ???
In May, Mike Spinelli was once again denied the NYWC Championship thanks in part to the shocking turn by his longtime friend and tag team partner, Tony Burma.  Of course, the story won’t end there… Burma and Spinelli are both chomping at the bit to face each other in the ring, and the commissioner was happy to oblige, pitting the former partners against each other in tag team action.  Burma will be flanked by Papadon, who has parlayed this year’s early hot streak into the Interstate belt and elite status in the NYWC.  Spinelli’s partner will be decided after June 29… should Dickie Rodz retain his belt the night before, Jerry Lynn will be tagging with Spinelli.  If Rodz loses the belt, Spinelli’s partner could be anyone on the roster.  How will this drama unfold??

Traci Brooks   vs   ???
Not content to make her mark at just one NYWC event, TNA Knockout Traci Brooks will be bringing her curvaceous, muscular frame back for another bout, regardless of how she fares the previous night!  For Brooks, being a pretty face is not nearly enough, and it will take at least two nights of combat to satisfy her aggressive streak. 

* Additional matches to be announced.  Card subject to change. *