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Nick Mayberry Trades HCW’s Hardcore Championship
with Recording Artists, Japan’s Own, Peelander-Z!!!

THREE Simultaneous HCW Hardcore Co-Champions
and First Ever Female HCW Title Winner Crowned!!!

Peelander Captures The Title AGAIN – and Mayberry’s
Naked Butt Exposed to the Fans of The JaniCon!!!!


The JaniCon, Jacksonville, Florida’s Anime Convention took place from November 2nd through November 4th, 2007 at the luxurious Wyndham Jacksonville Riverwalk Hotel. It featured media and anime guests, dealers & a headlining performance by the weekend’s stars – international recording artists and Japanese action comic punk band, Peelander-Z!!!

During the groups Saturday, November 3rd performance, they stopped to point out that they’d won their first ever actual wrestling title [the HCW Hardcore Championship] back in June from HCW’s Nick Mayberry, and they referred to Mayberry as a “weak guy”. They then led the entire crowd in a chant of H-C-W. Suddenly, a very angry Nick Mayberry hit the stage, pushing through security, and taking the mic from Peelander Yellow.

Mayberry insulted the crowd, mentioned his Title loss to Peelander-Z at June’s FL SuperCon, and demanded that the group give him back his Hardcore Title. Peelander Red confronted Mayberry and pushed HCW’s ex-Hardcore Champion not once, but twice – before Mayberry struck back – punching Peelander Red in the face and then in the stomach, and laying the boots to him.

Peelander Yellow attempted to attack Mayberry with a series of chops that were simply shrugged off. He too was punched and kicked, before Mayberry pinned Peelander Red and made his own three count, regaining his HCW Hardcore Title – for an unprecedented 8th reign. It would be a short reign, as Peelander Blue, who was hiding off the stage, snuck up on Mayberry and bashed him with his trademark blue chair. Blue landed numerous shots to the Champion, and hit him again with the chair.

An injured Mayberry fell to the ground, and was pinned by Peelander Red, Peelander Blue & the very lovely Peelander Pink, while Peelander Yellow and the crowd counted 1-2-3, and not one, not two, but THREE – 3, yes THREE, new HCW Hardcore Co-Champions were crowned. This marks the first time that 3 individuals have ever held a Title simultaneously, and it also marks the first time that the HCW has had a female Title holder, with Peelander Pink being one of the three Champions crowned.

The crowd went WILD, and loudly chanted HCW along with the group. Peelanders Red & Blue held a hurt Mayberry up, while Peelander Yellow pulled down his pants, first revealing pink female undies and then the bare naked backside of Mayberry to the crowd!!! A humilated Mayberry ran off the stage while Peelander-Z celebrated with their fans and then finished their performance.

This is Peelander Z’s second pro-wrestling Title win, their first being over Mayberry in June at the SuperCon in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. This is not the first time that more than one person has held the HCW Hardcore Title, as The Power Company Twinz jointly held the Championship in 2004, and Peelander Blue & Red both held the Title earlier in 2007. This is however, the first time that THREE people have held the Title at once – and also the FIRST time a female has won any HCW sanctioned Championship, with Peelander Pink being one of HCW’s Hardcore Champions.

Mayberry was, as usual, unavailable for comment on the matter, but Incredible8.com will have more details soon, including photos and news from everyone involved. You can check out a full story about Peelander-Z’s first HCW Title win back in June of 2007 on www.Incredible8.com in the NEWS section of the site. There is not only a full-length story, but numerous photos of the SuperCon show as well. More as we get it.


VISIT www.Peelander-Z.com for MORE INFORMATION ON PEELANDER-Z AND THEIR BRAND NEW D.V.D., PEELANDER IS FUN!!!! Check out Peelander-Z on MySpace at www.MySpace.com/PeelanderZ

Nick Mayberry’s Hardkore Championship Wrestling Inc. was formed in 2002, and is best known for annual Incredible 8 Tournaments, that have been won by Shark Boy, Reckless Youth, Jesus Aguilera and others.

Peelander-Z was formed in 1998, and has played at music fests like Bonnaroo, SXSW and others. They’ve been featured on SpikeTV’s MXC: Most Extreme Challenge, Comedy Central and VH1’s Best Week Ever.