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Reported by Larry Goodman,

NWA Anarchy ran their bimonthly television taping at the NWA Arena in Cornelia Saturday night, drawing 200+ for the third consecutive show since Fright Night. I don’t believe that’s ever happened in the history of wrestling in Cornelia.

It was a decent show, heavy on storyline advancement and relatively light on the wrestling end. It wasn’t as good as the October tapings. That was a hell of a tough standard to maintain.

The highlight was an explosive segment involving Shadow Jackson and Nemesis, which produced the most heated confrontation since the Rejects/NWA Elite feud took off.

(1) World’s Prettiest Tag Team (Seth Delay & Adrian Hawkins) & Derrick Driver & Steven Walters beat Anger Alliance (Brodie Chase & Brandon Phoenix & Adam Roberts & Don Matthews) in 12:39. There was a lot to like about this match. Terrific heat. The crowd was going nuts for Delay. Roberts and Chase were at odds. It’s cool the way the members of Anger Alliance have carved out distinct roles. Chase and Roberts want to slit each other’s throats. Matthews plays peacemaker while Phoenix, the cold-blooded suplex machine, ignores the drama. Alliance did a lot more selling this time around. Rather than the usual opening where each babyface gets a chance to shine (and nobody stands out), Driver came across as the offensive star. He did a satellite headscissors on Chase followed by a kick up side the head for a near fall. Walters and Driver hit stereo enzuigiris and the heels collided. Driver hit a missile dropkick on Matthews for a near fall. Roberts poked Hawkins in the eyes to start the heat. As per usual, Chase was the glory hog. He added to his arsenal of pumphandle moves with a Blue Thunder Bomb variation. Roberts tagged himself in and hit a sky high powerbomb. Hawkins kicked out. Moments later, Hawkins hit the Extreme Makeover (Unprettier) on Roberts for the pin. The babyfaces pulled the heels off the apron (late – the only glitch in the entire match and it had to come on the finish) to prevent the save.

Postmatch, Anger Alliance gave the faces the beatdown. The ref crew made a show of force to get Alliance out of the ring. Chase was bitching about Roberts not being a team player. Matthews tried to shout Chase down.

On the WrestleVision, NWA Anarchy owner Jerry Palmer and Greg Hunter were backstage. Palmer told Hunter he was sorry about what Hunter had to go through two weeks ago at the hands of Jeremy Vain and Rob Adonis. Palmer had a mind to suspend the lowly vermin, but Awesome Attraction (Austin Creed & Hayden Young) busted in. The Attraction said they were fighting champions, and told Palmer he was giving Vain and Adonis the easy way out. Palmer said have it your way, but you need to be the fighting attraction tonight.

(2) Talent & Money (J. T. Talent & Andrew Pendleton III) beat Regular Guys (Bobby Hill & Tyler Smith) in 3:59. Regular Guys were bland city in their Anarchy debut. They’re better in the ring than they showed here, and it’s back to the drawing board on the look. The do rag headbands ain’t it. I asked for a female opinion and was told their britches were up too high. Pendleton hit the “That’s Money” neckbreaker. Hill took the heat. Hill managed to fight his way out of the heel corner. The crowd was utterly silent for Smith’s hot tag. Talent pinned Hill after a double STO.

(3) Billy Buck pinned Todd Sexton at 3:36 after distraction by Wesley Grissom. Similar to Sexton’s match two weeks ago. The babyface wrestles him even, but lets his guard down for a split-second, and Sexton pounces. Buck rallied with a leg lariat for a near fall before Sexton took his face off with a kick. Sexton was distracted by Grissom’s presence at ringside. He turned around and ate a superkick for the 1-2-3.

