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Saturday, June 12, 2010

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WWE on it’s website announced the release of Daniel Bryan (Bryan
Danielson) last night. While a lot of people are skeptical the release is said to be legit and those who needed to know, including those on the creative team, were notified as to the reason why during the last few hours. Story is developing. 


Within the last 24 hours, Dixie Carter, TNA Wrestling President, has
posting cryptic messages on her Twitter account proclaiming that TNA
“was about to change forever” at Sunday’s Slammiversary pay-per-view.
You can count on one hand the people who are in the know about what
she’s talking about. She told Spike TV President Kevin Kay about her
master plan yesterday afternoon. “He is all in and agrees this will
change TNA on every level,” she said regarding her conference call with

Dixie has also been in communication with PAUL HEYMAN who many have
speculated about in recent months.
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