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Nick Aldis spent nearly eight years with TNA/Impact Wrestling where he won the World Heavyweight Championship and two Tag Team Titles. Outside of a return there in 2017, Aldis has mainly been competing on the indie circuit and with the resurgent NWA.

It was also with Impact Wrestling that Aldis met Mickie James who is now his wife. James returned to WWE in 2017 and many have wondered when or if her husband would ever follow her to WWE. Aldis discussed that very topic on The Apter Chat.

“I had interest,” Aldis said of WWE prospects. “And they had interest when I was with TNA. Then, for whatever reason, when I became available [in 2015], it was a different story.

“Quite frankly, I had too many conversations with them where the first couple of times it was ‘no.’ Then it was ‘no, not right now.’ And then it was ‘let me talk to this guy, let me talk to that guy.’ I just got to a point where I just lost interest. That was all I ever wanted at one point, then for whatever reason it never materialized.

WWE’s waffling back and forth has left a bad taste in Aldis’ mouth as he feels that there’s something WWE is not letting him in on.

“I feel like there’s something there that they are not telling me,” Aldis admitted. “I don’t know what it is. Frankly, we’re all adults. I’d rather them give me a straight answer but I could never get that from them.

“There’s so many people and so many camps. There’s so many snakes in the grass. I’d rather just get a straight answer and they don’t want to do that. I just don’t have time to play games with them.”

Aldis is doing quite alright for himself without a WWE paycheck and competed against Cody at All In. He dropped the NWA World Championship to Cody there but won it back at the NWA 70th Anniversary Show last month. At 32 years old the door is certainly not closed for WWE, but he seems content with his current standing on the independent circuit.

“I just want to be a big-time pro wrestler and if I have to be a big-time pro wrestler by building my own [brand] then so be it,” said Aldis.

credit to wrestlinginc.com