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12/1/2007 NWA Anarchy Report

NWA Anarchy returned to the NWA Arena with their first bi-monthly television taping in the month of December and the road to Season’s Beatings is winding down. This Saturday’s taping started to make things very clear as to what Season’s Beatings 2007 on 12/29/07 will hold for the fans of Anarchy. The #1 Contender to Phil Shatter’s Anarchy Heavyweight Championship, has been decided, as has the apparant main event for Season’s Beatings, and more on that here in this report. Also, one of the companies hottest rivalries will finally see action in the ring, and The Awesome Attraction’s tag title challengers for 12/29’s have been decided as well. Another molten crowd of over 200 fans filled the NWA Television Arena.

1) The New Wave (Steven Walters & Derrick Driver) def. Talent & Money (J.T. Talent & Drew Pendleton III) in around 8 minutes.

– Boy what a difference new entrance music can make, huh? The fighting young team of Walters & Driver have had some fine success here in their short NWA Anarchy tenure but they’d been missing that certain something to connect them with the audience. I’d say they found it. Talent & Money looked impressive as well with their teamwork. It was a tightly contested bout, but in the end it was The New Wave, capitalizing on their newfound momentum and popularity but hitting The Unskinny Bop for the 1,2,3.

– The attention was directed towards WRESTLEVISION as Anarchy host Greg Hunter was backstage for an exclusive interview with “The Technician” Todd Sexton. Sexton informed us that at 4:00 PM today, Tony Santorelli notified Todd and NWA Anarchy that he had quit the company to go wait tables (No I’m not making this up). Sexton blamed all of his recent poor choices on Santorelli’s bad influence and in an act of good faith returned the stolen NWA Anarchy tag team titles to the office. At this point he pulled Wes Grissom (who was apparantly walking by) into the shot and began trying to convince him to team with him against Awesome Attraction in week 2 citing the fact that they’d both had the dream of being champions together during Wes’s training. Wes considered and accepted, considering the circumstances at stake, but you could tell he was less than convinced of Sexton’s change of heart.

2) The Anger Alliance (Brody Ray Chase, “Merciless” Don Matthews, Brandon Phoenix, & Adam “P.S.” Roberts) defeated The Regular Guys (Tyler Smith & Bob Hill), Chip Day, & “Wild” Billy Buck in around 6 minutes.

-The Regular Guys again showed alot of fire here, and Billy Buck appears to be getting better every week. Chip Day, proved he was quick but not quick enough to avoid the BFL from Matthews which turned him inside out. As the Alliance celebrated their victory, Melissa Coates stormed the ring in a rage and ended up flattening BOTH of The Regular Guys. She demanded to know who the hell had been sending her these anonymous gifts. The Alliance slinked off, and Melissa got no answers.

3) “The No Pain Train” Iceberg w/ The Reverend defeated “The Real” Slim J with the ground zero splash in around 11 minutes. -The reaction for Slim J was ear splitting. One of Slim’s doorags fell short of the audience, which gave The Rev the opportunity to wipe his behind with it and throw it back… ewww… well nobody wanted that one. . What an exciting bout this turned out to be. Slim J knew he was outmatched in the biggest way possible, and the cunning he displayed was nothing short of astonishing. He challenged Iceberg to a test of strength early on, then TICKLED the “Being Of Inconceivable Horror”. Slim J’s speed only took him so far, and it looked at one point that he may have underestimated Iceberg’s newfound agility since dropping around 150 lbs., as Slim tried out-running Berg, but once ringspace ran out, Iceberg pounced and Slim couldn’t avoid it. Iceberg maintained control using a unique inverted powerslam and kept it till near the end of the bout, when Slim J made an impressive comeback after avoiding the rolling tsunami in the corner but all the effort he had, just couldn’t overcome the beast that is Iceberg.Slim was swatted out of the air after a missle dropkick attempt, and the Ground Zero Splash finished the job. But that was only the beginning of the bad news for Slim J. His most hated rival, “Violent Passion” Patrick Bentley appeared at ringside and under the Reverends orders began to destroy the fallen Slim J. He launched Slim J like a lawn dart into the announce booth, which covered by grated steel fencing split Slim’s head wide open. Iceberg then removed the grating from the camera stand, and threw it into the ring to which Patrick Bentley hit the Dark Driver on the bloodied Slim J ONTO the steel fence!!! EMTS hit the scene immediately in a panic, and Slim J was carted out on a stretcher and word has it, paid a visit to the local hospital.

