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Prime Wrestling (OH)Now online: PRIME Wrestling TV #183: Gargano’s mission, Jacobs’ return

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Airdate: 6/23/13

Scheduled for this week’s episode…

When Vic Travagliante assumed his role of Commissioner and promptly removed Johnny Gargano from the PRIME Title picture, surely he must have known the resolve and tenacity that Gargano would come back to fight with. As one member of the Foundation of PRIME, Gargano has sacrificed more to build this company than perhaps anyone, and he is determined to reclaim his home territory. His first formidable test comes in the form of one-half of the PRIME Tag Team Champions Jeremy Madrox who, along with Marion Fontaine, cheated Gregory Iron & Zach Gowen out of the PRIME Tag Titles, kicking them out of the arena in the process. Can Gargano build some desperately needed momentum against The Megalomaniacs?

“Zombie Princess” JIMMY JACOBS returns vs. LOUIS LYNDON
It has been 9 months since we’ve seen the former PRIME Champion Jacobs here in this organization. When he last surfaced, Jimmy Jacobs caused absolute anarchy. From nearly ending the career of Johnny Gargano, to causing the break-up of Sex Appeal, to his bitter hatred of Bobby Beverly, where Jimmy Jacobs went, big things happened. So why is Jacobs back here and now? And what will happen when he steps into battle against Louis Lyndon, one of Jacobs’ toughest challengers during his run as PRIME Champion? Lyndon came up just short in his bid for the PRIME TV Title against Facade at our “Pressure Rising” iPPV, and is looking to bounce back and make some more waves. Which PRIME Wrestler will experience the result they’re looking for?

Dead Wrestling Society’s GORY vs. Mr. RBI Izeah Bonds
The DWS has kept their foothold on the top of PRIME Wrestling through possession of the PRIME Championship, thwarting the goals of The Megalomaniacs & PRIME Foundation alike. Bonds has been on the shelf since the latter part of 2012 thanks to a concussion suffered because of the DWS. Will Gory finish the job?

Plus: Nicki Valentino, “THE BEV” Bobby Beverly, Commissioner Vic Travagliante and more!

Official Website: http://www.PRIMEwrestling.com