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Last night’s NWA Anarchy television taping at the NWA Arena in Cornelia, Ga was one of their best ever.

This was pro wrestling as a legitimate art form. 

 Reported by Larry Goodman

This was one of those rare nights when every segment met or exceeded expectations and it all meshed, and you had a crowd of 191 that was totally immersed in what they were witnessing.

This was gold. Clearly, a lot of thought went into the booking of this show, and it paid handsome dividends. The new storylines and character twists developed beautifully. The execution in the ring was top notch. And the hard work by the entire crew was there as always.

The company has taken things to a new level. The success of Hostile Environment has injected the entire operation with a boost of confidence.

I seriously doubt there is another indie promotion on the planet that could match Anarchy’s quality and professionalism with Anarchy’s limited resources. And if there’s a better indie TV wrestling show in the US, I need to see it to believe it.

The show opened with the finish of the Chad Parham/Ace Rockwell NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Title match and postmatch interviews on the the WrestleVision screen It was phenomenal footage. The heat was off the hook. It appeared that Rockwell was done for, but he fought off Parham’s piledriver. Parham taunted him. Again, Parham went for the piledriver, and Rockwell countered with the Aces High to win the title and become the first triple crown winner in NWA Anarchy history. Parham was distraught in defeat. The audio was such that it wasn’t possible to make out what he was saying. Rockwell said Parham was the best wrestler in the locker room, but he had proven that he was the best fighter, and the guy with the most heart. 

<B>(1) Kory Chavis (with Jeff G. Bailey & Abomination) defeated Sal Rinauro in 12:18. </B>This was a beautifully constructed match to set up a double turn, and the crowd response was awesome. For the first time in forever, the NWA Elite have taken their focus off of Devil’s Rejects and vice versa. Bailey did mic work glorifying his team. Bailey mentioned he was disappointed that Jeff Lewis didn’t see fit to be there. Bailey pumped up Chavis. “Hatred is purity and weakness is disease.” Rinauro made a serious but babyface-shaded entrance. The crowd was loud and split pretty even. Rinauro used leglocks to force Chavis to the ropes. Rinauro pie-faced him. They traded blows. Chavis got the best of it and connected with a corkscrew dropkick to the mouth. Rinauro kicked out at one. Chavis went on the attack. Rinauro responded by escalating the violence. The crowd got hotter. Chavis converted a Rinauro springboard attempt into the Dark City Bomb for a near fall. “The Soul Assassin” made Rinauro suffer. At 7:20, Rinauro hiptossed Chavis into the turnbuckles for a double down spot. On the comeback, Rinauro hit an enzuirgiri for a two count. Chavis used a Shining Wizard for a near fall. Nice to see that move back in play. They went back and forth with pin attempts. Chavis did a spiral faceplant for a near fall. Rinauro hit the Orton inverted backbreaker, but Bailey put Chavis’ foot over bottom rope. Rinauro spit on Bailey, and Chavis capitalized on the distraction with the Spinesplitta for a great false finish. Rinauro scored with a jawbreaker and a kick in the face. Chavis barely kicked out of it. Moments later, Chavis ended it with the Dark City Street Cutter. Helluva way to start the show. Normally, all the near falls would be overkill for an opener, but it was the only match all night with that type of layout, so it worked just fine.

Following Bailey’s orders, Abomination left Rinauro laying with a Tree Slam from the heavens. The ref crew came out to check on Rinauro’s condition. The crowd popped, as Rinauro slowly struggled to his feet.

Greg Hunter was backstage with NWA Anarchy owner Jerry Palmer discussing the upcoming match between three time former champions Urban Assault Squad and Awesome Attraction for the Anarchy tag team titles. They were interrupted by Hollywood Brunettes, World’s Prettiest Tag Team, and Anger Alliance all claiming to be the rightful number one contenders. Palmer halted the bickering by ordering an 8 man tag. Tony Santarelli showed up to ask Palmer about getting a shot. His couldn’t have picked a worse time. “You just don’t get it,” said Palmer.

<B>(2) Anger Alliance (Brodie Chase & Brandon Phoenix & Adam Roberts & Don Matthews) beat World’s Prettiest Tag Team (Seth Delay & Adrian Hawkins) & Hollywood Brunettes (Andrew Alexander & Kyle Matthews) in 9:56. </B>Brunettes took punishment at the hands of Chase, who was greeted by a chant of “oversized Ric Flair” from the bleachers. World’s Prettiest were the clear fan favorites. They had things going their way until Delay hit a pescado and suffered a beatdown at the hands of the Alliance. Massive heat ensued. Delay survived a ton of near falls, some with the help of his partners. Delay finally scored with a huracanrana and was straining to make the tag when Alexander clubbed Hawkins. Brunettes beat up Hawkins, while Matthews proceeded to decapitate Delay with The Lariat to score the pinfall. 