4) Mikal Judas defeated “The Ruthless Villain” Kory Chavis w/ Jeff G. Bailey in around 12 minutes.

– Another fantastic battle. Chavis controlled most of the match, openly and frequently mocking Jeff Lewis while attacking Judas. We saw Chavis go to extensive lengths to try and put Judas away including two variations of the Spinesplitta. When Chavis made the mistake of focusing too hard on his mockery of Jeff Lewis, Judas made him pay from “beyond the grave” with a chokeslam so high I could swear Chavis’ head bumped into one of the arena lights. It was tooth and nail. A rematch of the first ever Hostile Enviornment main event. Two of the biggest stars in Anarchy history, two former heavyweight champions, two of the top prospects in the sport. But in the end it was Mikal Judas who was able to clinch the victory with El Crucifejo. Judas left re-affirming his status as a co#1 contender, as did Iceberg the match prior. So as you can see, we were no further along on this issue than we were previously. At this moment, one thing was occuring and that was not only was Kory Chavis in the building, but he’d just had his bell rung and was lying defenseless and prone to attack right in the middle of the ring…..and one man was ready to capitalize. Enter “The Feature Presentation” Jeff Lewis. Bailey & Chavis had made his life hell since he quit the NWA Elite following Hostile Enviornment 07 and now Kory Chavis was defenseless…. Lewis pounded on Chavis, but Jeff G. Bailey attacked Lewis with a forearm to the back. It was enough for Chavis and Bailey to get out of dodge.

5) NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion: “The Universal Soldier” Phil Shatter w/ Jeff G. Bailey pinned Jesse Emerson in around 2 minutes.

– Total domination by the champ in this non-title affair. Mercifully for Emerson, it was over after two PTSD Power Bombs. Bailey spoke to the masses, claiming that Shatter stands above all and shouldn’t have to defend against unworthy challangers, and stated since there was no #1 contender, they may take the night off at Season’s Beatings. This brought out Iceberg & The Reverend who were ranting and raving about that statement, feeling Iceberg should be #1 Contender. This brought out Mikal Judas who with only a stare made his intent very clear. This, in turn, brought out NWA Representative Bill Behrens who stated that Bailey was wrong, and that there were two #1 contenders, and he and Shatter were looking at them. At Season’s Beating’s it will be a 3 way dance for the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Championship. Shatter vs. Judas vs. Iceberg. Behrens through in that at the final TV taping prior to SB07, the 3 men must co-exist in a 6 man tag match…ON THE SAME TEAM. Behrens indicated that if any participant incites physical contact against his team-mate other than a tag, he would be removed from the 3 way title match. As you can imagine this was met with protest from Bailey & The Reverend.

– With attention going back to WRESTLEVISION, we saw the tag team partner woes of the night continue, this time for Adrian Hawkins. Hawkins was shown talking with Sal Rinauro, explaining to him that Seth Delay had been called away to film a commercial with John Cena for the WWE and he too, was without a tag team partner. Rinauro explained he had a singles match later, but was a bro, and would be happy to do the match. In stepped Anarchy Television Champion: Truitt Fields who stated he had no match and would like to get even with The Rejects, offered to take the spot in stead. They settled it with a good old fashioned game of “Paper/Rock/Scissors”, and it was Truitt Fields who ended up teaming with Hawkins. Paper beats rock.

