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Now Online: PRIME TV #154: Jimmy Jacobs vs. Louis Lyndon

PRIME Wrestling TV airs each and every week on our official YouTube page at www.YouTube.com/PRIMEwrestling, with new episodes premiering each Wednesday! Don’t want to wait for your PRIME fix? Each episode of PRIME TV premieres Sunday nights at 10:00 Eastern on SportsTime Ohio. Not sure if you get SportsTime Ohio. Visit the “TV” section of our website, www.PRIMEwrestling.com or consult your local listings.

Watch this week’s episode now right here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJQIphx3-Mo

Scheduled for this week…

PRIME Champion “Zombie Princess” Jimmy Jacobs vs. Louis Lyndon
Jacobs shocked many a few weeks ago when he defeated Matt Cross for the PRIME Championship, coming one step closer to his ultimate goal of eclipsing the legacy of Johnny Gargano in, not just this organization, but, the wrestling industry as a whole. This week, Jacobs competes in his first match since winning that title in a non-title affair with Louis Lyndon. Lyndon, a former Tag Team Champion, burst back onto the scene a week ago to watch his Ninja Elite Squad partner Facade capture TV Title gold. Now in his first match back, Lyndon faces arguably the toughest test of his career. Can Jacobs continue to build his image and come closer to erasing Johnny Gargano from memory or can Louis Lyndon capture everyone’s attention with a major return victory? And what about the rumors that Johnny Gargano may be in attendance?

Jason Bane vs. “Mr. RBI” Izeah Bonds
Ever since losing a #1 contender match several weeks back, Bane has not been shy about the fact he’s out to beat anyone and everyone to prove himself as “the man” once again. Bane has stated he doesn’t care if it’s someone within PRIME Wrestling, someone on another wrestling television show, or even an MMA fighter; He will take on anyone! This week, young Izeah Bonds attempts to make a name for himself with a victory, but rumor has it there are more waiting in the wings to challenge Bane. Some of whom may be named in this episode!

Sex Appeal (Bobby Shields & Bobby Beverly) vs. Ben Fruith & Corey Winters
A week ago Jimmy Jacobs welcomed Bobby Shields back from the “spiritual journey” he had sent every Sex Appeal member on individually, and told Shields to look beyond himself to find a way to get noticed and take away the dignity from his opponents. Jacobs also deemed Shields (and Nicki Valentino) as leaders with full control over Bobby Beverly who, in Jacobs’ mind, doesn’t even deserve to be in the group at this point. How will Sex Appeal co-exist and what do they have planned for the loveable underdogs and Bucyrus buddies Fruith & Winters?

Plus: We hear from new PRIME TV Champion Facade, “Handicapped Hero” Gregory Iron, “Embodiment of Evil” Krimson, and get an update on the bizarre Bryan Castle/Brian Bender/”BatDan” Dan Arkham saga!

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