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Tony SantorelliNWA Anarchy presented the 8th Annual Fright Night at the NWA Arena in Cornelia, GA this past Saturday, September 29th 2007. It was a homecoming for the event as the previous year Anarchy hit one of it’s first great milestones in expansion as a raucous and rowdy crowd of over 500 fans came out to The Remember When Theatre in Helen, GA. For 2007 it was back to the friendly confines of the legendary NWA Arena, where many of Fright Night’s most legendary matches have occured over the years. A full house of Anarchy faithful came to take part in the spectacle. The evening saw a new NWA Anarchy Television Champion, a wild first blood match, a friend turned foe, Benefactor cup winners but not new tag team champions, an insane 6 man no DQ match, the alleged retirement of a major star, the return of a legendary monster, a former champion, and the first battle between what Jerry Palmer called King Kong vs. Godzilla. The event was also a fund-raiser for injured firefighter, Angie Roach, a co-worker of Anarchy owner Jerry Palmer who was burnt severely trying to save someone’s life. A portion of the proceeds also went to a cause NWA Anarchy has always believed in, and that is the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

1) The Urban Assault Squad (Nemesis & Shadow Jackson) defeated, The Anger Alliance (Adam Roberts & Don Matthews), The Anger Alliance (Brody Chase & Brandon Phoenix) & The Hollywood Brunettes in around 14 minutes, in a 4 way dance final to become the 2007 & two time Mysterious Benefactor Memorial Tag Team Cup winners as well as earn a shot at becoming the only 4 time champions in the history of NWA Anarchy by taking on The Awesome Attraction (Hayden Young & Austin Creed) later on in the evening for the gold.

– This match was all UAS. The packed house was at a molten level of noise & excitement all night, and seeing perhaps their all time favorite tag team take home a much deserved 2nd MBMTTC Trophy almost cracked the foundation of the arena via decibals before the night even began. Nemesis & Don Matthews exchanged a chop war for the ages. There was some obvious friendly competition between the Anger Alliance in this contest and one instance that got 2/4ths of their unit eliminated. The Hollywood Brunettes were their usual crafty selves isolating Nemesis and really doing a number on him but he was able to finally spot a loophole and make the tag to Jackson and the fans exploded. Jackson cleans house and gets the 1,2,3.

– Anarchy Colour Analyst John “The Body” Johnson was in the ring with the returning former 2 time NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion and high ranking NWA World Heavyweight Title contender, “Technical Perfection” Chad Parham.

Johnson debuted a tribute package to Parham, showing many of his career highlights as champion. It was spliced in with people like George Bush, Osama Bin Laden, and Vince McMahon “telling” us (ever watch Conan O’Brien?) that Chad was Numero Uno. Parham then announced his retirement from NWA Anarchy, stating that he accomplished more than most men dream of and he was bowing out on top so that his legacy couldn’t be tarnished. Johnson then presented him a Certificate Of Awesomeness that read:

Be it known that on Saturday, September 29, 2007, “Technical Perfection” Chad Parham was awarded the first ever Certificate Of Awesomeness, voted & presented by the many NWA fans of Chad Parham and other knowledgeable wrestling persons living and dead.

This certifies that “Technical Perfection” Chad Parham (“Numero Uno”) is not only awesome but also a Living Legend, the Best There Is, Was & Every Will Be, the Showstopper, the Game, the Franchise, The Nature Boy, the Eighth Wonder of The World, He’s Simply Ravishing, Phenomenal, the Instant Classic, the Big, Bad, Booty Daddy, the Total Package, and the man who epitomizes the American Dream. He is the man called Chad Parham, wrestling’s only two time Anarchy Heavyweight Champion.

The Anarchy fans expressed their disgust and Parham left like he’d just won the presidency.

2) Melissa Coates & Tony Santerelli defeated “The Technician” Todd Sexton & Wes Grissom in around 11 minutes:

– Grissom was in most of the match and took one heck of a beating. Melissa Coates is proving that she can hold her own with men in the ring. This lady is the real deal. The wrestling world has seen this once before in the past, and then you could tell obvious concessions were made to give that woman a fighting chance…not with Melissa Coates. She can’t find any women that will wrestle her, and several men are re-thinking that decision as well. Santerelli showed off his mat skills again by twisting and turning Grissom many different ways. Wes finally made the tag…Sexton cleaned house momentarily then tagged Grissom right back in. Santerelli locked him an a version of the octopus hold and Sexton refused to help him and Grissom finally tapped out after a strong effort. Then after the match “The Technician” laid out Grissom with the Superkick! Todd Sexton lef the arena to more boos possibly than any time in his career.

