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in association with the ATLAS WRESTLING COMPANY
presents “OVERDRIVE” on Friday, October 5th
7:30 pm Belltime at the JACOB WOLL PAVILION

The stars of the National Wrestling Alliance return to action on Friday, October 5th at Renzie Park’s Jacob Woll Pavilion in McKeesport, PA at 7:30pm. Tickets are only $12 for ringside, and $10 general admission. Kids age 12 and under are only $6.

Quick Line-Up Preview:

NWA-East / AWC Heavyweight Title Match:
Crusher Hansen / Chris Taylor defends against Brandon K

NWA North American Tag-Team Title Match:
The Old School Empire defends against The Wrong Crowd(Paul Atlas & Brian Anthony)

NWA-East / AWC Three Rivers Title / NWA Virginia Alpha Title Match
Guido Corleone against Lazarus

NWA-East / AWC Tag-Team Title Match:
The Straight Jacket Mafia(Sean Dahmer & Apollyon) defends against Club Extreme(Bouncer & Curt Fury)

NWA-East / AWC Brass Knuckles Title Match: (NO Disqualification Match)
Dash Bennett defends against The Mantis

Rematch From Last Showcase:
James Ross meets Patrick Hayes

Tag-Team Match:
Iron Justice(Matthew Justice & Gregory Irons) meets The Franchise Players(Max Alexander & Jon Kronica)


NWA North American Tag-Team Title Match:
The Old School Empire versus The Wrong Crowd
It has finally been revealed that the demands laid down by The Wrong Crowd(Paul Atlas and Brian Anthony) when they held the NWA National Title for ransom were for not one, but two stipulations. The first has become apparent with the announcing of this title match, while the second stipulation is still being kept under wraps.

The Wrong Crowd certainly had a well conceived plan from the start as they have quickly created alot of controversy within the entire NWA and in the process put themselves back on the map in a hurry. This first demand that has been met gives Paul Atlas and Brian Anthony a shot at the NWA North American Tag-Team Titles and this title match has been paid for at the expense of the NWA.

Can Paul and Brian cash in on their ransom right away and win the titles? Will The Old School Empire show that The Wrong Crowd was yesterday’s news? And what exactly is the second demand that was met but has yet to be named?

NWA-East / AWC Heavyweight Title Match
Crusher Hansen / Chris Taylor defends against Brandon K
Amid all the controversy regarding the AWC Heavyweight Title, it has been forgotten that whoever the champ is, they will face 5-time former heavyweight champion Brandon K on October 5th!!

Brandon was the next man in line for the title shot on Chris Taylor’s way to an unprecedented one year title reign. If someone won the title, then Brandon was to face the new champion, thus making his title shot guaranteed. Brandon is a man that has been known to come through in a big way in matches of this magnitude and he could easily settle any confusion over the title real quick with a victory. But who is he going to face on October 5th??

Crusher Hansen walked out of the last AWC live showcase with the title in his hands after scoring a controversial pinfall over Chris Taylor by the second referee Tom Dunn. Just before that happened, Hansen was clearly on the ropes as, in what appeared to be a blatant attack, nailed Senior Official Shawn Patrick in the face with a stiff kick during the match. Patrick was rendered unconscious until after the match was done.

Chris Taylor had what appeared to be more than a three count on Hansen during the time that there was no referee in the ring, but was later the victim of a BC Steele interference once second referee Tom Dunn came to the ring to officiate the rest of the match.

Hansen and Steele hightailed it out of ringside after the pin while Shawn Patrick regained his senses and after a heated conversation with referee Tom Dunn made the announcement that Hansen was to be disqualified and that Chris Taylor was still champion. This brought out AWC executive Curtis Stevenson who stated that Hansen was the champion in his eyes and that this is result of Shawn Patrick’s hatred towards the AWC as he has made it publicly known that he is a PWX supporter. Stevenson pointed out hat the exact same scenario took place at the previous AWC Showcase and this time he would not allow Patrick to rob another friend of the AWC in one Crusher Hansen.

