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“Right After Wrestling” hosted by Arda Ocal with Corey Erdman interviewed New Ring of Honor Champion Tyler Black. Highlights include:
– Crying like a baby after the title win backstage
– Cary Silkin and the boys giving him words of encouragement
– The pressure he feels being champion of ROH
– Mood in the locker room with changes going on in TNA 
Also interviewed was Rob Van Dam. Highlights include:
– Talking with Hogan on RVD Radio and how there have been two conversations after this, one with Hogan and one with another high-level member of TNA, thought nothing is finalized
–  TNA would be a good place for him despite being able to work indy’s for the rest of his life. RVD can’t stand the WWE schedule.
Also interviewed was Vince Russo. Highlights include:
– How his relationship with Hulk Hogan today is very good, and he now enjoys working with him
– A surprise call from Scott D’Amore, recollecting about old times shared with Vince
– “I would love to write for RVD, it would be very easy and an honour. He’s a star and I hope he comes to TNA”
– explaining the rationale behind multiple title changes in a short period of time
– Hoe he enjoys writing for the new members of the TNA locker room
PODCAST: TYLER BLACK AND RVD: http://hardcoresportsradio.com/content/media/podcasts/c5bbe807-45d0-4326-9ecf-ee8a524dd4e1.mp3
PODCAST: VINCE RUSSO AND SURPRISE CALL FROM SCOTT D’AMORE: http://hardcoresportsradio.com/content/media/podcasts/111388ea-b89f-48fb-9976-96818c478235.mp3
Hosted by Arda Ocal with Corey Erdman
Mondays 11pm EST
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