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– As noted, Nikki Cross is now a member of the RAW roster and WWE put out a new video of hertalking about the possibility of needing a change after her Main Event loss to Peyton Royce. On Twitter, Cross commented again about the need to possibility step out of the shadows.

“Time to grow,” Cross wrote. “Oh little naughty one, always time to play, always time for some insanity, always time for chaos but there’s time to do more. Show more. I’ll always be Nikki. I want you all to see what’s underneath, to do that…I might need to take steps out from the shadows.”

SANItY was called up to the main roster but Nikki Cross was not. She stayed in NXT and became one of, it not the most over character on the brand. She was the one who knew who attack Aleister Black, she would have tremendous matches. When she was called up, she never really was on a specific brand.

Nikki Cross got a great reaction from the crowd when she answered Becky Lynch on Smackdown. She stood out and was different than any other woman on the roster.

When the Superstar Shakeup happened, Nikki went undrafted. She has now been regulated to Main Event as of late. While on Main Event, she didn’t win many matches.

While that was going on Nikki has begun posting out of character pictures of herself on Twitter.

credit wrestlinginc.com & bodyslam.net