Since then, Crusher still has possession of the title while Stevenson has made sure that the website shows that Hansen is listed as champion, but Patrick has maintained his position that Hansen was dq’ed and Taylor is still champion. This is a messy situation that needs to be cleared up first thing on Friday, October 5th as whoever is champion will face the very difficult task of defending against Brandon K.

Who will K face for the title? Is Taylor still on his path towards one year as champion? Or has Hansen pulled off one of the biggest heists ever? Can Shawn Patrick’s decision over rule that of AWC executive Curtis Stevenson? Or is Stevenson holding all the cards?

NWA-East / AWC Three Rivers Champion Guido Corleone w/ Krystal Frost versus NWA Virginia Alpha Champion Lazarus
NWA Virginia Alpha Champion Lazarus makes his return to the AWC on Friday, October 5th. Lazarus made his debut in the AWC by defending his title against “Mr. Pittsburgh Wrestling” Crusher Hansen a couple months back. Lazarus still reigns as champion today as he gears up to meet the new Three Rivers Champion Guido Corleone led by manager Krystal Frost.

Lazarus is one of the top competitors in NWA Virginia and is considered a title contender within the entire NWA. Lazarus stood toe to toe with Crusher Hansen the last time he was here and has vowed to walk away with another victory against the current Three Rivers Champ.

Guido didnt appear at the last AWC showcase to make his scheduled title defense against rookie upstart James Ross, instead sending Krystal Frost to inform Ross that Ross was not a good enough contender for the belt. Guido, though, has been on a tear since his return to in ring action even ending the AWC career of the once red-hot PWX Loyalist The Blue Dragon.

As of right now, neither champion’s title has been announced as being on the line, but word has it that at least one man’s title will be on the line with negotiations ongoing to put both titles on the line. Something is said to be finalized sometime this weekend.

Can Guido put himself back into the NWA’s national landscape with a win? Or will Lazarus chalk up another notch in his climb up the contender’s ladder in the NWA?

“AWC Tag-Team Title Match”
Club Extreme(Bouncer & Curt Fury) versus The Straight Jacket Mafia(Sean Dahmer & Apollyon)
The Straight Jacket Mafia now know the identity of their opponents on Friday, October 5th as they prepare to defend their AWC Tag-Team Titles once again. Their opponents are team known as Club Extreme(Bouncer & Curt Fury) and it is known that this team is a good one. They have held 12 tag-team championships in the tri-state area in other promotions, so they are certainly no stranger to wearing gold around their waist and performing at a high level when it counts most.

The Straight Jacket Mafia have been on a tear as champions since April and have turned back the challenge of every team to step in their paths and they say that they are preparing for this match just as intensely as they have all the other title defenses. The Mafia have become quite popular over the last several months as they have clearly won the crowd over with their determination, improvement, and heart. However, this shall be their stiffest test yet as the team they are about to face are veterans and championship holders in virtually every promotion they have every entered.

Will The Straight Jacket Mafia be able to continue their title reign? Will Club Extreme capture their 13th tag-team titles in yet another promotion? Is the tag-team division really on the brink of heating up?

“AWC Brass Knuckles Title Match” (No Disqualification Match)
The Mantis w/ Stacy Hunter challenges champion Dash Bennett
In the second return match from the last showcase, The Mantis gets another title shot at Dash Bennett and his Brass Knuckles Title. The last show saw the crowd actually cheering Mantis while booing Dash for his uncontrollable actions. This time Dash has made the stipulation that this match be a “No Disqualification Match”.

The Mantis has been a controversial figure in AWC since his altercation with unruly fans and has developed somewhat of cult following in the last couple of months. This, coupled with some strong momentum in recent weeks has Mantis primed and ready to capture his first singles title in AWC. Plus, dont forget that his manager Stacy Hunter is a person that can and has changed the outcome of numerous matches before.

