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For all Central NY Wrestling fans, a new feud reminiscent of the early ROH/CZW is in the works between NWA Upstate (located primarily out of Rochester NY and affiliated with Ball Park Brawl /NWA Empire) and 2CW (Squared Circle Wrestling). The invasion began when 2CW, operating primarily out of Syracuse NY, featured NWA Upstate Stars Hellcat, “Right Stuff” Brodie Lee and Jimmy Olsen on their recent HOT ACTION ON A COLD DECEMBER NIGHT card on 12/29.

The 2CW Faith-full were in full effect chanting “UPSTATE SUCKS” and showering Hellcat with boos when he offered the challenge of 2CW Fans and talent alike to appear at NWA Upstates next show, WRESTLEBOWL 2008 on January 12th.

The feud or invasion as some are calling it has escalated to ferocious blogging on both NWA Upstate and 2CW Forum pages, with both organizations fans stepping up to defend their company. It has gotten pretty nasty so I believe this will have to be settled in the ring. See for yourself!!!




Will the 2CW fans or wrestlers accept the challenge layed forth, or will they stay in the comfort of their own territory. Find out more results on both websites and or myspace pages……until then!

Remember to check out the NWA Upstate show for great wrestling action, as well as huge assortments of action figures,magazines and memrobilia.

Check out 2CW as well for great wrestling action and wild fan interaction.

As always catch the best results, news and late breaking info on www.wrestleview.com and www.onlineworldofwrestling.com Until next time.