(4) Jeremy Vain & Rob Adonis beat Awesome Attraction (Austin Creed & Hayden Young) via DQ at 12:09 when Palmer pulled the ref out. Solid performances all the way around, especially Young and Adonis. Young showed more than he has a in a while. Adonis did well in his most high profile match since coming to Anarchy. Atttraction was successful in using their speed to offset the strength and size of Adonis. Young blitzed Adonis with strikes, dropkicked him from behind (for a face bump into the buckles), and dropped a Vader bomb elbow. Creed was on fire against Vain. Atttraction did an elevated legdrop combo on Vain for a near fall. Adonis caught Young with an overhead belly to belly suplex to make him the babyface-in-peril. Adonis used a spinebuster for a near fall. Young made some great comebacks building to a spinning enzuigiri. Attraction dispatched Adonis to the outside. Young hit a pescado on Adonis. Meanwhile, Vain blasted Creed with his title belt. Vain made the cover, but Palmer pulled referee Harold James out of the ring. James disqualified Awesome Attraction. Vain and Adonis celebrated victory. Palmer was beside himself.

(5) Jesse Emerson versus Chris King ended as a no contest in 2:32. It was more than a bit suspicious seeing these guys come out in the main event position. The crowd was about two minutes past caring when Nemesis hit the ring and flattened the gibronis. A lot of fans popped at the sight of Nemesis putting them out of their misery. Nemesis wanted to use the noose on Emerson. Referee Ken Wallace tried to stop him and got decked.

Shadow Jackson appeared on the ramp for the pop of the night. As Jackson advanced toward the ring, the dressing room emptied to keep the former partners apart. This got a long and very loud chant of “let them go.” This was as heated as anything this building has seen in quite a while. The great thing was the fans were itching to see UAS tear each other apart, and there was super intensity between them, but they never touched. The crowd chanted “Shadow, Shadow, Shadow.” Nemesis was using a piece of the trophy, the piece he jabbed into Jackson’s head four weeks ago, to ward off security. Nemesis got into a physical altercation with the big security dude as he was being ushered out the front door.

(6) Devil’s Rejects (Azrael & Shaun Tempers with Reverend Dan Wilson) beat Hollywood Brunettes (Kyle Matthews & Andrew Alexander) in 6:51. The crowd treated Rejects as the babyfaces against the Brunettes. Wilson was wearing biker attire instead of the usual wizard robe. The leather look worked just fine. Alexander and Azrael opened with chain wrestling. That was a surprise. Azrael lit Matthews up with the two most devastating chops of the night. That was not a surprise. Azrael applied his pet cutthroat choke submission, and Tempers stomped the stuffing out of him. Alexander used hair gel to blind Tempers and give Brunettes the advantage. Brunettes appeared to have things going there way when Tempers hit the Temperpedic to incapacitate Alexander. Rejects went right to the Hellhammer on Matthews for the pin.

Backstage, Salvatore Rinauro was dispensing some veteran type advice to Wesley Grissom. Rinauro told Grissom he had the “bald retard” Sexton’s attention. Santorelli interrupted them to demand a rematch with Rinauro. They went back and forth until Rinauro said Santorelli could have a match with Grissom. An enraged Melissa Coates busted in on them. She accused Santorelli of being the secret admirer. “I’m going to kick asses and break hearts.” Coates marched into the next room where she found Anger Alliance. Coates asked Chase if he wanted a piece of her. Chase told her to be more specific. Coates stormed off. The camera cut to a close up of Matthews gazing at Coates’ assets. His facial expression was priceless.

(7) Melissa Coates pinned Aaron Lee in 2:15. The crowd was hating on Lee. After enduring his horrible entrance music (not Lee’s fault), all the crowd needed was one look at his pasty, Pillsbury dough boy body. If they wanted to turn Coates babyface, this was the way to do it, although I’m not sure that was the intended direction. Match was not good. For Coates’ ass kicking amazon gimmick to be effective, the guy needs to get off his feet for her offense and bump big. Lee did neither. At one point, Coates pulled out a Diamond Cutter. She once again used the Facelift as her finisher.