6) The Devil’s Rejects (“The Son Of Satan” Azrael & “The Sleeper Cell” Shaun Tempers) defeated Adrian Hawkins & Anarchy TV Champion Truitt Fields in around 8 minutes to become #1 tag title contenders and earn the right to face The Awesome Attraction at Season’s Beatings for the belts. This was another intense battle. The Rejects again isolated Fields and proceeded to give him the majority of the punishment. Fields finally countered Tempers attempt to put him away with The Beelzebomb and made the tag. Bedlam then ensured. During the confusion, The Reverend had referee Ken Wallace tied up with an arguement while Don Matthews of all people hit the ring nailing Hawkins with the BFL and in the process, hand delivering The Devil’s Rejects a tag team title shot at Season’s Beatings 07 on December 29th.

7) “Violent Passion” Patrick Bentley w/ The Reverend defeated “The Big Deal” Sal Rinauro in around 11 minutes by pinfall.

Rinauro tried to throw Bentley off his game with his unorthodox, lucha libre influenced offense. The strategy was a solid one until Rinauro had his legs taken out by The Staff Of Righteousness while the refs attention was on Bentley. Bentley took control working Rinauro over with submission holds and softening up his neck for The Dark Driver. Rinauro fought back in the closing moments and looked like he might have Bentley’s number when The Rev tried to interject himself, but would end up with his fingers stomped… that split second loss of momentum was enough for Bentley to seize the moment and hit the Dark Driver, scoring one of his biggest singles victories to date and some would say, an upset win.

8) “The Untouchable” Jeremy Vain w/ Mr. Adonis defeated “The People’s Champ” Shadow Jackson in around 14 minutes by pinfall. Former TV Champion, Jeremy Vain came into this match with alot to prove after falling short in many of his recent attempts at re-capturing some gold to go around his waist. For Shadow Jackson, this was his first match back in an Anarchy ring after the horrific events of early October, when his tag team partner of nearly 5 years, “The Concrete Gorilla” Nemesis busted the 2007 Mysterious Benefactor Memorial tag team cup over his head and then butchered him with the jagged remains. The reception for Jackson was a hero’s welcome, and from the moment he stepped through the curtain, you could tell that the singles ranks of NWA Anarchy are about to become a whole lot more interesting. In all the years of covering wrestling I’ve had, I’ve never heard a reaction like that. Back and forth bout, with Vain using Adonis liberally to help him maintain an advantage. He just couldn’t put Shadow down for good though, and Jackson shrugged off Vain’s best attacks.

Shadow hit the Spinebuster and for certain looked as though he had victory within his grasp, when Nemesis appeared in the audience, causing a huge commotion. He was swarmed by a horde of security, and Jackson focused his attention on Nemesis (how can you blame him after what happened to him?)…. unfortunately for Jackson, Vain saw this as an opportuinty and rolled him up for the 1,2,3. Vain and Adonis wasted no time jumping Jackson 2 on 1 in the post match, but Anarchy Owner Jerry Palmer hit the ring with an axhandle and wearing a fireman’s helmet, and went to cleaning house, and with Jackson’s help cleaned the ring. He then got on the mic amd said things are getting too hot for Vain & Adonis, too hot for Nemesis, but when things are too hot for everyone else, they’re just right for him. Palmer went ahead with more Season’s Beating’s Match-making as he announced that Shadow vs. Nemesis would finally take place for the first time ever. He also announced that he had himself a tag team partner and signed a tag match vs. Vain & Adonis. What a night!

– Anarchy’s next TV Taping announced for 12/15/07 has already signed, Iceberg, Mikal Judas, & Phil Shatter in 6 man tag team action, on the same team!!! A #1 Contenders Mega-Rumble to determine who will face Truitt Fields at Season’s Beatings for the NWA Anarchy Television Championship, and the final comments from the stars of Anarchy before it all breaks down at Season’s Beatings 2007!!! See ya at ringside!

– Anarchy Reporter- Jim Olsen