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Hello everyone and welcome to this edition of OWW Radio. This is the official radio program of Online World of Wrestling.com. Each week OWW Radio will bring perspective to the WWE, TNA, and everything else making news in the world of professional wrestling. On this edition of the show, renowned photographer Scott Romer joins David (@dlb19338) to talk about being a wrestling photographer for over 30 years. He started off shooting pictures at WWA events and went on to shoot pictures for Big Book of Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Illustrated, and Gong Magazine.

During the interview Scott talks about:

  • Growing up in Indianapolis
  • Getting interested in photography
  • Working for Dick the Bruiser
  • Selling his photographs
  • Managing and wrestling in the WWA
  • The territory days
  • Gaining access to the locker room
  • Photographing Hulk Hogan
  • Life on the road with the WWF
  • Falling in love with boxing
  • The infamous Onita stabbing angle in Puerto Rico
  • Covering David Von Erich’s funeral
  • Changes in film technology
  • The CAC’s 50th Reunion this April
  • And much more!

Scott’s contact information:

  • Website: http://www.scottromerphoto.com/
  • Facebook: /Scott Romer

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