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Reported by Larry Goodman:

NWA Anarchy owner Jerry Palmer says it’s on with the Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission and their proposal for ultra-stiff regulation of pro wrestling.

Palmer opened last night’s show by asking the Anarchy fans how they would react if he told them this was the last pro wrestling show in Georgia. You know how that went over. Palmer informed the crowd that if the GAEC had their way with the new regulations, pro wrestling would disappear from the state.

Palmer asked for volunteers to circulate petitions protesting the actions of the GAEC. He didn’t have any trouble getting them. Bill Behrens distributed 10 petitions with room for 300 signatures each. (Those interested in having their names added to the petition can email [email protected]. You must include your address and phone number).

Palmer then cut something of a promo on the members of the GAEC. Palmer said they were messing with tax payer’s money. Palmer said their qualifications included being a pawn shop owner (Phillip Hunnicutt) and a retired gynecologist (T. Wayne Bloodworth, M. D., who got his medical degree from Autonomous University in Guadalajara).

The crowd popped when Palmer introduced Rylie DeWeese. She’s the little girl that was recently bitten in the face by a pit bull. The Anarchy family has been raising money to help with DeWeese’s medical expenses. Palmer announced that an NWA Anarchy calendar was going on sale with a portion of the proceeds going to DeWeese. Take that GAEC.

The show itself was a step up from two weeks ago with the usual solid in ring, interesting storyline developments and mega hot crowd. It was a night dominated by tag team matches, five in all. Their best laid plans went awry, the result being consecutive shows where the final segment was a hot angle rather than a match.

The crowd of 225 was the largest attendance for a television taping in 2007.

Greg Hunter got the television taping underway doing double duty as ring announcer and play-by-play man. He was assisted by the always obnoxious John Johnson on color.

(1) New Wave (Derrick Driver & Steven Walters) & Regular Guys (Bobby Hill & Tyler Smith) beat Hollywood Brunettes (Andrew Alexander & Kyle Matthews) & Talent and Money (J. T Talent & Andrew Pendleton III in 7:26. The crowd was into the fast-paced atomicos action. Guys showed a lot more fire here than in their debut two weeks ago. Walters took the heat. He’s added some size of late. Matthews foiled his chances for a tag with a stiff kick to the kidneys. Walters managed to kick out of a middle rope legdrop by Pendelton. Driver ran wild with the hot tag. He used a series of drop toeholds to stack up three of the heels and hit a cool spinning facebuster. The pin got broken up. Eight man mayhem ensued. Hill did a tope with so much velocity that he damned near landed on his head. Brunettes tried to double team Driver, but Walters pulled Matthews out and Driver pinned Alexander with a victory roll. Nice finish. It’s been a long dry spell for Brunettes, who are winless since September 15.

(2) T-N-T (Todd Sexton & Tony Santorelli) beat Wes Grissom & Salvatore Rinauro in 10 minutes. Santorelli is more ripped now than he ever was when in he was in Deep South under a WWE contract. Big pop for Rinauro and Grissom. Sexton immediately blasted away on little Wes. Grissom answered with aerial maneuvers. Grissom took quite a beating as the babyface-in-peril. The Bleacher Bums chanted for Sexton, but they were drowned out by the masses chanting for Grissom. T-N-T suffered through a series of miscues. The hot tag came after Grissom ducked and Santorelli clotheslined Sexton. Santorelli kicked out of a reverse roll up and launched Rinauro right into a Thesz Press on his partner. T-N-T collided again, and Rinauro scored a near fall on Santorelli with a rolling prawn. Sexton got crotched on the top turnbuckle. Grissom scored near falls with a top rope huracanrana and a springboard DDT. But three top rope moves proved to be one too many. Santorelli upended Grissom and Sexton kicked his face in with a running dropkick for the pin.

(3) Phil Shatter (with Jeff G. Bailey) pinned Jeff Lewis to retain the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Title in 9:55. This match didn’t click. It certainly won’t make the Lewis highlight reel. His offense didn’t look very effective against Shatter. When Lewis tried for a pescado, Shatter caught him and did a number on his back with the post and rail. Shatter applied a bear hug. Lewis landed with a nasty thud after being tossed out. Shatter got into a verbal altercation with the fans (a no-no under the GAEC proposed regs). Lewis took advantage of the distraction with a dropkick that knocked Shatter off the apron. Back inside the ring, Lewis went for the Final Curtain and Shatter countered with a power slam. Moments later, Bailey cracked Lewis in the back with the title belt when referee Harold James wasn’t looking. Shatter finished Lewis with the PTSD powerbomb.