“Manager of Superstars” Al Getz swaggered into the ring to Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York.” Getz said he had brought a real woman to the NWA Arena, a woman that could beat a man 1-2-3. Getz presented famed fitness model and body builder, Melissa Coates. The smart mark section chanted “she’s a man.” Getz said his open challenge had been accepted by a man making his NWA Anarchy debut. “See if you’re a bigger man than a woman.”   

<B>(3) Melissa Coates (with Al Getz) beat Wes Grissom in 5:35. </B> Grissom, whose previous Anarchy appearances were in the role of referee, got a great pop. Coates was very effective here. This was probably the best I’ve seen her offense look. She decimated Grissom with impressive power moves including a sidewalk slam and a standing spinebuster slam. The smart marks switched their chant to “Al’s a woman.” Just when it looked like he was dead meat, Grissom exploded with a satellite headscissors and a picture perfect running SSP for a near fall. The crowd went nuts for it. Coates recovered and deliver a fierce lariat that sent Grissom into orbit. Truly a bump for the ages. Coates then pinned Grissom with a sitout facebuster and did push ups on his lifeless, little body. Todd Sexton came out to check on Grissom. Mega appreciation from the crowd for Grissom’s efforts.

<B>(4) The NWA Anarchy Tag Team Title match between Awesome Attraction (Austin Creed & Hayden Young) (C) and Urban Assault Squad (Shadow Jackson & Nemesis) ended as a double count out (10:43).</B> Attraction got a good pop but it paled in comparison to the one for UAS, who did a fantastic job of telling the story. Jackson wrestled Young cleanly to a standoff. They bumped knuckles. Nemesis tagged in and immediately started throwing punches. Then, he got on Jackson for not doing the same. Nemesis fired his wicked chops and went down after taking one solid punch from Creed. Nice. UAS got heat on Young. Nemesis dropped him on his head with a high angle back suplex, knocking him for a loop. Jackson went 80s style with a kneedrop and a fist drop. Young rallied with a spinning neckbreaker and made the tag. Creed had Jackson set up for the Montefisto, but Nemesis shoved his partner to safety and ended up taking the blow. Jackson nailed Creed with a lariat, caught Young with a sitout chokeslam, and made the tag. But Nemesis got preoccupied yelling at the ref and took a flatliner from Creed. Nemesis capped of a series of dives to the outside with a mad human missile deal that bowled over the other three. Back inside the ring, Jackson pinned Young with a spinebuster slam, but the ref correctly ruled  he wasn’t the legal man. Nemesis lost his cool and got counted out with Creed. A look of disgust flashed across Jackson’s face. Jackson signaled to Attraction that UAS came within an inch of taking their titles. The crowd still popped for UAS, albeit at a diminished level, as they were obviously disturbed by Nemesis’ actions.

Intermission. The first half had all the makings of a great hour of wrestling television.

<B>(5) Devil’s Rejects (Azrael & Shaun Tempers & Patrick Bentley with Reverend Dan Wilson & Dominous) beat Caleb Konley & Derrick Driver & Steven Walters in 8:27.</B> Prior to the match, Wilson anointed his newest acolyte, Bentley, with the Staff of Righteousness. Rejects started to give Konley a shellacking. Walters and Driver came to the rescue with stereo dropkicks on Tempers and Azrael, and Konley took out Bentley with a back suplex. No pop for them though. Azrael lit Driver up with chops and no sold his weak nuts. Rejects were grinding on Driver bigtime. Bentley drilled Driver with a multitude of crossface blows and stretched his ass. Azrael made a kneeling one foot cover. Tempers hit a gutbuster the likes of which might have Driver on a liquid diet today. Konley stole the hot tag away from Walters. Konley hit the Homewrecker on Azrael but Tempers saved. Walters finally got in the match and quickly went flying over the top. Tempers and Azrael wasted Konley with a brutal double team. Bentley then pinned Walters with the Dark Driver (Canadian Destroyer).  

After the match, Slim J came out and told  Bentley they weren’t done yet. “All that’s between us is air and opportunity, Buhhster.” J went one on two against Tempers and Azrael. He was holding his own until the odds were just too much. Rockwell hit the ring to save J. But Bentley broke Wilson’s staff across Rockwell’s knee. Azrael and Tempers left J laying with a sick assisted spike reverse DDT. Palmer and refs came to Rockwell’s aid, a day late and a dollar short. Rockwell was unable to put any weight on the knee as he was being helped him to the back.

Ring announcer Eddie Rich threw it backstage for an update on Rockwell’s condition. Bill Behrens said Rockwell was unavailable because he was being worked on by the trainer. Santarelli showed up again. Behrens read him the riot act. Santarelli said he was just as good as A. J. Styles or Jimmy Rave, so he should get a shot. Behrens told hi to get the hell out of there. Santarelli has camera presence in abundance.

