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in association with the ATLAS WRESTLING COMPANY
presents “DEAD CALM” on Saturday, November 3rd- 7:30 pm Belltime

The stars of the National Wrestling Alliance return to action on Saturday, November 3rd at Renzie Park’s Jacob Woll Pavilion in McKeesport, PA at 7:30pm. Tickets are only $12 for ringside, and $10 general admission. Kids age 12 and under are only $6.

Quick Line-Up Preview:

AWC Heavyweight Title Match:
Scottie Gash challenges champion Chris Taylor

AWC Three Rivers Champion Guido Corleone meets NWA Virginia’s Lazarus

AWC Tag-Team Title Match:
BET(Kano & Lamont ‘Action’ Williams) challenges champions The Straight Jacket Mafia(Sean Dahmer & Apollyon)

Dash Bennett & The Franchise Players meet The Mantis & Iron Justice

Crusher Hansen & James Ross versus Bigg & Dirk Ciglar

Brandon K versus the returning BET’s Tyrone Evans

The debuting Mike Hercum takes on Patrick Hayes

Chris LeRusso has challenged Ophidian to a tag-team match


AWC Heavyweight Title Match:
Scottie Gash versus Chris Taylor
The NWA Board of Directors have stepped in and ordered two big matches to be done on the live showcase on Saturday, November 3rd. This is one of the two matches as the NWA BOD has also ordered that Gash must use his ‘Burgh Brawl 11′ winning contract for the shot at the heavyweight title.

Gash has been beside himself for months now saying that he has been overlooked and disrespected as he has not been allowed to use his guaranteed title shot while Chris Taylor was chasing one year as heavyweight champion. Now, Gash is complaining that the NWA BOD has no right to force him to use his contract and that maybe he didnt want the shot this show. However, Gash has now resigned himself to the fact that he is finally wrestling for the heavyweight title and has gone on record as saying that he will be more than happy to be the man to end Taylor’s long reign.

Taylor pulled off the improbable last showcase as he made it through all three of his title defenses that inculded Guido Corleone, Eddie Kingston, and the entire lockerom in a battle royal. Taylor comes into this event reigning as heavyweight champion for over a year now and appears to be unstoppable at this point. Taylor has said that he has no problem with the NWA BOD’s decision to have him wrestle Gash and in fact he welcomes the chance to shut Gash up once and for all.

Can Gash do what no-one has been able to do for over a year now and defeat Taylor? Or, will Taylor be the man to shut Gash up?

Crusher Hansen w/ BC Steele versus Dirk Ciglar & Bigg
This is the 2nd match that was ordered by the NWA Board Of Directors and is a very intriguing match at that. Not one of these participants have tagged with one another for quite some time, if ever.

Crusher and BC Steele lost the stipulation when SAMU defeated Crusher at the last event and now both men must join the PWX cause against the AWC. Crusher and BC have been vocally defiant in recent days and do not appear ready to live up to the stipulation anytime soon.

James Ross may have finally gained the respect back that he threw away when he originally joined Paul Atlas’ AWC movement. Now he still remains a man on his island this show as he must trust and team with a man that clearly is not with PWX at all(despite the stipulation stating otherwise). Can Ross do the impossible and get the victory or get Crusher to see the light?

Bigg has been a hit or miss man as of late as he appears on a show when he sees it as benficial to him to launch an attack on any PWX loyalist. Perhaps this is by plan since no-one knows what Bigg is up too.

Dirk Ciglar makes his in ring return to AWC after signing on as a full time wrestler once again. Ciglar is a legitimate title contender and momentum changer when consistent and this could be his beginning proving ground.

Will Hansen turn his back on Ross or will he stick to the stipulation he agree too? Can Ciglar and Bigg work well enough as a team? Will Ross be able to keep up with the other three veterans?

Brandon K meets BET’s Tyrone Evans
Tyrone Evans returns to the promotion after a year long absence and this time he is part of group called BET that has been wreaking havoc across the Ohio Valley area and has been one of the most hated groups within the past few months causing near riots at several different promotions.

Evans once was a fulltime PWX wrestler and is a former Brass Knuckles Champion who blasted through the competition with ease. Evans is a mjor force and with the current backing he has with then other members of BET, they could cause a huge stir in the AWC immediately.

Evans’ opponent, Brandon K, has been one of the best wrestlers in the Pittsburgh area for years now and is former 5-time heavyweight champion. K will prove to be the stiffest of first tests for Evans as K himself looks to get back into the flow of things and gear up to help lead the PWX cause against the AWC.

AWC Tag-Team Title Match:
BET(Kano & Lamont ‘Action’ Williams) meets The Straight Jacket Mafia(Sean Dahmer & Apollyon)
BET will walk in and challenge for the tag-team titles right away and after seeing the string of chaos they have left inother promotions, this could eb the night the SJM loses their tag titles. Kano and Williams are a proven team that will stop at nothing to get a win and that includes some of the dirtiest tactics known. Can they do what other incoming have failed to do and take down the dominating and popular champions?

The SJM have taken down one team after another since April, but have recently found themselves embroiled in a feud with the rookie upstarts The Franchise Players. Will the Players have a say in the outcome of this match? Can the SJM get past perhaps the most cheating team they have faced? Or will everything explode in one night?