(4) Awesome Attraction (Austin Creed & Hayden Young) beat Jeremy Vain & Rob Adonis to retain the NWA Anarchy tag titles with Jerry Palmer as special referee (9:54). Attraction got the main even level-star intro pop. The crowd chanted “Jerry, Jerry” when Palmer took over for Jacob Ashworth. Adonis was amazed that Young wanted to test his strength with the Roman knuckle lock. Adonis ended up getting his fingers stomped. Attraction dazzled Adonis with their speed. Creed hit a twisting springboard crossbody for a near fall. Vain walked right into a stiff lariat. Hilarious. Creed missed a Stinger splash at 3:45 and the heels took over. Interesting thing here was that they worked on Creed’s right wrist. Adonis cut Creed off with the Pounce to prevent a tag. Adonis spinebustered Creed and Young made the save. Enzuigiri by Creed. Young was bouncing Vain around like a pinball after the hot tag. Time for the pyrotechnics – a spinning headscissors by Creed and a flip dive by Young. Finish saw Vain use a chain on Creed. Palmer got wise to it and popped Vain. Young pinned Vain with the Flying Squirrel.

T-N-T jumped the Attraction, beat them down, and left with the title belts. Meanwhile, Vain was whipping Palmer with his belt. Not a couple of shots either. This was a lengthy whipping that got bigtime heat. The refs finally coaxed Vain and Adonis out of the ring.

Intermission. A good first hour but the second hour was even better. Hunter encouraged fans to sign the petition protesting the regulations being proposed by the GAEC.

(5) Devil’s Rejects (Azrael & Shaun Tempers with Reverend Dan Wilson) beat Slim J & Truitt Fields in 11:44. The teaming of J and Fields rocked the house with the longest, loudest babyface pop of the night. J and Tempers started out, and their work was probably the smoothest stuff all night long. Rejects got the advantage on Fields with a sneak knee to the back by Tempers followed up with a tornado kick up side the head from Azrael. Wicked chop exchange between Azrael and Fields here. Rejects pounded Fields until he was limp, but he kept kicking out. Wilson interjected his depraved gnome-like presence into the match. Azrael went for the Ted Bundy, but Fields countered with a Rockbottom. Hot tag to J. Crowd on fire as Rejects ate stiff lariats. J nailed Tempers with his flying reverse DDT. While Wilson was up on the apron distracting the ref, Patrick Bentley came from under the ring to spike J’s noggin with the Dark Driver. Tempers covered J for the 1-2-3. Good match. Rejects were already great, and Bentley has been a surprisingly awesome addition.

(6) Melissa Coates pinned Brayden McGuire in 3:54 with the Facelift. McGuire has wrestled around Georgia as Kid Ego. Match was decent enough. There was just something missing as far as connecting with the crowd. McGuire got a smidgen of offense before Coates squashed him. McGuire took big bumps and got tossed around like a rag doll. The “she’s a man“ chant was back. Coates hit an impressive one-armed sidewalk slam. She also busted out an old school Biel throw.

Referee Brent Wiley brought a package out to the ring. Coates tore it open to find a baby doll inside. Coates shredded the doll and fired the remains into the crowd. The identity of her secret admirer remains a mystery.

(7) Anger Alliance (Brodie Chase & Adam Roberts & Don Matthews) beat Billy Buck & Chris King & Jesse Emerson in 8:54. Roberts lion’s mane of hair has added something unique to his look. Chase and Roberts tried to upstage each other during the intros. King was the standout of the babyface shine. King and Buck dropped Matthews right on his head with an attempted double hiptoss. Scary spot. The heels beat on King. Chase and Roberts refused to tag each other and would only tag Matthews. Matthews used the BFK and a Samoan drop. Chase hit a spinning sitout spinebuster, but King rallied with a satellite Russian legsweep. King hot-tagged Emerson. Nobody much cared. Matthews took Emerson’s head off with a lariat. Matthews chose Chase over Roberts to make the pin.

