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 It’s a HUGE night for WWE with a big Saturday Night’s Main Event taping (airing on 6/2) followed by a LIVE RAW broadcast from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Please check back later for a full report from OWW correspondent Adam Lebow (http://www.thershl.com).  Here is some quick notes.

 Thanks to Adam Lebow for this information (edited text): Chuck Pulumbo was doing his biker gimmick  prior to tonight’s RAW/SNME taping for his dark match with Canadian Independent wrestler Tyson Dux of  Border City Wrestling. Chuck looks way bigger than the last time he was on TV. Not as lean. Local fans were chanting for Dux.  Some boring chants. Pulumbo hit a sequence of a over the head release german suplexes, followed by a running big boot and a dominator into a reverse stunner for the win.  Chuck rides out on the bike.  About 7 minute match.

Devin Cutting wrote: Lance Malibu (one half of The Canadian Golden Boyz) and Ruffy Silverstein from the Pure Wrestling Association had a dark match against PWA alumni The Highlanders at the WWE television taping in Toronto on Monday night.  Go to http://purewrestlingcanada.com for information about the PWA.

Shawn Moniz (Wrestle-Complex.com) wrote: I live in the Tampa Bay Area where Raw is being hosted at next week.  Brighthouse Networks is advertising the main event next week as World Champion John Cena facing off against Great Khali.   This presents an option that Cena will retain his title at One Night Stand this Sunday.  

Note from Brad Dykens: Results from RAW will be posted here about 15-minutes after RAW goes off the air (we have a 15-minute delay here in Canada).