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Cheerleader Melissa

NWA Pro/Ultra Championship Wrestling
“Shock and Awe”
September 29, 2007
Hill Air Force Base, Utah

–Just before the show started, Cheerleader Melissa and Ms. Chif were signing autographs, but ended up getting into a fight. After the referee and security tried to separate them, Melissa laid a chair across Ms. Chif’s ankle and smashed it with another chair.

Junior X vs. Alex Brady
–Junior X pinned Brady after a top rope legdrop

David Leone Anthony vs. Validus (with UCW-Zero CEO
Stevie Slick)
–Anthony hit a pumphandle powerslam on Validus, but
Slick jumped on the apron to distract the referee from
counting. As Validus got to his feet Slick hit
Anthony with a low blow behind the referee’s back and
Validus pinned Anthony after an Aftershock.

Ms. Chif vs. Cheerleader Melissa
–Due to Melissa attacking Ms. Chif earlier in the
night, Ms. Chif was injured and could not come to the
ring for this match. Melissa tried to leave the ring
area, but ring announcer DJ Fuego said that she didn’t
come all the way to Utah to not wrestle, and announced
her new opponent–Junior X. Ms. Chif was carried out
to a front row seat during this match, and made her
presence felt. After the referee was smashed against
the ringpost, Ms. Chif interfered and spit green mist
into Melissa’s face, allowing Junior X to pin her.

UCW-Zero Heavyweight champion Tristan Gallo vs. “Mr.
Spectacular” Devan Payne (w/Stevie Slick)
–Gallo defeated Payne with a Sharpshooter to retain
his title.

UCW-Zero Tag Team champions Cassidy & Dallas Murdock
vs. Sgt. Dean Austin & Khan Kussion
–Austin came out and thanked the crowd and the Hill
Air Force Base personnel for making this event
possible. Cassidy and Murdock interrupted him, and
Cassidy challenged him to a one-on-one match, offering
to put his UCW-Zero Ultra X title on the line. Austin
said that he knew that if he accepted, Murdock would
interfere, so he suggested a Tag Team title match.
Cassidy & Murdock accepted, and dared Austin to find a
partner. Khan Kussion then came to the ring to join
them. Cassidy and Murdock won by disqualification
when Kussion threw a chair at Murdock in front of the

Hair vs. Hair match: UCW-Zero CEO Stevie Slick (with
Validus & “Mr. Spectacular” Devan Payne) vs. Jeff
–After interference from Validus and Payne, Slick
caught Orcut in a sleeperhold to win the match.
Validus carried Orcut to the barber’s chair for his
haircut. Khan Kussion, Alex Brady, David Leone
Anthony, and Tristan Gallo then came out and forced
Slick into the chair and shaved his head as well.

Cage Match (Pin, Submission, or KO only): Los Mochi
Paco vs. Derrick Jannetty
–Paco pinned Jannetty after a splash from the top of
the cage in a brutal match. This match was
highlighted by both men fighting at the top of the
cage, with Paco being superplexed from the top and
Jannetty later receiving a sunset flip powerbomb from
the top. After the match, they shook hands in a show
of respect for their performance and for each other.

Next NWA Pro/UCW-Zero event was announced to be
“Incarceration” on November 9, 2007 at Centro Civico
in Salt Lake City, Utah. Each match will be inside a