<B>(6) Truitt Fields pinned Jeremy Vain (with Rob Adonis) in 12:08 in a match where Vain’s NWA World Television Title was only on the line for the first 10 minutes.</B> Fields had defeated Adonis at the last taping to get another shot at Vain. Fields was killing Vain with pure power, so he took a TO. While Vain distracted referee Harold James, Adonis leveled Fields with a lariat. Vain took over with Adonis continuing to inject himself into the match. Adonis started giving Vain time calls at the 5 minute mark. Adonis distracted referee Harold James, so Vain could beat Fields up on the floor. Vain countered a backslide with a mule kick to the nutsack. Vain busted out a sweet reverse roll up into a camel clutch. At the 9 minue mark, Fields hit a flying forearm that left both men down. Fields was on fire. He hit a powerslam for a near fall. Adonis interfered to distract Fields, and Vain smoked him with superkick. Fields kicked out the folding press just before the bell. The crowd called for five more minutes. Vain signaled OK as he continued to pound on Fields. This was a bit muddled. The bell never rang for the restart, which flattened the crowd response. Vain hit the VKO and applied a sleeper. Truitt fought up from the bottom and hit the Truitt Slam to score the pin. The crowd popped huge when Eddie Rich announced Fields as the new champion. Then, the bottom dropped out. Rich informed the crowd that the five additional minutes were non-sanctioned, so Vain was free to go merrily on his way with the belt.

<B>(7) Phil Shatter (with Jeff G. Bailey & Abomination) beat Don Juan in 5:22. </B>Bailey noted that this was “Universal Soldier” Shatter’s first Anarchy match since the destruction of Iceberg at Hostile Environment. Bailey made a point of mentioning Lewis’ lack of support again. Hmm. Bailey said it Juan was going to get a dose of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. That was pretty much the size of it. Juan made the long drive from Texas to get the hell beaten out of him and took it like a man. Juan tried to use his quickness, but that just pissed Shatter off. Shatter grounded Juan’s ill-advised aerial maneuvers with a crushing sidewalk slam and a DVD. He kept pulling Juan up at the count of two. Shatter was woozy after absorbing a charging chest bump into the turnbuckles, but that was as close as Juan got to mounting a comeback. Shatter caught Juan with a nasty powerbomb to get the 1-2-3.

<B>(8) Ace Rockwell (with Jerry Palmer) beat Chad Parham to retain the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Title in 8:10.</B> As if the fans didn’t hate him enough already, Parham came out wearing a Michael Vick jersey. Palmer came to ringside to inform Parham that Rockwell’s knee injury was serious enough that he wasn’t going to allow him to wrestle. Parham threatened legal action. “You signed a contract. That’s my championship.” Rockwell limped out to the ring. Palmer tried to talk him out of it, but that was a waste of words. Rockwell was fighting on one leg. He did a Thesz Press and backdrop but the knee was killing him. Parham zeroed in with a sadistic attack on the injured knee. He removed Rockwell’s boot and protective wrap to inflict more damage. Parham used a spinning toe hold and a trailer hitch type maneuver. Rockwell was screaming bloody murder. At 5:00, Rockwell managed to pull himself up using the ropes. Parham was all icewater in his veins and cut him down with a chop block. The perfect spot to ensure that the crowd was feeling the pain and hopelessness of the champ’s predicatment. Parham applied a figure four and used the ropes for extra leverage, but ref Brent Wiley caught him. Parham reapplied the hold in the center of the ring. Rockwell was in desperate straits, but somehow made it to the ropes. Parham paused to fully express his miserable. lazy, whiny crybaby attitude. When Parham finally got back down to business, Rockwell kicked him off, sending him chest first into the turnbuckles, and rolled him up on the rebound. The building exploded. Parham was grief-stricken.

Iceberg entered the ring for an ominous confrontation with Rockwell, who was still down like a wounded animal. No physical contact. Iceberg grinned and laughed before leaving the ring.

The second hour was every bit as good as the first. Just a terrific show. It was the first time I’ve really had fun at a pro wrestling event since the Benoit tragedy.

NOTES: The 8/4 television taping with feature a Mega Rumble to determine the number one contender for the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Title…Here’s wishing a speedy recovery to Krazy K (Kirby Mack). Mack spent a second night in the hospital after suffering a collapsed lung from a Hotstuff Hernandez Border Toss on the UWF show Friday night… APW has their “Freedom Fight” supershow on 7/27 at the Royston Gym with Simon Sermon defending the APW Title against Jackson inside a steel cage… MAXW runs the Community Center in Williamston, SC on 7/28 with a show where all titles will be defended…GWP returns to Waleska Park on 7/29 with Chavis vs. Buff Bagwell…Rockwell and Young were scheduled to work for Bert Prentice at the Nashville Fairgrounds Friday night but the show was canceled.