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Welcome to Wrestling Inc’s live coverage of the National Wrestling Alliance’s weekly episodic, Powerrr. Today’s show was taped from the GPB Studios in Atlanta Georgia, and streaming on the official NWA Facebook and Youtube Pages. Feel free to sound off in the comments, and enjoy the show.

The go-home edition of Powerrr beings with a short recap of the last eight weeks of the show. Commentary highlights how the legendary Rock ‘N’ Roll Express will attempt to become the NWA tag team champions for a historic ninth-time in tonight’s main event.

Intro song. (INTO THE FIRE!!!)

Joe Galli welcomes us to the season finale of Powerrr. He thanks all of the wrestling universe for joining the NWA. He introduces our first matchup, National champion Colt Cabana battling Ricky Starks in a non-title affair. Prior to the bout beginning, Aron Stevens and the Question Mark interrupt at the interview desk. Stevens says he deserves a title match more than anyone else. Cabana meets him. “You think you deserve a title shot? You’re not even a professional wrestler. You are nothing but an actor.” Cabana tells Stevens that if he defeats Starks he’ll give him an opportunity at the National championship. Stevens agrees, and tells the Question Mark to go backstage. Crowd boos at the exit of Question Mark, as he is the most over star in wrestling.

Aron Stevens versus Ricky Starks

Stevens unloads clubbing forearms over Starks back, then whips him into the turnbuckles. Powerslam attempt…Starks counters and hits a sling-blade. He comes off the ropes…spear for a two count. Stevens grabs his knee and claims that he can no longer continue. Question Mark comes out and with the referee’s back turned, nails Starks with the spike. Stevens suddenly pops up and makes the cover for the quick victory.

Aron Stevens wins by pinfall

Commentary can’t believe what they’ve just seen. Stevens celebrates by doing cartwheels. Crowd continues to boo him and cheer the Question Mark.

Commercial for the upcoming Into The Fire PPV.

Back to Joe Galli. He tells us that Into The Fire is on sale on FITE.TV for just 19.99. He says that the main event will be Nick Aldis versus James Storm in a 2-out-of-3 falls bout for the NWA world championship. Galli reveals that each competitor can choose their own referee for each of the falls.

Promo from James Storm. He says that there’s been a conspiracy against him since Powerrr began, and that he wasn’t even booked for the show. Footage of unaired content plays, where Storm declares that the promotion has been doing its best to hold him down. He later names Bryan Hebner as his chosen referee. “If I don’t win the title, Into The Fire will be what I sent Aldis through.”

Danny Deals presents an advertisement for HighSpots.com

A vignette on the Question Mark with voice-over wondering who could be under the mask. Clips of the Question Mark at multiple fan-fests meeting with the likes of Stevie Ray, Gillberg, and Aldis’ valet Kamille.

The teased confrontation between Nick Aldis and the Great Muta from WrestleCade is shown. Aldis dropped his belt in front of the Japanese legend and mouthed “Anytime anywhere.”

Interview with Melina. She says she’s proud of what the women have been doing in her absence, but that the show has essentially just been a commercial break until she returned. “I’m going to show everyone what they’ve been missing, because that is what a champion does…bring out the best in people. Whatever you feel towards me…that is purpose, and I am giving that to you. Allysin Kay…this is the first time since you won that title that you are going to have to work hard for something.” Kay confronts her. She says she knows what Melina is up to and challenges her to a fight right here in the arena. Melina steps up to the apron as if she’s going to accept it, but distracts her long enough for Thunder Rosa and Marti Belle to attack from behind. They lay the champion out and pose over her body.

The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express cut a promo saying that they’re old-school wrestling, and old-school wrestling is what the NWA is all about.

Cut to Nick Aldis. He says that the unaired content that NWA didn’t air showcasing Storm because Storm hadn’t earned his place in that match but Storm inserted himself in the match in front of the live-crowed. “We ain’t in TNA anymore James.” Aldis berates Storm for running his mouth, but tells Storm that he asked management for this match so he can give the “squeaky wheel” it’s final bit of grease. “The only way you’re going to understand is if I give you what I want so you can realize it’s not really what you want. I will drag you.” Aldis later asks who he can trust to be his referee. He reveals it to be Tim Storm, because Storm put up everything. Aldis is then asked by someone off camera about Kamille. “Her actions are her own.” He says that at Into The Fire, Kamille will not be in his corner because he wants Storm one-on-one.

Main event time. Rock ‘N’ Roll Express are out first. The NWA tag champion Wildcards are second. Here we go.

Rock ‘N’ Roll Express versus The Wildcards for the NWA Tag Team championship

Latimer and Morton begin. Tie-up. Latimer has the clear power advantage. Headlock…Latimer sends Morton to the mat with a shoulder bump. He taunts Morton, allowing him to tag in Gibson. Double-team from the Express. Gibson hits an elbow, then punches Isaacs on the apron. This prompts Latimer to tag Isaacs in. Gibson catches him in a full-nelson but he powers out pretty easily. He traps Gibson in the corner and lays into the ribs. Gibson charges in the corner but Isaacs moves and he strikes the ring post. The Wildcards wear Gibson down, including using illegal switches behind the referee’s back. Morton gets the hot tag and he runs through the Wildcards with running attacks. He applies a sleeper. All four men in the ring now. They whip Latimer and Isaacs into each other. Double-dropkick connects. Latimer breaks up the pin…Morton rolls Isaacs up…got em! Huge pop from the crowd. New champs!

The Rock ‘N’ Roll Express win by pinfall to become the NWA tag team championship

The Express celebrate their record nine-time title reign! Jim Cornette jumps off commentary and celebrates with his friends inside the ring. Joe Galli thanks Jim Cornette for his contribution and support to the NWA. He then announces that the Wildcards will get a title rematch at Into The Fire. Also, a triple-threat between Colt Cabana, Ricky Starks, and Aron Stevens will take place for the NWA National championship. Galli runs down the rest of the Into The Fire card.

Nick Aldis announces that Stu Bennett (former WWE IC champion Bad News Barrett) will be the newest member of the NWA commentary team.

That’s the show friends.

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