Dash Bennett w/ Stacy Hunter & The Franchise Players versus The Mantis & Iron Justice
The current Brass Knuckles Champion Dash Bennett will team up with the equally unpopular Franchise Players in this six-man contest to take on three of the best up and coming talent within the AWC today in The Mantis, Gregory Iron, and Matthew Justice.

Dash and Mantis have been going back and forth since July now and there seems to be no end in sight as it was just last show that The Mantis was able to gain a pinfall(counted by the fans) on Dash after Mantis attacked Dash during his match. Dash has promised to finish what he started and end Mantis’ career by causing bodily harm upon him. These two men do not get one another in a singles contest as the tag-team ranks get involved.

The Franchise Players are a very impressive rookie tag-team that are hot on the heels of the tag-team champions and they look to gain a measure of revenge on the team that beat them just a few eeks ago in Iron Justice. Iron Justice consists of Gregory Iron and Matthew Justice, both of whom have impressed many fans and wrestlers in tag and singles action.

This match features 5 of the best young talent in the area and a man that has revived his career in a major way in Dash Bennett. Bennett has reigned as Brass Knuckles Champion for virtually all of 2007 in separate title reigns. Now two tag-teams looking for tag gold and two men fighting one another over Brass Knux gold will all be in the same ring in a six-man tag-team explosion. Chaos shall ensue!

Three Rivers Champion Guido Corleone w/ Krystal Frost meets NWA Virginia’s Lazarus
Guido and Krystal both thought this contest would be for the NWA Virginia Alpha Title, but Lazarus lost that title to Grail in Virginia. Lazarus wants another shot at Guido Three Rivers Title, but Guido has refused to give him the title match.

Now word has it that Guido and Lazarus have come to an agreement that this match will be non-title for the Three Rivers Championship and if Guido wins the match, then he will receive a shot at the Alpha Title, but if Lazarus wins, then he gets a shot at the Three Rivers Title.

Can Guido get past Lazarus to get a shot at being a dual champion in two NWA territories? Or, will Lazarus be the one to have the shot to capture Three Rivers Gold?

The debuting ‘The Main Event’ Mike Hercum will meet Patrick Hayes
Mike Hercum makes his AWC debut on November 3rd as this young man is looking to make his mark in the promotion and climb his way to a championship like all of the newcomers as of recent. Hercum has impressed promoters in the Ohio area as he has shown flashes of what it takes to be a champion. he faces a a man that the AWC fans have grown to hate in a very short period of time in Patrick Hayes.

Hayes is hated and he loves it. He has made some heads turn including that of one Paul Atlas who has commended the young man on his dirty work. Hayes is a cocky, brash young man that also just happens to have a mean streak and great ability in the squared circle. Hayes is another one of the great young talent within the AWC as he has gone back and forth with rookie James Ross in recent weeks.

Actually Hayes and Hercum both started out in professional wrestling as a tag-team, so these two men are familiar with one another, so this should prvoe to be an interesting contest to say the least.

Chris LeRusso challenges Ophidian to a tag-team contest
The last event saw the successful return of Chris LeRusso to the AWC, but in an entirely different manner as he was cheered once he attacked Krystal Frost and joined the PWX cause.

LeRusso later faced the impressive Chikara star Ophidian and was able to gain the impressive victory, but not before a hard fought, back and forth match, that many in attendance are saying was the sleeper match of the night.

LeRusso has gone on record as having a great deal of respect for Ophidian and his talent and has issued the challenge for him and a partner to take on Ophidian and his partner Amesis.

No word as of yet as to whether the challenge will be accepted, but Chris LeRusso promises to be in a match one way or another.

The Wrong Crowd boycott’s their own show!!
The Wrong Crowd(Paul Atlas and Brian Anthony) have decided to boycott their own event as they have stated that they are tired of the NWA Board Of Directors not giving them the respect they deserve, the NWA BOD not granting them their rematch for the NWA North American Tag-Team Titles, and for the NWA BOD’s booking of two matches on one of their live showcases.

This is an intriguing turns of events as the NWA BOD has demanded that both AWC officials and PWX officials be presnt and in the ring for the NWA’s final announcement from their internal investigation into the NWA-East and the turmoil that has taken place all of this year.

Paul and Brain have never been one to take well to authoirty and now they are bucking the trend once again as these two are lightening rods for controversy!!

NWA Board Of Directors investigation announcement to be made
The NWA Bod’s investigation into the NWA-East has come to a conclusion and they have demanded that both AWC and PWX officials be present at this showcase to hear the final decision.

The NWA has asked for a list of each sides top wrestlers and have now ordered the bookings of two matches(stated above) on this showcase.

Anything is possible with this decision as it is clear that the NWA did not take too kindly to having one of their major title belts stolen and held for ransom and are too not happy that Jim Miller has lost control of his promotion.

Bobby Shields Debuts!!!
Bobby Shields will make his AWC debut this show as this impressive young man will certainly add alot to the ranks of an already red hot youth movement within the AWC.

Shields has been a success in numerous wrestling promotions including NWA Upstate in New York and has even teamed with Chris LeRusso for a period of time before. Now he will try and bring that success to the AWC and capture some gold along the way.


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(Card Subject To Change)

Renzie Park is located adjacent to McKeesport High School. The Main Park Pavilion is located on Renzie Park Rd, between University Dr. and Sycamore Dr. Parking is free in the lots surrounding the ball fields and the pavilion in Renzie Park.


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