World’s Prettiest Tag Team (Seth Delay & Adrian Hawkins) hit the ring with steel chairs. They whacked Roberts and Chase in their respective backs and gave Matthews a head sandwich. The girls were screaming their heads off for Delay’s swivel hips dance.

This scheduled backstage interview with Shadow Jackson was delayed due to technical difficulties.

(8) Mikal Judas vs. Iceberg (with Reverend Wilson) ended as a no contest at 9:21 with both men laid out by Shatter. The pop for Judas grows each time he enters the Anarchy ring. Split crowd with dueling chants. Feeling out process to start. Iceberg cheated first. They traded spots where each guy no sold one of the other guy’s big moves. Judas got up from a back suplex into the turnbuckles. Iceberg hit a powerslam for a one count only. Shatter and Bailey came to ringside. Wilson jabbed Judas with the Staff of Righteousness. Iceberg hit a diving headbutt to the goods. Iceberg with a belly to belly suplex for a near fall. Judas with a climbing stunner and both men down. The Kick of Death ~! from Judas sent Iceberg through the ropes. Iceberg, Judas and Shatter locked gazes in a three way staredown. Iceberg and Judas punched Shatter in perfect stereo. Shatter took a flat back bump on the hardwood floor that was sheer lunacy. Back inside the ring, Iceberg and Judas were knocked silly by a double lariat collision. Shatter tossed Brent Wiley through the ropes so fast he was lucky not to end up in the first row. Shatter left bot monsters laying, Judas with the PTSD and Iceberg with a spinebuster. Whoa. The bizarre appearance by yet another monster, Dominous, brought the carnage to an end. On his way out, Bailey taunted Judas with the title belt. Judas sat up and Bailey was blown away with disbelief. Judas and Iceberg came to a truce of sorts to close the show.

Hunter conducted a backstage interview with Jackson. Jackson said he didn’t see the betrayal by Nemesis coming. He knew Nemesis was a violent hothead, so he thought it was business as usual. After all, they were brothers.

With the crowd’s attention focused on the WrestleVision screen, Nemesis entered the building wearing a ski mask. He called Jackson out. Jackson hit the ring, but Nemesis jumped out before any physical contact occurred. A bazillion wrestlers hit the ring to hold Jackson back. We had pandemonium. Nemesis was escorted out of the building. A huge chant of “let them fight” erupted.

Behrens promised to get Jackson and Nemesis in the ring before Season’s Beatings on 12/29.

NOTES: Matches set for the 12/1 taping are T-N-T vs. Awesome Attraction and Devil’s Rejects vs. World’s Prettiest Tag Team…Slim J has his first amateur MMA match on 1/26 at the Extreme in Gainesville…Southern Extreme Championship Wresling was forced to make major changes in the lineup for their Sunday night show in Villa Rica. According to booker Ted Allen, several of his regulars (Cru Jones, Frankie Valentine and John Rodriguez) along with the debuting A. J. Steele were contacted by Great Championship Wrestling, where they are also employed, and offered double their money not to work the SECW show. Quentin Michaels responded that GCW had negotiated exclusive agreements with talent in light of their plans to promote their television product and live shows into new areas of Georgia and Alabama…Bull Buchanan, who the GCW and the SECW titles, canceled scheduled appearances for both companies this weekend. Buchanan was called to Japan by NOAH to substitute for the injured Bryan Danielson. Jimmy Rave has been added to the card in Villa Rica…Along with their weekly Sunday night show, SECW is running an eight man tournament on Thanksgiving night featuring Buff Bagwell, Tommy Rich, and Brad Armstrong…Happy Birthday to Reverend Dan Wilson….Billy Roper quit as ring announcer at GGW…Michaels was very pleased with the GCW shows that took place in downtown Columbus as part of the “God Bless Fort Benning” event. The crowd estimates were 750 for Friday night and 2000 on Saturday morning. A pissed off fan posted in the www.georgiawrestlinghistory.com forum claming that only 20 people attended the Friday night show. GCW added extra matches to the Saturday show due to the large turnout….APW has their next big show in Royston set for 11/30 with Talent vs. Hawkins in a cage, Matthews & Vain vs. Jackson & ?, and Original Franchise vs. Buck & King for the tag titles.