3) “The Soul Assassin” Kory Chavis defeated “The Feature Presentation” Jeff Lewis in a First Blood match, when Jeff G. Bailey slipped Chavis a roll of quarters in around 9 minutes.

– There was alot of emotion going into this match. If you remember, Jeff Lewis stood up for himself when Bailey pushed the former Anarchy Heavyweight & 2 time TV Champion to the backburner in favor of his new pet projects “The Universal Soldier” Phil Shatter & the return of one of Bailey’s all time great successes “The Soul Assassin” Kory Chavis. He knocked Jeff G. Bailey on his ass, and was mugged by his former Elite cohorts. Lewis has proven himself as a world class wrestler, and through the battles with The Devil’s Rejects became a first class brawler via trial by fire. Lewis pounded away on the head of Chavis and the glisten on the forehead of the Soul Assassin seemed to indicate he may have taken some preventative measures to stop bleeding prior to the match. It was a knock down drag out affair, but in the end this battle was won with sheer trickery. With the ref distracted, the roll of quarters served plenty well to bust Lewis open. A bloodied Lewis had some impassioned words for Bailey backstage after the match. That interview will be seen on NWA Anarchy TV’s recap edition of Fright Night, coming soon!

4) The Devil’s Rejects (“The Sleeper Cell” Shaun Tempers, “The Son Of Satan” Azrael, & “Violent Passion” Patrick Bentley) w/ The Reverend defeated “The Real” Slim J, Adrian Hawkins, & the returning “Seven Figure Deal” Ace Rockwell in a violent, bloody no DQ street fight in around 15 minutes.

– The match started as 3 on two as only Slim J & Hawkins came out to start, but at first that was all they needed. They jumped The Rejects immediately and Slim J hit an unbelievable corkscrew plancha on the regrouping family. The numbers advantage eventually over-whelmed Slim & Adrian and The Rejects prepared to finish Slim J once and for all at the hands of Patrick Bentley’s Dark Driver off the top rope onto a chair, but to everyone’s shock ACE ROCKWELL came to the rescue allowing Slim J to escape certain doom. Rockwell took the staff of Righteousness away from the Reverend and cracked it over his back! Rockwell then cleaned house with the staff on the rest of the Rejects allowing the heroes to regroup and make this an even fight as Adrian Hawkins hit an incredible Asai Moonsault then a Van Terminator on Azrael and Slim J hit a springboard falling double reverse DDT on both Tempers & Bentley. The fight broke down to 1 on 1 brawls and that left Tempers & Rockwell in the ring. The former tag team partners & best friends renewed their classic rivalry in a big way until a key reveral sent the match in the Rejects favor for good. Rockwell attempted to give Tempers the Aces High off the top through a table, but Tempers reversed it into a super Beelzebomb off the top which sent Rockwell crashing through the table. With Rockwell out of comission, this made it 3 on 2 again until Tempers & Azrael hit the Hellhammer on Hawkins, making it 3 on 1 and while Slim J fought his heart out, Patrick Bentley hit the Dark-Driver for the 1,2,3 giving The Rejects their biggest victory at Fright Night to date.

5) The Awesome Attraction (“Awesome”Austin Creed & “The Attraction” Hayden Young) defeated The Urban Assault Squad to retain the NWA Anarchy Tag Team Championship in around 10 minutes.

– Great back and forth match and not near the reaction you normally get in a match featuring two fan favorite teams. The noise for this one was as loud as any other match on the card. You had two teams, so wildly popular with the fans that they couldn’t choose a winner but ate the competition between the two teams up. Nemesis and Hayden Young continued their trash talking which turned into fists being the only thing to do the talking. UAS controlled the majority of the match, but a miscalculation and a head on accidental collisoin between the heads of Shadow & Nemesis left Nemesis right in the way of a KO punch from Creed and a Flying Squirell from Young, which allowed the champs to pick up the victory and retain. The post match saw a briefly heated exchange between Jackson & Nemesis but they both calmed down, embraced and thanked the fans.