Tony Santorelli versus Wesley Grissom never happened. Sexton attacked Grissom before he ever made it into the ring. Santorelli offered to make it a two on one beatdown. They hit the X-Bomb and were setting up for another T-N-T trademark, the Spike Cradle Piledriver, when Rinauro dumped Santorelli and cleared the ring. The crowd popped for the visual of Rinauro and Grissom standing tall in the middle of the ring.

(8) Truitt Fields beat Patrick Bentley (with Reverend Wilson) to retain the NWA Anarchy Television Title in 7:55 with the help of Slim J. Ring announcer Eddie Rich called it the NWA World Television Title. With the syndication, NWA Anarchy TV probably does have the most television exposure in the NWA. This was a good match. Dueling chants with the guys for Bentley and the girls for Fields. It was Fields dominating with power early. He gave Bentley a hellacious powerbomb into the turnbuckles. Bentley came back with an impressive strength move of his own, hoisting Fields onto his shoulder and dropping him into a backbreaker.
Wilson said those steroids wouldn’t help Fields now. Bentley used a hammerlock/rope swing lariat. Bentley worked on the back of Fields. He tripped Fields and dropped an elbow to the back, but Fields kicked out at one. Fields dropped Bentley on his neck with a dangerous spinning power slam that was almost a Northern Lights Bomb. Fields launched his comeback with a sky high back drop for a near fall. Bentley answered with the spring action kick. While Bentley kept the ref occupied, Wilson was ready to nail Fields with the Staff of Righteousness. But J intervened at the last split second. Bentley got distracted and was a sitting duck for the Killing Fields.

Azrael and Tempers attacked. They were trying to set J up for the Hellhammer but Fields came to the rescue with a ring clearing save.

Mikal Judas versus Iceberg never happened. It was originally listed as the main event, but then changed to a “colossal collision” with no match specified. Jeff Lewis hit the ring and called out Kory Chavis. Attorney Jeff G. Bailey came out with Shatter. Bailey said this business with Lewis was getting tiresome. Bailey allowed that Lewis might still be delirious from the last time, but be that as it may, “The Universal Soldier” would give Lewis a beating. Lewis and Shatter started going at it. Bailey tripped up Lewis. Shatter gave Lewis two PTSDs to leave him laying. Enter Mikal Judas. He clotheslined Shatter out of the ring. Iceberg clubbed Judas from behind. Judas sent Iceberg through the ropes with the Kick of Death. Shatter then blindsided Judas with the title belt to leave him flat on his back. Shatter and Iceberg got up on the apron on opposite sides of the ring. Judas sat up. Shatter and Iceberg backed off from whence they came. The crowd popped as Judas made his way towards the front door. The triangular tension between the three monsters was captivating stuff. The deal where they enter and exit from three separate directions adds something. Still, it felt like something was missing without a match.

NOTES: Anarchy returns to Cornelia on 11/17 with TNT (Tony & Todd) vs. Rinauro & Grissom,
Devils Rejects vs. Slim J & Fields, Iceberg vs. Judas, Vain & Adonis vs. Awesome Attraction, Shatter vs. Lewis, Anger Alliance vs. King & Buck & Emerson, Talent & Money vs. Walters & Driver, and the return of Chavis…Bill and Jamie Dundee are booked for the 11/10 GWP show at Waleska Ballpark with a 2pm bell time. Their were issues with the venue, so the 11/24 show in Jasper in off. GWP announced two dates for Woodstock: 12/8 at the Cherokee County Rec Building and the Hot Wheels Skate Center on 12/23…The 10/28 WGW show at the Columbus Civic Center turned out to be a total scam. The promoter advertised Public Enemy and “Nature’s Boy” as appearing on the show. I was told that Ted Petty and Johnny Grunge were pictured in the television ads. In any case, the promoter got local businesses to sponsor the show to the tune of 10K. No show ever took place. Apparently, the scumbag put down a deposit on the building, ran some ads, and then left town with the rest of the money.