Dash has had a year filled with adversity as he has been told that he was not allowed to defend his Brass Knuckles Title in his first title reign after he was drafted to the AWC side of things during the split promotion era, then was run through the ringer each time to tried to defy those orders as Paul Atlas did everything he could to hold Dash Bennett down. He was then stripped of the title when Paul Atlas finally decided to recognize the title and had to maneuver his way into a title match to win his own title back. Then, he was viciously attacked by Mantis and BANE in August and left lying in a heap as some members of the crowd cheered The Mantis’ actions. Well, something has clearly snapped in Dash’s head and now it remains to be seen if he will make things right with his fans again or if he will continue down this slippery slope.

Can Dash put back the continuing challenge of The Mantis? Can Dash even hold it together anymore? Can The Mantis use his momentum as of recent and capture the title? Will Stacy Hunter be able to lead her new man to the gold?

The Franchise Players(Jon Kronica & Max Alexander) will meet Iron Justice(Matthew Justice & Gregory Irons)
The Franchise Players came into the last showcase boasting that they would capture the AWC Tag-Team Titles in less than 5 minutes. They were not successful in that boast and , in fact, they were defeated by the current champion The Straight Jacket Mafia. However, the Players did make a very impressive showing for themselves and ow the rookie tag-team is looking to make people stand up and take notice within the AWC that a new team is here and ready to win the gold as their first test in attaining another title shot will come in the form of the highly touted Matthew Justice and Gregory Irons.

Justice and Irons have been in AWC since May and have looked very promising in their limited action. Known as a very good tag-team in Ohio, Justice and Irons have yet to team together here in the AWC as an injury has sidelined Irons for the last two months while Justice has taken such top competitors in the AWC like Crusher Hansen and Scottie Gash to the limit in singles action. Irons is now back from injury as these two men have set their sights on the tag-team titles as well.

Suddenly, the tag-team division is beginning to heat up in the AWC which is said to be just fine with the current champs as they have gone from major underdogs to popular and dominant champions in just a few short months. With this matchup, as well as the other tag-teams to have debuted in the AWC in the last couple of shows, any fan of tag-team action looks to in store for fun action.

Will the rookie egomaniacs The Franchise Players put themselves in line for another title shot by making a solid statement? Or, will Justice and Irons show why everyone in the Ohio area is so high on these two young men as a team that can contend right away?

Return Match:
James Ross takes on Patrick Hayes
In one of two return matches from the last showcase, James Ross will square off against Patrick Hayes.

Hayes made himself a very hated man extremely quickly at the last showcase by trashing the fans, the former PWX name and it’s current supporters, and even some popular members of the AWC roster. Meanwhile, the rookie upstart Ross has been gathering some impressive wins as of late as he continues to be a man on his island trying to gain the respect of the fans and the people that he was duped into turning on by Paul Atlas months ago.

Ross was able to pick up the pinfall victory over Hayes last show and was just as quick to accept Hayes’ challenge for a rematch as Hayes was to issue it. Hayes claims that he was cheated in the last match and then he changed his story to the fact that he was not prepared for the match as the reason why he lost.

It is apparent that Hayes is a very shady character and that could work to his advantage against a rookie wrestler like Ross. On the other hand, Ross came into the night prepared to wrestle in his first ever singles title match against Three Rivers Champion Guido Corleone, but Guido decided to take the night off stating that Ross was a worthy contender to the title. Ross then proceeded to defeat Hayes in an impromptu match that started when Hayes attacked Ross from behind.

Can Hayes finally back up some of the trash he has been talking and defeat his first AWC opponent? Or, will Ross pick up another win while making Hayes eat some crow in the process?

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(Card Subject To Change)

Renzie Park is located adjacent to McKeesport High School. The Main Park Pavilion is located on Renzie Park Rd, between University Dr. and Sycamore Dr. Parking is free in the lots surrounding the ball fields and the pavilion in Renzie Park.


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