6) Truitt Fields defeated Jeremy Vain to win the NWA Anarchy Television Championship in a Fans Participation Strap Match in seconds before the 15 minute time limit:

These two have had many, many encounters. Many of them have been great, some perhaps classics. This was the best of all of them. Never had Fields’ motivation been so strong to win the title, and never had Vain’s desperation to hang on to the belt been so powerful. Both men pulled out all the stops. Vain got thrown into the lion’s den a couple times but Mr. Adonis was there to shield him. Palmer finally neutralized Adonis and Vain got a few licks of what was coming to him via the leather straps. Fields was also sent out to the lions den a few times, but aahh isn’t it moments like this when being on the fan’s good side really comes in helpful? He left unscathed. With the ref distracted, Adonis tried to save the title for Vain, but Jerry Palmer had enough and finally got his hands on Vain’s overgrown bodyguard and laid him out with a Stunner as the roof came off the building. This saw Vain snatch a strap from a fan’s hands and start pummelling Fields, but he was somehow able to endure the pain and comeback! Vain dropped the strapped and begged forgiveness but he couldn’t run away from The Killing Fields, nor could he avoid losing his coveted Championship.

7) “The Universal Soldier” Phil Shatter defeated Mikal Judas to retain the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Championship.

– This was as big league as it gets. Two men of mammoth size, cat like agility and the strength of 100 men blasting each other with heavy handed blows and implementing the best stategy they had in what turned out to be a main event for the ages. It was back and forth in the early going until Shatter gained control and maintained it for awhile. When Judas started firing back, referee Brent Wiley was errantly struck and went down in the chaos. Judas spat a mouthful of blood in the eyes off Shatter and hit the chokeslam scoring a visual fall that everyone in the arena counted along with. Judas tried reviving Wiley, but didn’t realize Abomination had appeared and was standing right behind him drilling Judas with The Final Solution. Wiley started to come too, and Shatter made the pin, 1, 2, KICKOUT!!!! The entire arena was on it’s feet. Shatter then hit the PTSD Powerbomb twice, and that was enough to score the pin over the challenger. In the post-match Judas sat up immediately and chased Abomination out the front door and Dominous appeared getting involved in the brawl outside the arena. With Shatter & Bailey alone in the ring, the lights went out and a bizarre history of serial killers video appeared on the screen listing people like The Zodiac Killer, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer and more and their respective body counts. The last line read….and then there was one. When the lights came on, “THE NO PAIN TRAIN” ICEBERG making his long awaited return with The Reverend had appeared and went nose to nose with Shatter!!!.This sent all Anarchy security and refs out to break up this melee. The message was clear. Shatter had something that Iceberg feels belongs to him. The Anarchy Heavyweight Championship. This ended one exciting night of wrestling, and another legendary Fright Night is in the books.

– Notes: Anarchy Returns on October 6th with a TV Taping featuring “The Fright Night Fallout”. Jeremy Vain cashes in his rematch clause vs. Truitt Fields, The Rejects (Tempers/Azrael) take on Slim J & Adrian Hawkins in a tag team match. The Urban Assault Squad accepts their 2007 MBMTTC Trophy. Tony Santerelli takes on the returning Sal Rinauro. Sexton takes on Chris King. Mikal Judas in a handicapped match vs. Talen & Money and much more!!!

Don’t forget you can see the stars of Anarchy throughout the state of Georgia. Every Friday in Royston, GA at The Royston Gym for APW you can see Jeremy Vain, Shadow Jackson, Truitt Fields, Abomination, Austin Creed, Slim J & more… Friday October 5th in Lafayette, GA you can see The Hollywood Brunettes & “The Sleeper Cell” Shaun Tempers w/ The Rev for Championship Wrestling, and Saturday October 13th GWP returns to Waleska, GA with Slamfest 2007 featuring The Devil’s Rejects, The Urban Assault Squad, Slim J, The Hollywood Brunettes, Kory Chavis, Jeff G. Bailey, Talent & Money and more!!!